My Sweet Sixteen

I'm officially sixteen now and no more 15 +... I'm feeling very old now TT Anyway, today was kind of torturous sixteen rather than sweet. Been running around like a donkey for the whole day, embarrassed myself by tripping over a bag in front of EVERYONE and what some more? Oh ya, missing my classes and had no idea what was today's homework TILL NOW.

Haiz, I'm feeling happy but at the same time so exhausted after a tiring day. Despite all that, I'm really looking forward to CNY this year. Surely, extra ang paus will come in! $$$ hahaha

This holidays are not all about ang paus or lanterns or reunion dinners, PEOPLE... WE GOT HOMEWORK! Oh gosh, I will sink myself in homeworks and log books (2 more). Really need to gambateh, plus I got oral test and spot talk to prepare (all have to be done in a weeks time). STRESS MANAGEMENT IS NEEDED RIGHT NOW!!!

Yeah, stay strong Mei Wern! You can do it, even though you spent 2009 complaining about your miserable life...Now, its time to change! Appreciate every single moment until my secondary school life finishes at 2011. LIVE LIFE TO THE FULLEST!