Shocking Experiment

Today, we carried out the most exciting experiment so far in our secondary life! We heated certain minerals which were iron oxide, lead sulphide and magnesium carbonate if I'm not mistaken. fun!!!! The best one was heating the lead sulphide with potassium manganate (VII) solution. We were supposed to decolourise the solution from dark purple to transparent. LOL So fun but MY GROUP TAK JADI BECAUSE OUR FLAME WASN'T THAT HOT EVEN THOUGH IT WAS NON-LUMINOUS!!!!! TT

But we saw other group's experiment which worked perfectly! So interesting to see... hehe

But I pity one group because got scolded by our Science teacher for not following proper precautions when carrying out the experiment. The shocking incident was, THE TEST TUBE BROKE ALL OF A SUDDEN AFTER TEACHER TOOK THE TEST TUBE FROM THEM!

My eyes was like SO BIG when I saw

Recycling Paper

Today, we were desperate for badges again! hehe Just for the most beautiful badge among the 75 other badges. But it ended up quite fun carrying out the activity.

Me, Shereen and Mei Hua.
Everyone making their own paper
A very interesting activity.
We were too excited making them till we did too many!LOL

Favourite Childhood Cartoons

I'm a bit nuts today! hehe Feel like watching all them now....hehe I FEEL SO CHILDISH! lol

The Legend

OMG First thing I heard in the morning was the death of Michael Jackson!!! So Sad TT, at the age of 50! TT Everyone seemed so gloomy today haiz I bet there are millions of people out there mourning for him.

Sir, we will remember you in our prayers...
But one thing, his songs were on air for the whole day on every English radio station. Cannot stand already!

May God bless him.....


I'm really bored here....Sorry I have no idea what to update for today. LOL So I will be random again hehe

For those who are going for JPC Camp are:
  1. Yip Mei Hua
  2. Teh Jia Xin
  3. Kor Kah Wei
  4. Loh Hiu Yann
  5. Jananey
  6. Looi Pui Leng
  7. Celestine Foo
Thats all right, confirmed? LOL Don't worry, I think I will stop by if I happen to study a week before this coming Intervensi... hehe

Plus, Diagnostic Exam was a really LUCKY one!!!!! 9A's 1B...Haiz, can't expect much?! My sis got straight A's pulak. Gosh! So I must start pulling my socks from now on. Have to really stop log book already, I'm addicted to them. LOL

Farewell Occasion

I was really lost today. Frankly speaking, I don't even know what I was attending besides high tea LOL Finally when I get there, it was actually Majlis Perpisahan Jeanne Abdullah. haha

The decoration was nice and presenting.
Puan Toh....there
Chris, Shereen and Losh were getting ready.
Everyone stood in a line...waiting for the VVIP
Look at us...looking so SERIOUS!!! hehe

Finally when she reached, camera men were everywhere..and she was escorted by Rosma (Y.A.B Najib Abdul Razak's wife)

VVIP on the stage
Bacaan doa was on..this time THE LONGEST EVER!!! hehe

The current Prime Minister's wife giving a speech

Cik Syam and Puan Zaliza...AND THE FOOD!!!!

Penyampaian cenderamata kepada Jeanne Abdullah
A picture of Jeanne Abdullah

Finally...lets DIG IN!!!

Everyone looks hungry...hehe
Traditional dance performance by neighbouring states!!
Still performance.....while enjoying the MOST DELICIOUS MALAY HIGH TEA so far!!!

Before, she went off....

A clear shot of Y.A.B. Najib's wife...

Before she went off too.....
Wen Cai, Mei Wern, Alyea, Shereen and Chris

Dato' Yeo bid farewell too....

Before we left...a shot with Dato' Yeo

Para pemimpin sekalian and Kak NORMA in the middle! LOL

Another one before we left....Puan Toh

A very memorable event....anyway, I'm still searching for a community service place for my three months project! TT Dielah, I can't think of any....

Annual Gotong-royong

Wow, today has been a great day! We had our gotong-royong for the second time. Form 3s were supposed to clean their own classrooms. First, we shifted all our chairs and bags to the corridor.

Aliya, Fazlina and Myrrah were talking while waiting for the wiping fans crew to finish. Rosma was sitting behind.Hanani and Sue Jiun clean the fans while Harshiah, Myrrah and Hazlyn got too excited LOL

Hanani dusting the ceiling fan

Joanne and Harshiah wanted to shape an X but didn't turn out that well. LOL

Mei Jen and Nadine wiping the windows

I was nicely wiping the windows and Hazlynn too

Very wonderful facial expression, Harshiah!

Cleaning the tables.
Nadine and I sweeping the stairs

Rishantinee too.......

Everyone was overally excited...Good cooperation from everyone, everything went well.

Puan Haslina came to class to supervise us while giving some information to those who have not completed their KGT.

Our neighbours were also busy cleaning...a corridor full of people. LOL
After a while, some of the Flying Squad members had to take the time to do patrolling today. Harshiah, Nadine, Mei Jen and I went with Puan Anusha to patrol around till 12.40pm LOL the LONGEST PATRROL SO FAR!!! Since we had lots of time to spare, we just used them wisely.

Puan Anusha, our supervisor.

Harshiah found a dirty, empty container. Her instincts told her that this container has a potential as an Aedes breeding ground LOL

Nadine checking her favourite spot.

Harshiah found larva again...hehe Nadine and Mei Jen trying to carry the cover.

Look at this container cover. You can really see them moving/swimming in a video. But look at this picture also surely got larva and 3rd stage mosquitoes. LOL

We went to the back of the Form 3 block. I'm staring at the stagnant water in that drain hehe

As we were walking, we saw a sweeper and kept wondering how can he get up there LOL
We went to the back of the Bilik Masakan and ERT using Tangga E. It was Puan Anusha's first time going through this way hehe

We found stones that looked like marble stones! Mei Hua and Harshiah posing for the picture... Look at your expressions man?! LOL

We saw a potential breeding spot too...on top of the guard house's roof.

Outside Bilik Jahitan.....Mei Hua pouring the abate
Me too....

Then all of a sudden, I found something which I thought was a hockey ball but Harshiah said it was an egg. LOL But I think its neither one of them. I have no idea what was that?!
We came back to class and spent our whole time playing Truth or Dare while taking few pictures hehe

This was supposed to be a gangster shot but Rishantinee and Joanne ran away. I was just being plain BLUR...wondering what kind of shot is this?! LOL Only Harshiah jadi, MEMANG JADI!!!!

Hanani and the gang... their LEGS OF FRIENDSHIP which bonds them together hehe
The day was joyful for everyone and we had a great time! hehe Last year together...still enjoying every moment.