Bengkel Selalu Sedia

On the 3oth April to the 2nd of May last year, I remembered that I went for my Permit test and missed Suann's birthday. Well, this year... another 'lucky' year of missing her birthday again as my BSS was held at the exact same date. LOL

Nothing much I can say about BSS since it was kind of stressful at first. But the best part was hiking around KL on the second day until my legs were about to fall off. haha GLADLY, I CAN SAY THAT I SURVIVED!

Group photo

KL Queen Guide candidates and the KL examiners

Wan Yee, Sara, Yinming, Carolyn, Chaw Hui, Sook Ying, Shereen, Alyea, Zhen Ning (missing), Hui Xia, Xin Yi and me

I missed those moments in BSS although it was stressful. The best part was meeting new friends like Alicia Chung (My group leader), Ru Yen, Izni, Hazel, Jia Xin, Jasmin and so many more! Now, I'm waiting for the results which determines whether I passed or failed. O.O scary...

OMG, I just realised that I posted this on the wrong post. Oh well, readers don't look at the date I posted this. It's not right! :D