MC² for real

MC² = Mong cha cha

If you get what this means, good for you. Well, I would like to really use this term for this whole week. Its regarding my probation period as a prefect.

My senior? CHONG JOEY, 5K

She's like so nice and kind to tell me everything that I need to know. The best part is she teaches me tips and ways to handle them. SO NICE OF HER?! And she doesn't force me to skip classes for Planco (Planning Committee) instead I volunteered to learn. Plus, I don't need to come at 6.50am unless I got day duty. haha

I've been acting really MC ² this week. Sadly, I realised that my eagle eyes need some eyewash TT They worked well two years ago with the collection of 300 over offences in eight months. But now, what a disappointment! I can't even spot students wearing PJK attire nor folding up their sleeves. Joey have to give me hints to spot those offences then only I can take action. Am I really MC ² or am I just rusted?

This really upsets me as I feel that I disappointed my nice senior with my horrible performance. Haiz.. hopefully my eagle eyes are back to help me overcome this!

Explorasi Kerjaya

Yesterday, Harshiah, Syaminee, Ashiqin and I represented our school for the Explorace competition in SMK Desa Tun Hussein Onn. We went to Setiawangsa together and waited for teacher.

All of us at the bus stand

But she was late so we did many funny things! The bridge story : We got impatient so we wanted to ask Sara's mom who was right opposite the road. Syaminee and Harshiah were chosen to cross the bridge to get Pn. Tan's number. Unfortunately, there were three guys on the bridge and both of them refused to get up there although we were watching from below so Ashiqin and I were determined to replace them but THEY STOPPED US BECAUSE THEY WERE AFRAID THAT THEY MIGHT HARASSED US hahaha Ridiculous, I can really tell?!

At last, Syaminee and I crossed the road. As we were crossing the 2nd part of the road, we turned back and saw Pn. Tan walking. LOL So we ran back to the taxi stand. Pn. Tan was lecturing us because of our stupid act for crossing the road. Then, she forced Harshiah and Syaminee to cross the bridge and THEY DID! Felt like smacking each of them because they finally crossed it and the best part was, nothing happened. In conclusion, Ashiqin and I took all the blame for the previous incident as we were in the cab with teacher. Oh goodness, 'Thanks" to Harshiah and Syaminee we got all the lectures to start the day FOR YOUR SAKE!

Pn. Tan, Pn. Norzila and us

Teacher insisted us to finish our breakfast although it was real heavy. I knew it was for our own good but seriously, it was equivalent to my lunch. haha

Harshiah didn't finished hers (BAD GIRL)

During the competition, we met up with our classmates of Zoo 4U. haha So glad to see them! They helped us with our tasks and supported us like mad. (Usual 4U) Love you girls for coming. :D

Me, Ashiqin, Yuetha, Isabel, Amirah and Hannah

We were the earliest to finish (10.14am). We had all the time in the world to answer those questions but WE RUSHED LIKE NO ONE's BUSINESS as teachers were pressuring, rushing us and even asked us to shoot alphabets into the answers. Everyone thought that the competition had 10 stages or more. Well sadly, they only had FOUR! haha At 11.30pm, we were asked to assemble at the same spot to listen to the answers. I knew we were not going to win as many answers of ours were incorrect. (most can actually get correct if we hadn't rush in the first place)

I looked bored...
Listening listening AND listening...

Although we didn't win, we had fun! And the best part we heard from school was the whole day, they sat in class and did NOTHING! First time in history, 4U was so relaxed. Good news and progress on stress management :D


Enjoying my last moments

Well, its already a Sunday and it marks the end of my holidays. TT Man, I only enjoyed my first week hanging out but sat at home for the second week just to complete MY HOMEWORK! And I'm proud to say that Physics is the only homework left untouched now.

I have no idea what is going to happen in school this week. But one thing I know, Maxine is coming to my school for Form 6!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.....

~Welcome to CBN, Aw Maxine~

Haiz, I just hope that things will get better when I return to school because I WANT TO MOVE ON! Praying that this will be a fresh start for a new semester. Hehe

Btw, I'm not A FOOTBALL FAN! Eventhough World Cup is here, I'm not updated with the latest highlights so please don't ask me anything about it.

All Time Favourite

A place to crash
I got you
No need to ask
I got you
Just get on the phone
I got you
Come and pick you up if I have to
What's weird about it
Is we're right at the end
And mad about it
Just figured it out in my head
I'm proud to say
I got you

Go ahead and say goodbye
I'll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you
I got you

Ain't falling a part, or bitter
Let's be bigger than that and remember
The cooling outdoor when you're all alone
We'll go on surviving
No drama, no need for a show
Just wanna say
I got you

Go ahead and say goodbye
I'll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you
Go ahead and say goodbye (go ahead)
I'll be alright (say goodbye)
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you

'Cause this is love and life
And nothing we can both control
And if it don't feel right
You're not losing me by letting me know

Go ahead and say goodbye (say goodbye)
I'll be alright
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you
Go ahead and say goodbye (go ahead)
I'll be alright (say goodbye)
Go ahead and make me cry
I'll be alright
And when you need a place to run to
For better for worse
I got you

A place to crash
I got you
No need to ask
I got you

Feeling 'Hardworking'

Wow, it has been such a long time since I felt this way. Well, my mom kept lecturing me to QUIT TAKING NAPS IN THE AFTERNOON and QUIT FACEBOOK-ing so much! Finally, I listened today which made me so proud of myself. haha

So far the homework which I finished are :
  1. History (notes, essays and latih tubi) - THE WORST
  2. BM (worksheets)
  3. Add. Maths (Chapter Review)
  4. BI (literature)
Compared to the homework which I have not touched :
  1. Sivik (notes and exercise)
  2. Biology (notes and corrections)
  3. Physics (corrections, PEKA and workbook)
  4. Chemistry (notes)
  5. Accounts (2-months-ago exercise / Redo testpaper)
  6. BI (continuous writing)
  7. PJK (Presentation)
  8. Career week study
O.O I just realized that I got more to start than getting finished. Ohmagosh, blogging helps me realize that I got much more to do! There's only three more days before school reopens... and I thought that I will actually have time to revise. Silly me :P

Tonight, I'm seriously wondering whether I should stop by the campsite or not. Considering the amount of work I have to finish in three days. Should I?

Staying up?

As usual, since I started Girl Guiding... the term 'early bird' existed no more so I changed it to 'late bird'! Usually, I will have to stay up just to complete my log books, researching and blogging but now, log book is out of the list. :D There was once I slept at 6am when I was supposed to be awake by 6.15am. hahaha Hillarious moments I can really tell!

Just to let you know, school is reopening in a week's time and I HAVE NOT TOUCH MY HOMEWORK! It was really dumb of me to think that I can finish all in three days. haha I just spent the whole week outdoors from morning to evening and by night, I watched TV until middle of the night. SO CALLED 'Working hard'! Supposedly by today, I have to start studying but since my homework is barely touched, I have no choice but to postpone my revision time. Haiz..

I cannot believe that my two weeks of holidays are ending soon. Wow, time really flies! Can I not return to school? I'm seriously enjoying my time here... although I kinda miss my friends and my dear Suann already. (hopefully you're not reading this, later you perasan pulak) hehe

Ok, I'm finally going to bed (listening to Ms. Chia Suann after an hour) Happy??

*eyelids closing* *yawns*

Till the next post, CHAO!

Centenary Friendship Trail

Today, all Queen Guides 2010 had to organize an hour program for the Centenary Friendship Trail participants, Guiders and high commissioners. Well, Alyea and I were the emcees of the day (SHE DRAGGED ME IN!) haha Basically, we were told that 250 people will be coming but...

Does this seems like 250? Nah, I think its less than 200...

All Queen Guides at their position

In my opinion, I think we handled the program kinda well although we did not have time for the rest of the program that we prepared for them. I guess the one we prepared was more for a two-hour session. haha After the Queen Guides session with them, the program continued on with the planting of trees.

All the VIP's with Queen Guides sheltering for them... I want too! :D

Puan Habibah showing a nice pose
Dato' Yeoh and Mrs Lau watering the newly planted tree during the 'best' weather of the day when the sun was right above our heads. haha

Miss Syaminee and Puan Zaliza showing another beautiful pose..

Tree no. 9 : All the volunteers and Guides' mom showing a great effort planting that tree.

Finally, Tree no. 10: All Queen Guides' tree!!! :D

Overall, it was a great and HOT day! haha The healthiest lunch of the day was ME eating 3 rounds of ice cream and two buns because the food catered LOOKED TO SPICY FOR ME! So it was a NO NO....

Till the next post, ADIOS! :D

Queen Guide Award In Marriott Putrajaya

The moment every Queen Guide candidate has been waiting for had finally come! All 44 of us stayed for 3 days and 2 nights in Marriott Putrajaya to accept our Queen Guide Award on the 8th of June. We were supposed to accept it from the Queen but she fell sick so Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor had to replace her. :(

Oh well, lets start with the first day. Sara, Zhen Ning and I supposed to be roommates in room 860 as we checked in quite late compared to others. But Zhen Ning swapped rooms with Shereen and Alyea moved into our room so....

Roommates of Room 860 are Mei Wern, Sara, Alyea and Shereen. :D

Our beloved room had a really nice view. Seee.... There's a pond and a golf course and a fountain.

The first half of the day was a TALK from a newspaper reporter. IT WAS SO BORING! Everyone did not pay attention to the talk also. I was texting and playing handphone games for the whole time.

After that talk, we had an hour's break as we rested and watched tv in our rooms. At 7.30pm, we came down to the lobby and headed to Summer Palace, thinking that dinner will soon be served. What a joke, I tell you?! Instead of waiting for our food, we had to listen to another talk about human trafficking. OMG, everyone was starving until 9.30pm when they served the dishes after the talk.

KL Queen Guides...

After dinner, all of us returned to our rooms with enthusiasm. I knew that we were going to stay up for the night. haha

LOOK, all my roommates were on the phone except FOR ME!

2nd Day

The next morning, none of us were able to wake up although the alarm has been snoozing for quite a while. We were supposed to be at the lobby by 7.oo am at least, for breakfast but we woke up at 6.52am. hahaha So we panicked and rushed off and came down at 7.15am. We thought we were VERY late but actually there were others who came later than us!

Truthfully, I had the best breakfast ever in my whole life (Can't really describe it here, Sorry)! After that sumptuous breakfast, we waited for the bus at the lobby for our next program in SMK Presint 11(2)

Roommies with logbooks...

Yinming, Carolyn with her camera and Chaw Hui with a pink teddy bear...

Our ice-breaking session with the students of SMK Presint 11(2)
A group photo

On the way out of that very new school..

After our session in SMK Presint 11(2), we continued our program with a tour around Putrajaya. Sorry to say, it was the worst tour I have ever been! Instead of going out and taking photos and visit, we actually sat in the bus and listened to the tour guide, explaining to us about every building. The microphone wasn't even working so all I heard from the back of the bus were vowels (a,e,i,o,u) At least, we captured some photos from the bus... hahaha

The green building I often see on TV.

Me, Alyea and Shereen

Look at the bushes... UNIQUE RIGHT?

A view from above.. A very nice landscape indeed!

After the tour, we headed back to the hotel. Before looking at the program, I knew that we were going to have another talk before rehearsals in the evening. The only exciting part of the second day was dinner at Seri Perdana.

Before we went, a photo of all KL Queen Guides and Commissioners

A photo of Alyea's aunty and room 860 roommies

The speech from Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor
KL Guides and Commissioners
Datin Seri Paduka heading back home

All the beautiful gifts from states of Malaysia in her house.

The dinner was heaven for me as I ate a lot! hahaha We were entertained by performances which made us laughed and loosen up ourselves. KL Guides and Commissioners actually did choral speaking on stage but wasn't a success. Haiz.... The event was over at 11.30pm

3rd Day

Finally the ultimate day has came! Before the award, I went to the toilet for a nice face wash so that I can avoid sleeping during the speech.
Alicia and Me

During the speech, almost everyone fell asleep. Even I fell asleep as I can't help it! Oh well, the day ended with lunch with my family. AND I FINALLY HELD MY QUEEN GUIDE CERTIFICATE AND BADGE!

Accepting the award from Datin Seri Paduka Rosmah Mansor

All our effort has finally paid off after 2-5 years for some of us. I hope all my posts about my guiding life for these two years will help guides (readers) to achieve Queen Guide award too. Before I end this post, I would like to thank a group of people who helped me throughout these two years.
  1. Lord Jesus
  2. My parents
  3. All KL commissioners
  4. My Queen Guide mates
  5. All guiding friends
  6. Wisma Harapan
  7. All my friends
  8. All my juniors
  9. Aunts and uncles
  10. Computer

Updates About My Life

Well, what has been on last month?

I got water-baptized!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...... on what day? I forgotten, but wait till I get my cert.

After BSS, I had to catch up on my homework which I have abandoned for a week! Good thing, I managed to finish in time and the next thing was Mid term. As usual, I studied a day before each subject. (PROUD TO SAY) :D Yay, congratulate me for surviving two week's exam by studying everything a day before!

Last minute preparation shows 'wonderful' results too... For the first time in my life, the results I aimed for is a PASS. I don't put such high expectations on ALL subjects because everything was last-minute! haha

So far, the papers I got are.... (THANK GOD, NO FAIL YET! :D)
  1. English - A
  2. Modern Mathematics - A
  3. Pengetahuan Moral - B
  4. Physics - A-
  5. Biology - B
  6. Chemistry - C
  7. Additional Mathematics - B
I'm so proud to say that my report card will have a variety of grades this time as I'm predicting that I will fail for my Prinsip Perakaunan this time since I did not managed to answer 3 stuctured questions which carried 28 marks each.

After exams, everything came back to usual. BEING BUSY IS WHAT I DO BEST! I can really tell you that the week before school break was HELL seriously. It was the most hectic week I have ever been through~

Monday (31/5) - Pembentangan for Israk
Tuesday (1/6) - Preparation for campaign and finishing Sivik folio
Wednesday (2/6) - Campaigning and MORE CAMPAIGNING!
Thursday (3/6) - Prefect election and a pile of homework comes in..
Friday (4/6) - Teacher's Day celebration and then, headed for tuition till 6pm
Saturday (5/6) - Supposed to attend a meeting but got too exhausted plus had no transport. Packed bags for Marriott Hotel in Putrajaya.
Sunday (6/6) - Went to church and then, headed to Putrajaya.

See??? But at least, I survived! haha

Oh yeah, for readers who are not from CBN, let me show you my logo which I chose for the prefect election.

Cute huh? I present to you, Totoro :D

Well, the campaign was fun and stressful! Fun in the sense when we promote ourselves while stressful in the sense when we ran all around the school searching for hand-outs all ours.

Despite the moments of being busy and optimistic to survive busy schooling hours, there are rough moments too. Have you ever felt that someone you cared about doesn't bother you anymore? No matter how much attention you get from others, THAT PARTICULAR PERSON WILL NOT REALISE... Well, I'm in that situation.

Honestly, I don't wanna seek attention from others but only hers. Even communicating with her is so difficult now and THE EXCUSE I OFTEN USED IS THE WORD B-U-S-Y. Well, I blame myself for that but no matter how much I tried to keep myself out of it, I KEPT FALLING INTO IT! It was a piece of cake to give her a hug or talk to her two years ago, but now although she's near but yet she's so far away. Is it my turn to get stuck in teenage depression? Haiz... why now?!

The best solution I got was to GET OVER IT! But easier said than done because everytime I forget, she reappears in school. SO AM I STUCK IN THIS DILEMMA UNTIL I LEAVE SCHOOL?! I used to love going to school because she will always be there, but now I loathe it because I'm actually suffering from both my busy-ness and depression.

Believe me, she don't need me anymore as she got peers that she can go along with AND I'M ALWAYS TRYING TO ACCEPT THAT FACT but it never works because she's my listener and that shows that I still need her. She listens to all my problems and almost everything I tell her but she doesn't really tell me anything about hers. Truthfully, I barely know anything about her anymore... except her birthday. THATS ALL! This really upsets me and I ABSOLUTELY THINK she don't even know about this! haha

Wow, that's a great feeling for spilling everything out in an abandoned blog! Oh well, she won't even notice that I post this up here. hahaha

Frankly, staying busy is what I do best to keep my mind of this things but it will eventually return when I see her in school so I'M STUCK WITH THIS DILEMMA until I leave school! :(

Teacher's Day Celebration '10

THE BEST TEACHER'S DAY CELEBRATION WAS HELD ON THE 4TH OF JUNE 2010! LOL It was the best as 4U came together and went hyper as a class. We even sat together and sing along to HOT MUSIC while waiting for the concert to start. My favourite song, What You Waiting For by Mizz Nina and Colby O' Donnis was on! However, the best part was the PROTESTING SESSION OF SOMEONE. LOL

Hanani, Nadhra, Kit May and Dian (enthusiastic about Biology PEKA)

Harshiah loves photos

This lovely prefect here appeared and THE BEST SESSION STARTED. She couldn't even speak... haha I bet she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame.

Puan Nur Hidayah and Cik Ros were champion of the make-up competition

Encik Ruzailan and another male teacher (forgotten his name) were 2nd runner ups...

Overall, Teacher's Day celebration this year was THE BOM! Rebecca's and Stephanie's performance on stage was THE BEST.... as usual the Ong siblings. XD

World Milk Day

On the 30th May, I went for World Milk Day which was held outside of Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur. I was excited as I thought we were going to give out milk to people. However, I was told that we were supposed to wait and drink milk! haha I didn't believed at first but I ended up waiting outside Pavilion for 3 long hours until its 11 pm before WE CAN DRINK MILK!

Look at Miss Shereen Choong who got bored of waiting

The mad monkey guides of KL! Maxine, Hanani,Jananey, Kah Wei and me...

More photos from CBN guides! Shereen, Mei Wern, Kah Wei, Jananey and Hanani


This event actually made me realised that there were so many uniform bodies in KL. I saw Brigade Prince (direct translation from Briget Putera) with so many badges on their sleeves. I think they are from the Navy. Must be next to the SEA... hahahaha

At least, we had free goodie bags and entertained by MUSIC! I missed AGC for this (how disappointing) :( Oh well, I kept my promise to my juniors for not ditching them this time.