The last day....

We woke up so early around 8 today so that we can avoid the jam. Yes, we left without saying farewell to my grandma nor my other relatives but at least we bid farewell to my cousin, Sabrina and her mom.

Wah, I didn't realise those words till today hehe

And I can't believe 2 nights in Malacca was so fast and then FAREWELL.. I will be back next year to visit!!!!

After the two hour trip home, I got too tired so I slept on my couch till 4. My sister got semangat to even blog..gosh leh?! Hehe

Chou for now..I blog long enough and too cheung hei already


Gong Xi Fa Cai

27th January

2nd day, (very impossible) woke up around 9.30 am..hehe I was planning to eat outside then have a visit to A' Famosa to do my Warisan badge. So semangat right? 2nd day of Chinese New Year, I got time to do badge..hehe Nevermind, since I'm in Malacca the Historical City so I just do my badge together lor.

A' Famosa...after how long, I forgot this place!!! Hehe

Yay,the cannons!!!! Me likey...

I interviewed two tourists for my Warisan Badge, they are Claire and John! Such nice them for helping me hehe

Then, we climbed up to the St. Paul's Church. hehe Wei, I even recorded k...Imagine how semangat I was to finish my Sejarah Tempatan or Warisan badge. Nolah, actually I wanted to visit the St. Paul's Church because I think I can't remember how it looks like. I think its seriously embarassing because I thought St. Paul's church was a part of A' Famosa when its not. I even said in the video my sister recorded..Oh gosh?!

We seriously climbed up the St. Paul's Hill and visited the St. Paul's Church

The commanding view from the St. Paul's Hill

It's a pirate ship... Aye, captain!!

The statue and me...I think its Francis Light kua

Then later, we came down and I seriously want to go back because the sun was now directly on us. Its getting late in the afternoon and in Malacca, you will not want to stay under the sun too long because its seriously HOT!!!

On the way down, looking...

I saw a few nice paintings..hehe

Then, we went to the Muzium Kesultanan Melayu Melaka..hehe so nice Seriously this year seems to be a tourism year for me in Malacca.

The entrance....

The side view of Muzium Kesutanan Melayu Melaka

Parameswara and his followers (Sejarah form 1)

The forbidden garden

This is what I call the Balairung Seri (Sejarah form 1)

Sorry people! I can't post the reunion dinner because I forgot to bring my camera that time. So I just tell u briefly. Hehe After dinner at Bei Zhan Restaurant, I went visiting my relatives' houses till 12 am and ate a lot of nga ku..yay, pudding and cake too!!!! Since It was one of my cousin's birthday.

Gong Xi Fa Cai...

26th January

I went back to Malacca and slept thorughout the journey. When we arrived in Malacca, we were stuck in a traffic jam ( first time I see a jam in Malacca). It was extremely hot and kid of frustrating so we stop by Taman Mini Malaysia. I went there and did my Sejarah Tempatan badge while passing my time there till the jam subside.

Then we went and watch the cultural show..hehe around 2.40pm

Chinese dance

Chinese dance

Indian dance
Kelantenese Dance

Then, I heard the guy on the stage asking everyone to come up and Joget on stage ( thank God, we left early!) We were busy visiting every single traditional house. Wei, the houses not bad leh, got different designs but the things they kept inside each house was similarly the same.


Wayang kulit

After the visit, I finally went back to my grandma's house around 4 something. Ya, a two hour visit to Taman Mini Malaysia

I was too bored so I stared at the lanterns and dream....

This is Summer..cute leh??

I was dreaming after dinner. hehe Then i suggested to my mum that I don't want to stay at home so she brought us to Malacca's River Cruise. YAY!!!!!


My cousin, Jaymus and Me


Rachel and Jaymus (acting cool)

Staring in space...BORED of waiting

Rachel, Dad, Grandpa and Mom

Grandpa and grandma

Jaymus, me and Rachel

Family picture excluding me (photographer) hehe

To be continued with the 2nd day..hehe

Log book day....BORING

Boring log book whole day!!! I have to finish some before I go back tomorrow if not, I will be stress not finishing them TT. Now need to continue doing them

SORRY, cannot say much today!

A girl guide's life is mostly about log books.. haha

Tomorrow, I will be going to Malacca already so I won't be able to blog since got no internet connection there..haha

See ya after three days!!!

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Directions : Once you've been tagged, you have to write a post with sixteen random things, habits or goals about you. At the end, choose five people to be tagged, listing their names and why you chose them. Don't forget to leave a comment (''You're tagged!'') and to read your blog, you can't tag the person who tagged you. Since you can't tag me, let me know when you've posted your blog, so I can see your weirdness.

To start, I like to talk to myself actually. Without realising why... Especially when I go LRT by myself, during exams and when I mostly alone. Don't ask! Its natural so if u here me talking to myself next time, just ignore me.
I still don't really know my ambition right now. I can't make up my mind actually. I keep telling those who ask that I want to be a scientist. Haha that is temporary only because it may change anytime.
I don't like being in pictures but I like taking them. Its actually because most of my pictures are funny looking (very odd expressions). Got a few times when I was young, my dumb face was appeared in the newspaper (choral speaking) So terrible?!
I'm a person which is very BERSEMANGAT for my house, AIDAN?! Haha almost everything in my life is red.Nevermind, Chinese New Year is around the corner anyway.
I really hate ART!!! The only subject that I always got a B was Art. I only love it when I got an A for it. I really don't understand why my classmates for 3 years still think that I'm good at it when I stink almost everytime. Gosh, those who read this..please spread around that I'm not good at Art!
As everyone knows, I'm an EXTREMELY BLUR person. The first time you see me, I think the word BLUR will strike in your mind. But got certain times I'm not, just most of the time.
I saw 30 people online yesterday in my list. First time wei, the maximum normally is only 15 but this time it was double. Haha a rare case since the first time got MSN (last October)
Everybody, I love History...But not this year. It seems that I can't get to focus on what teacher was trying to explain. Sometimes the interesting part got too boring till I slept in class, imagine?! I think I'm still not used to morning session.
I'm STML already since the first day of school. I can't remember what to bring at least one thing everyday. Seriously, I try to remind myself everytime but it will turn out that U still forgotten. But good thing was so far, no teachers scolded me for not bringing their things because I will have to ask my friends from neighbouring classes if I didn't bring the textbooks.
I lost my locker keys!!! Seriously don't really know how am I going to explain to teacher but till now I'm praying hard everyday so that someone found it and return to me. TT
I think I'm addicted to come online almost everytime. The longest I can control myself is a week. That was beacuse I was very busy revising that week. What a miracle?! But not this time, I seriously can't get my hands of the keyboard.
I get panic very fast. If you give me a sudden shock news, I can panic till I do thing very abnormal such as writing changes, talk differently, building castles in the sky often and even, knock against the wall or pillar when I walk.
Ok, 1 thing i really pantang is I DON'T SAY FOUL WORDS. People say in front of me, I don't really mind but if too often then I will mind...haha Don't blame me, too used to it since I was young. Anyway, good also..can live with Godly principles LOL
Life got crazier and wackier when I knew Maxine, Shereen and Vivian C. They can really make you stay up late and talk till you drop. But I'm very happy I get to know them. Get to have fun rather than stress exam and log books
I'm kind of a hyperactive person because everytime I see someting new or come to school freshly or even, go outings.. I can go crazy and do nonsense like a monkey. Sometimes too hyper till I don't realise what was I doing.. ( like high on drugs) haha
I was seriously mad when my friends left me twice for tuition just because they wanted to go early when it doesn't make much difference. Worst is I don't know how to walk there so I had to waste RM1 extra to go by PUTRA (money-minded) hehe but still next time, please tell me the right time like example: meet up at 3 in school not at tuition.
Finally finish....
Now this people will suffer Bwahahahahaha:
  1. Denielle Leong - enjoy...hehehe don't blame me, say thanks to Vivian C.
  2. Kaylee - Hey, babe! Soriee you have to do too...See ya at church! LOL
  3. Dian Amani - thanks for the link too bad u also have to do it
  4. Pei Jean - U better do this tag!! Be a gud junior hehe..
  5. Harshiah - I'm sorry, Harshiah! U have to do it too....TT

I'm bored....

Ok..lets see, due to Suann's demand to blog so i just fulfil her demands for fun hahaha..


Ok..lets see, ya..

Last Friday, the lady who came and gave us a talk was fun and better than I expected. She gave us a cheerful and humourous session. The day before, I seriously thought that the singing session will be better than the talk but it turned out opposite like always.

Hari Membina Azam was kind of a disaster when the singing session was on.
We were suppose to sing the Power of Dream, Gemuruh and I believe I Can Fly


Such a disaster when the hall was so noisy and we can't hear anything from the back so we made our own rhythm, tune and style. The song, Power of Dream, I seriously never heard before so I didn't sing along ( not only me, many people didn't sing k) Gemuruh was ok... and the song which I like and know,I Believe I Can Fly turned out that I had to sing with my own tune since I can't listen to the music which was soft.

Later, we got a session with our form teachers. My form teacher was Puan Nur Ashikin..(uh, not sure how to spell)..but she gave us a Korean Folk Doll to replace the bookmarks that we will usually get every year. She gave us advise and how to decide on our resolutions this year but I wasn't listening because I was doing my sketch for KH. I left that thing at home and i redo in 15 minutes without thinking but it turned out nice. Sorry, teacher not listening in class.. TT

I think thats all for today...U got your revenge now??

Chinese New Year Eve

Haiz, my Camper Log Book still haven't colour TT Nevermind, I will do some colouring when I get back to Malacca on Monday. Surely my grandma, grandpa, uncles, aunts and cousins will think that I have exams the week after since last year I really went to Malacca not to enjoy, but STUDY, STUDY and STUDY for my monthly test which lands on my birthday.

Don't worry, this time intervensi is 2 weeks after the holidays so I won't be studying but instead I will enjoy playing wit my cousins and visiting more long gone relatives..haha Yay, Isn't that good?! (MORE ANG PAU!)
My mum and dad so semangat leh!! They went shopping for CNY cookies and drinks today and leaving us at home..the odd thing was the amount of things they bought this year was more compared to last year. But it seems there was something missing. Then later, I realised they forgot the Mandarin oranges..LOL!

U see no MANDARIN ORANGES right???

(Shoot man, wrong date!! Haha I forgot to set)

My brother's girlfriend brought for us something!

Wah, got nice stuffs in the box to eat!!! Hehe thanks suean jie..

Another 'good news' is I will enjoy my Chinese New Year this year by eating as much cookies as I can since mum insisted that we must at least 3/4 of what she bought. Thank God, there was no Mandarin oranges if not, we will also have to either eat or give away most of them.

First Time Blogging!!!

Hey, I'm Mei Wern!

U can call me by many nicknames such as cow, natural mineral water, polar bear, mickey mouse, pudding, mei mei (juniors not advisable to use this) and etc. I'm turning officially 15 soon which will be on the 12 February and I can't wait!!! I was a former CBN 1 student and until now, I still miss my primary school. TT


Nothing to say much actually...

I'm blur, naive, some people say too nice, ignorant at times, noisy, crazy, like a busy woman most of the time, EXTREMELY TALKATIVE and friendly kua..

I'm currently active in guiding and I still enjoy it although it is already my PMR year. Next camp which is important to me is MY PERMIT WHICH WAS SUPPOSED TO BE ON THE 7-9 OF MARCH BUT DUE TO MANY COMPLAINS MADE BY THE PARENTS, AND NOW POSTPHONED TO THE 1-3 OF MAY (A week before mid-term) NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

So much to plan, so little time TT Oh Lord, please help me!!!!

But I'm so thankful for my family's support because without them, I think I may not be here today. I have a daddy, mummy, younger sister, two brothers ( one in Japan, one in KL) hahaha...

I made many new friends nowadays...SO HAPPY!!! *Jumps up and down* I got two really good listeners and moral supporters in my life....1 younger while the other is older by a year.

Guesslah people: Cannot ah?? Nevermind I give the answer..haha

1. Chia Suann 2B (Nice girl, pretty and very good at dancing)

2. Tey Pei Yin 4U (Serious person sometimes, pretty, cute butleh like to touch her hair too often) Until now still don't know why..

I will never forget my close friends geh...

Catherine, Harshiah, Rishantinee, Alini and a few more... those who I didn't mention..sorry ya, I a bit STML already!!! LOL