World AIDS Day '09

We did another voluntary work this time for the World AIDS Day! haha The same one we had last year on this very day..but this year was EXTREMELY MORE FUN! Balqis and I came early so we started at 2.30pm. We were put under Fyz (25) and Shankan (21)! We managed to distribute many ribbons and collected money for charity.

Shereen and the juniors came later.. so I didn't managed to see them until we finished our shift which was around 7pm. That was one of the reasons why Shereen suddenly got so siew hei because I ditched her with the juniors. Sorry lor...

Shankan, Me, Balqis and Fyz ( They bullied me)

Charis and Mei Hua were in the other group next to us. Look at them.. so enthusiastic to distribute those items!

We got tired so we sat down. LOL We laid those awareness cards on the floor...that situation made it seemed like we were tarot card readers (witches)

Shankan, Balqis and I were aiming for more people to appear at the Monorail Station.

Coincidently, we saw Carven and Yatta crossing the road. They were avoiding us! LOL It is her birthday today! Happy Birthday, Carven! haha

Look at Fyz... Mad guy I tell you! haha

Mei Hua bought Starbucks. I thought that guy next to Mei Hua went crazy because he spoke gibberish all of a sudden. LOL Maybe too tired I guess!

All of us combined with other groups and waited until 7pm. So punctual right? haha

O.O B-Boy really made the shot looked better!

When we got back, Celestine, Pui Leng and Mei Hua were waiting for us.

Celestine and Pui Leng

This year's World AIDS Day was better than last year... we did surveys last year. It was rather boring! haha At least, we had a good time laughing the whole time. Thanks to the people around us!

Family Vacation in Penang

I just got back from Penang! hehe It was really awesome. At least a holiday for me before I head for the busy holidays. We stayed at the Bayview Hotel in the centre of Georgetown. On the first day, we went to Batu Feringgi beach only since the long journey from Kuala Lumpur to Penang was extremely tiring.

First Day

My mom and me
My sister trying to avoid the water
I was finding for baby crabs but too bad, can't find any. haha

We had dinner in a food court. I tell you, FOOD IN PENANG WAS SO CHEAP and it was not even a problem to find them along the road!!! But I think I ordered too much for dinner. LOL

Second Day

My dad's car broke down so he brought it to the nearby workshop. So unlucky! My mom, sis and I had to visit places within walking distance from the hotel like the Penang Museum, Penang Peranakan Mansion and the church.

The shell park opposite my hotel.

My mom and sis

We went to the Penang Museum first. It was kind of interesting and shockingly huge in the inside! haha Then, we walked to the Penang Peranakan Mansion. This mansion actually cost RM26 000 000.00.

Outside the mansion
Look at the cute little girl who slotted in between my mom and sis.. hehe

The VIP dinning room

My first time looking at the Chinese altar in a temple. haha Like the one in those Chinese drama! The 1st generation to the current one...

Those carvings and designs on the temple were actually quite fascinating!

O.O this one! This English dinning room was for the Chinese people. The owner of this place wanted Chinese people to try English delicacy.
While this Chinese dinning room was for the English guest. LOL the English guest will try Chinese delicacies.

O.O THE KISSING CHAIR..actually its called the Love Chair! The couple in our tour group actually sat on that chair and kissed. I SHOULD HAVE TAKEN A PHOTO OF THEM! haha

This picture looked scary! haha SO RED!

haha According to the tour guide, this was an ARGUE BED! I was like what?? He told me why was it named like that. Look at this picture... the two single beds can be separated easily so if the couple happens to have a misunderstanding, they will separate the beds! LOL

The car was ready by 3.30 pm so we went to Penang Hill!

My sis. mom and dad

We bought train tickets before we went up the hill. The funicular train was so stuffy and packed! Gosh...worse than Putra LRT.

When we reached the tunnel...

I love this shot!

Ya, it was raining that time. So all umbrellas up!

It felt like Cameron Highlands as it was foggy.

We went up until the maximum and suddenly, I saw an aviary. My dad was reluctant to enter that aviary because he thought it was going to be a waste of money but everyone wanted to enter, so he just tagged along. We were actually the last customers of the day and we were all given children price! How cool is that!!!


The nice Peacock...

O.O One of my favourites! The Red Macaw... It actually said Hello.

Another parrot
I LOVE THIS ONE THE MOST! It posed for my picture.. so cute! This fella can really talk man more than that red macaw.
Ooo the white cockatoo which bit my dad's umbrella. LOL
This bird scares me!
O.O the couple! I love these parrots...

It was not a waste of money because those birds were very rare! I wanted to stay longer but it was getting late. Too bad TT

Third Day

We took a few pictures after we checked out from the hotel.

The Clock Tower
We went around the roundabout just to get this shot! LOL

A family shot without me (The photographer) hehe

In the car, got bored... I saw an island! LOL Crazy already

The Penang Bridge....

Overall, it was a relaxing vacation for me since I needed it a lot! haha Btw,I just realise something... Penang got more tourists than Malacca! Seriously... I think its because of the food!!! HAHAHA

UPSR Results

Yay, congratulations to everyone who got straight A's!!!! Haha Especially to my sister, Rachel! Remember, you still owe me RM5 because you lost the bet. I KNEW YOUR RESULTS ALL ALONG! You were the pessimistic one. LOL

I heard there were about 40% out of the 80 over students in CBN 1 got straight A's. NOT BAD!!! haha

Campfire & Barbeque Night

On the 15th November which was last Sunday, we went to Tan Sri's house to celebrate her birthday. At first, I seriously don't know who was the house owner until Puan Toh showed Shereen and me. LOL *Going to someone's house without knowing what was happening*

All the commissioners were preparing the grill set.

The prawns were ready.

Chaw Hui and Xin Mei
Chaw Hui and Shereen with the lighted torch

Everyone who came.... excluding four of us (Chaw Hui, Xin Mei, Shereen and Me) We were actually the youngest there LOL Everyone there was between age 20-90.

Candle night
Limbo rock moments
Ms. Tan's favourite dance

The 'Poco-poco' dance

Although we enjoyed the food there, but the environment there was not as active as our campfire night. Oh well, Thanks for inviting me anyway. hehe Another event for my personal log book.... hopefully there will be more events during the holidays!