Last Day of The Month

A month full of stress from exams, busy on events and disappointment from exam results.

I just can't believe that form 4 is ending soon and it will soon be the end of 2010. AND NEXT YEAR IS SPM!!!! Omagosh, thinking about it makes me feel so unprepared.

I'm always wondering what if I really leave school after SPM and start missing every single moment I had in school? The moments with my friends, juniors, seniors, teachers, staff and many more! I'm just so afraid of regrets because the last time I regretted, it was real heart-aching.

Truthfully, I regretted those moments not appreciating Suann a couple of years ago who I call my 'God sister'. I only found out how to appreciate her on the last month of my last year in afternoon session. SO REGRETFUL! TT And the moments as an afternoon session prefect when we had fun like no one ever had and got to know juniors! And the moments I had in Form 3 where everything was FUN FUN FUN eventhough PMR was kind of stressful for us that time.

Awww, I missed those moments so much! XD That is why I always wished for a genie to bring me back in time or a time machine magically appear in my life so that I can repeat those moments again and again!

The reason why I cherish every moment now is because I would not want more regrets in the future since going back in time is IMPOSSIBLE! The eighth month of 2010 is tomorrow and that marks that 3/4 of the year has passed. I'm going to enjoy it with my classmates of 4U and also with my seniors plus juniors especially my God sister :D

Senior Prefect's Party

Right after school today, all senior prefects and teacher advisors for the Prefectorial Board were invited for a party which we organized. At the same time, we were also celebrating Miss Sarah's birthday and farewell party. Everyone was excited as we were supposed to serve our own seniors and gave them gifts for appreciation. :D

However, most of the seniors preferred self-servicing themselves and that includes my senior, Joey too. So most of us didn't serve them instead we waited for all of them to start eating first, then we started serving ourselves. THE FOOD WAS EXTREMELY SPICY! O.o

Nicole, me, Elaine and Wei Yee

The feast started and as you can see, the seniors were self-servicing.

Kanimoly, Harshiah, Rishantinee, Wei Yee, Amelia and Joanne

After the feast, it was photography session for both seniors and juniors. Then, Miss Sarah gave a farewell speech and we sang birthday songs for her before she cut the chocolate cake. XD There were envelopes put up on the boards with each written the seniors' name. All of us wrote a short message for our own seniors and they wrote us back too! So fun and sweet :D

Joey and me... (She looks like a bully in this photo) LOL Joking, she's the nicest senior I can ever ask for!

A group photo (My favourite)

I'm going to miss all the seniors man! Thank you for being there and taught us everything you know throughout our probation term. Well, to my senior Joey, WORDS CAN'T EXPRESS HOW MUCH I WANT TO THANK YOU! XD Seriously, I really appreciate all the tips you've taught me and practical ways to handle duties. Such a nice senior I have?! Don't you worry, I will make sure that I won't get bullied and I'm going to break school rules without getting busted too (Its not my first time anyway) :P Lastly, all the best for SPM and better start switching to gear 5! <3>

Last Day of 2nd Monthly Test

Finally, 2nd Monthly test is done for good! Eventhough Chemistry was a mood-spoiler but I managed to get over that failure and moved on with life. I have to admit that this term, I didn't put much effort in my revision so got to pull up my socks higher for finals! :D

Well, for the first time, I felt that my Accounts paper was AWESOME <3> since I managed to equalize my balance sheet. HOW GREAT RIGHT?! By the end of the day, my brain was dead as we had three papers today (Add Maths, Biology and Accounts).

After school, had lunch with a big bro at Old Town which wass considered as a celebration after all the stress! haha Sorry bro for paying only a quarter out of the bill. D:

SJI's Campfire

Well, our neighbour invited us personally for their Annual Campfire. Only seven of us were able to turn up today. They were from 4U (Harshiah, Hanani, Nina and me) and 3N (Jananey, Sara George and Felice). It was awesome man!

The wackos of 4U
Harshiah, Nina and Hanani

So many schools were invited for this event. Schools like SMK Sri Sentosa, VI, Kepong Baru, Taman Bukit Maluri, Pudu Girl School and many more!

Wow, it was kind of unbelievable as I met many of my Guiding friends like Chaw Hui, Wen Cai, Yee Wei, Siew Thong, Chai Sin, Sook Ying and others. It was like Girl Guide reunion! haha

Nani and the canoe

O.o I love this badge. It is like a puzzle, and when combined, a master piece is created.

They actually caught a snake in our school

haha Knots! I recognized some of them like Buku Sila, Tindih Kasih and Lilit Pemati Balak and Selit too.

Atom bomb found (according to them)

So colourful (Me Likey!)

Taman Bukit Maluri Guiding buddies

View from below (Our beloved KL Tower)

The biggest campfire I had ever seen. I really salute how they created that huge fire. GOSH, IT WAS TEN TIMES BETTER THAN OURS IN THE HQ!

The Eagle Scouts actually performed a group dance which was REAL HILARIOUS I tell you! Looked so gay and cute at the same time. hahaha After that, we had some games which were the ones similar to HQ campfire games. The climax of the event was when The Honest Mistake (A local band) performed! Everyone went mad especially the girls. O.o Because the electric guitarist was SOOO HOT! Seriously, I think all the girls were focusing on him only. haha
This fellow here.... HOT RIGHT??

The lead singer was the one with the loooong hair. XD

I went back after they sang their last song as my dad couldn't stand the wait. Well, apart from all the craziness in SJI... I think my deafness had gotten a little worse since EVERYTHING WAS SO LOUD IN THERE. I have to agree that their choice of songs for the day were kind of amusing! haha

OVERALL THAT EVENT WAS A SUCCESS and I'm glad that I went! :D

My First Failure

Well, I'm currently having those moments where mixed emotions come in.



Out of all subjects, I failed Ms. Winnie's subject. I was not surprised when I received my paper but I was stunned when I saw my marks (33%) I told my friends about my failure but they refused to believe me until I showed them my paper. Everyone thought that I was going to breakdown or something but I didn't. Instead I became so jumpy and went around telling everyone about my failure! Wenn Yue said that my screws went loose after experiencing a sudden blow, its kinda true actually! haha

Oh well, my first failure in my entire life has made me more determined to work extra harder for this particular subject! I HAVE TO PULL UP MY SOCKS FROM NOW ON :D

Be optimistic! =)

NRC 2010

This year the zone level is held at the National Science Center yesterday (21/7/10). Our school sent six teams this time (3 for Vertical Limit category while 3 for Treasure Hunt category) After months of practicing, the day has finally come! However, my team didn't manage to win anything but Dee Hva's and Farhanah's group managed to grab the 4th placing. Congrats to you, girls! :D But teacher wasn't satisfied because we lost to SJI teams (a.k.a. brainless dudes according to her) haha

Joanne eating while studying at the same time... haha

Everyone was studying that time while I was texting with someone who was in school until my team mates lectured me. LOL Couldn't take action eventhough someone actually brought her handphone and had the guts to text in school. Gosh, students nowadays?!

We were the earliest there

Dee Hva, Farhanah and Emily

My team mates, Wenn Yue arranging the box

Mei Jen modifying the design

After the competition, we went to the canteen and prepared ourselves for the exam. Teacher brought our Sivik and PJK papers, and asked us to sit in pairs. It was the best exam moments as we were allowed to put on our mp3s while taking the exam. SO FUN! Frankly speaking, discussion among ourselves actually happened in the canteen when teacher wasn't noticing. XD

A mini aquarium walkthrough... Joanne and I stopped by to take some photos. XD

Losing Myself Lately

13th July 2010
Well, the senior prefects stepped down on Tuesday and left us, juniors all on our own. Installation was on the same day too. Guess what, right after their step-down performance, I went back to my point duty and had the 'best' moment to start the day. My middle finger got trapped in the stupid hall door and ended up bleeding like no one's business. I realised it when I was adjusting my tie.... HOW GREAT?!

14th Jul7 2010
My first official day as a prefect started great! I remembered to carry out my canteen duty on time and prepared the hall together with my friends for PTI (Parents & Teachers Interview) The funniest thing for me was when I was doing my canteen duty during recess while holding the registration numbers, suddenly an announcement was made :

Perhatian, Ng Mei Wern sila naik ke atas pentas sekarang. Saya ulangi Ng Mei Wern, sila naik ke atas pentas sekarang.

I was about to eat when I heard that. When I got up the stage, I was wondering what was so urgent until they need me. Then, I realised that some parents were waiting at the registration table so everyone started working. Head prefect put in charge of the registration... gosh, she actually trusted me! haha All of us were known as the Parents Service Department as all of us greeted every single parent that came into the hall LOUDLY. Gosh, so friendly and shocking for some of them! LOL

The event supposed to end at 2 pm but 4N's interview was SOOOOO long and it ended at 2.30pm. Afternoon session parents were anxiously waiting for the morning session to finish while afternoon session prefects were busy arranging furnitures in the hall. Seriously, 4N took so long to finish and I have to wait for them and clear up everything by 3 pm. After that, CBN had netball entertainment. Ukrainians came to have a friendly match with CBN net-ballers and proud to say that we won (11-9)

15th July 2010
My day duty was on today and I was in charge of the register. LOL I did it without my senior, yay! Independent for once! XD Then, got news we need to skip classes for backdrop. Haiz, why again?!

16th July 2010
Today, I think its the worst day of the week. Firstly, my Physics teacher got mad when some of my friends and I skipped his period for backdrop. I had no idea that he was going to carry out two experiments today. Secondly, the colour for this current backdrop turned up to be quite dull (such a waste of time!) Thirdly, monthly test is next week and I'm totally not prepared for it plus my homework for today just pilled up like no one's business since I skipped four periods. TT Lastly, the most heart-aching news for me was another group's robot actually was able to climb the pole although it was built only TODAY where as we worked our *** off for the past few weeks and our robot couldn't even budge. Aargh....!!!!

Truthfully, I have regained my confidence in being a prefect. But obviously, I tend to abandon and ignore someone again since I'm soooo busy. I just wish to talk to that person more often again and not be busy. Haiz, what to do?! I've gotten the job, the only thing I want to do is to strive for the best and maybe, one day I may forget about that person and finally move on. Well, only time can tell and all I can do now is pray for a better tomorrow. XD

Feeling Free

Wah, this is the only time my mind is free from everything that revolves around me. The best thing I just did today was I made full use of my feeling-free moment studying Chemistry. Yeah, can you actually believe it? ME studying CHEMISTRY, Ms. Winnie's subject! :D

Studied Chapter 4

Studied Chapter 5

Despite me being a nerd for today, I didn't manage to cover Chapter 6 because I got lazy! haha At least I spent sometime updating my Restaurant City and catching up with Harshiah after a fortnight leaving her with her gang. My mind feels so free for the first time, FREE FROM DEPRESSION, STRESS and PROBLEMS~
Too soon to say. Later, the next thing I know is me getting twice as many problems as the previous ones. Well, great feelings don't last for long so I'm enjoying it till something bad comes! How optimistic~ :D

First week of July

Career Week

Nothing much to say as the Form 4's didn't have much activities for this event. We only had an-hour career talk last Tuesday. Well, I got forced randomly into law and guess what, I almost slept in that room! LOL To get rid of my boredom, I looked around and realised that there were mostly form 5's who were really interested in this field. Oh well, I'm absolutely sure that I won't get any close to law so it was a waste of time for me in there D:

Robotics Practice

Competition is in two weeks and staying back for hours doesn't seem to work. Wenn Yue, Mei Jen and I spent this whole week staying back to finish building our robot. haha Then, it all happened when programming has started. Everything just went wrong! Seriously, I see no light at the end of the tunnel. I GIVE UP D: I can't believe all the hard work has ended up with nothing. (I guess we will just have to forget about winning this year) How pessimistic! haha


The best news to start the week was MY PHYSICS TWO went missing! haha Well, book-checking for my class was on Friday and I managed to recopy the whole book in one night last Monday (11pm-5am) Besides that, I'm real worried about my Chemistry books as Ms. Winnie collected it last week and I didn't care to finish my corrections. OMG, I'm praying that I won't get called! O.o

Probation Period

Gosh, this week had been rather saddening. You wanna know why, as usual those past memories relive again! Our batch got complained like mad during the recent meeting. Oh gosh, the only thing that I couldn't believe was our own head prefect addressing (well, more towards lecturing) us as probates showing a lousy performance whereas she is a probate herself. LOL
Haiz, let bygones be bygones! Learn to live with what you have if not they will just be regrets in the future. Secondly, the seniors are stepping down next week. Gosh, so fast! I'm really gonna miss them.... although it was only two weeks following my senior, I have learnt alot. Thanks Joey :D

Speech Day 2010

Well, glad to inform that this was my first event as a morning session prefect on probation. From what we heard, it was a successful event. Everything went well, both seniors and juniors cooperated especially went we were cleaning up the hall.

All thanks to TEAMWORK

The hall was basically empty after 20 minutes. (That efficient!) hehe We formed chains to passed the chairs and guess what, I got bruises all over my left arm by the end of the day. My parents jokingly told me that I looked like I just got abused in school! HAHAHA

My plan was to post the awesome backdrop here but Dian has not posted it up on Facebook yet. So I will wait till then...

I ♥ today :D

Today was one of the most hectic day of the week but at the same time, it was real fun!

FYI, I think most of my class prefects have been missing classes for the past few days. Throughout this week, the longest I've stayed in class was for two periods which happened to be for Biology (Today). The other days, I didn't enter at all and was left with a pile of homework to hand in by the end of the week. How great?! Like what Pn. Nor Haida said, prefects are maids of the school. HAHAHA

Planning Committee :
Thanks to Shu Yee, Dian, Hannah and I learnt how to handle tone spraying on polystyrene. Not to perasan in this, but Dian and I sprayed the purple and IT TURNED OUT GREAT! We were so happy and proud of ourselves. After that, we painted the borders purple too to give the alphabets outstanding effects.

In conclusion, I mastered three compulsory skills needed for creating backdrops
  • Spraying
  • Painting
  • Using polystyrene cutters (Note : Avoid getting cut)
The next program was the Speech Day's Concert Preview for this coming Saturday. Well, it was AWESOME! :D I really enjoyed the KESENAS dance, Bangla dance, Choir and Band performance.

For me, I think I got overexcited when choir was on. LOL Especially the rapping part. OMG, Dian and my dear Suann actually rapped on stage! It was AWESOME AND COOL, words can't actually describe (in a good way)! My dear, if you happened to read this : You were seriously cute and yeng on that stage. Can't stop smiling when you were performing, I WILL SHOUT 'ENCORE' IF I'M ALLOWED TO! :D

A second preview was held for the afternoon session to watch. Well, the hall was a carbon dioxide sauna as it was real stuffy and suffocating. I was backstage helping the seniors and it was extremely stuffy! At least, I get to watch for the second time and I'm really sure that I will get to watch it on Saturday again as prefects need to stay back until the end of the day.

After the concert, several Planco members continued on with our job. We started setting up the backdrop. We thought it can be done by 4.30pm but it is still undone as there were missing alphabets and too many bent needles so we couldn't finish our tasks.

Got back at 5.20pm and dropped dead on my couch. What a tiring day?!