I wonder...

Sometimes I really do flatter myself too much -_-" I wonder why? Now, knowing that I'm not as smart and talented as I thought, its time to do some self reflexes. Form 4 had taught me too many things about how harsh reality can turn out to be. I think the obstacles I faced throughout this year were ten times worst than my previous years. Maybe its because I've turned 16 where by changes occur rapidly D:

This year, I've turned bad :

  1. More lazy (10 times compared to last year)
  2. Fatter (Increased by 3 kg)
  3. Boastful (Monologue boasting)
  4. More unorganized and less systematic
  5. Temper has risen and self control went bad

T_______T Oh my.... hopefully the coming holidays can EVOLVE MY OPTIMISM BACK! I NEED TO WAKE UP and be MORE HARDWORKING. And brain, quit reflecting back to the past, you need to move forward! Haiz...

Prefect Leadership Camp

Hello, readers! I'm finally back into blogging world. Well, I'm real lazy to update due to my blog template problem. As you can see here, my gadgets are below the posts. So sorry for the inconvenience D: No worries, I will fix it sooner or later! Now back to my topic for today..

22nd October 2010

Yesterday, all prefects were required to attend a leadership camp held in school (Both afternoon and morning prefectorial board plus the PRS) It was real fun compared to the prefect leadership camp two years ago which was pure TORTURE (speech, motivational talks and more talks) This time we had more games than ever! I was placed in Viva with Clarissa, Christina, Catherine, Aisyah, Debra, Wenn Yue, Kanimoly and Joanne.

Before the our program, we settled down first. Intan, me, Nicole and Kanimoly

Then, our game session started. All of us were required to squeeze into a big coil.... haha Still fresh in my mind, it was funny! We had to follow birthday dates from the eldest to the youngest.

All of us in the coil.. As you can see only 1/4 of me can be seen XD

I totally forgotten the guy's name. Oh well, I think its Encik Azman :D More fun than two years ago. THAT FELLA -_-

When night fell, we had a spaghetti challenge where by each group had to create a tallest and most stable tower using 10 strips of spaghetti and a roll of cellophane tape. It was real tough as uncooked spaghetti strips were breakable. Ours wasn't that bad after all.. tada :D

Then second day came which was today, we woke up as early as 6am due to NOISE. haha After breakfast, everyone started cam whoring. I only had currypuff for breakfast because I ate my own bread and snacks before that.

Pedo gang and company

The games we had this morning were mind-boggling especially the stacking up 10 paper cups into a pyramid using a rubber band which was connected with four strings. We were not allowed to have any verbal communication. Only hand movements were allowed! haha Real interesting I can say. The day ended great! Not only I made many new friends (juniors), I enjoyed myself! :D

Thank you, teachers for the camp! XD