CBN's 110 Carnival

Another restless day started af 8 today. After meeting Maxine in Pandan Jaya station, we went to Titiwangsa for the carnival. Then, we went by taxi to Titiwangsa Lake and arrived at 9am.

Titiwangsa Lake

First, we visited Vivian at her stall while waiting for Shereen to appear. hehe After she appeared, I had to go and carry out my shift at Flying Squad stall. We didn't really had a good business although we did direct selling. Anyway, 3A had a good business at least hehe

Waiting at the stall...then, Maxine and Shereen suddenly appeared!! LOL

Puan Nur Diana visited and supported our class. She ordered the Mocha shake. Her baby girl was so CUTE with that pink shirt and she's going to be a year old by May...hehe I missed my ex-class teacher!!!

Hanani was taking the 100 Plus from the ice box. Sorry to say, I did not know there was 100 Plus in there. I thought we only sold soy drink.

My class stall was Flying Squad's neighbour. The Nasi Lemak sold out even before I came... Wow, and our ice cream Malaysia almost sold out.

Atiqah, Amaani, Aliya, Ashileen and Sabrina (I think) They were busy doing the shakes!!! Too bad I did not have the chance to try TT

Shereen got a butterfly tattoo on her neck. Sorry can't get her face....She was moving too much!!! Thanks to her gu jeong, I got a chance to take A SHOT!!!!!

Maxine did too..

Wonderful pose, Maxine!!! Lol

Dian...Funnylah you?! hahaha

AND POOR ME, I got dragged into this as well. At first, Maxine chose for me a lizard then, Thank God I changed it to the lion. At least is better than the MONITOR LIZARD!!! lol Shereen, I didn't post that close up picture you took hehe I DELETED IT!!!
I apologize to my class..I didn't help at all. I only did an hour and a half shift in the Flying Squad TT I just realised direct selling wouldn't work at all. The maximum we can sell is 5 things. I guess one hour and 30 minutes there was too short to do two shifts at once. Around 10.45am, I went off for Sunday Service.

MCKL Treasure Hunt

Today I woke up at 6 just to go for a treasure hunt in Brickfields. We reached at Methodist College around 7.05 am and registered our team name. We got a goodie bag which had a Tupperware, breads, carbonated drink, cool magnet, answer sheet, T-shirt and train tickets.

The funniest thing was when I met up with Alini, she complained to us that her bag was so heavy because she brought along the WHOLE ATLAS BOOK. LOL We thought she was going to travel around the world.

This was the basketball court where we lined up according to categories.

There are mostly Methodist College and Wesley Methodist School students (177 teams)

I met many long lost friends like Seen Yen and Michelle Chin ( Wesley Methodist) A few past year seniors like Ooi Yu Wern, Wing Yi and Adeline Chew ( Methodist College) I met one of my church leaders, Annora...shocked to see her?!

Mei Hua and Joanne Ang
We started the hunt at 8.45 at MAB where we spent almost 25 minutes there when we were only suppose to spend 15 minutes there. Then, we walked to KL Sentral where we continue searching for answers for the questions given. After half an hour, we took a train to KLCC.

We were suppose to go indoor part of KLCC but they cancelled it so we went to the park.

View from below.

We were on our way to Jalan P. Ramlee. hehe I like the fountains. Yeah,Cat was my partner.. and she suggested our team name using our own names (Very wonderful, Cat)

It was like an observation hike from KLCC to Bukit Nanas Monorail Station where we observed certain buildings according to the map to get the answers. hehe But I find this better than the Khusus Ketua Kumpulan hike..which was LIKE A MAK NENEK WALK?! LOL
After that, we took the monorail to Bukit Bintang where we had to answer questions based on what we see in Bintang Walk. I can tell you, we spent a lot of time there. The questions are rather odd....the one that makes us frustrated was the last question, 'Where did CK retire?' LOL wei. Suggestions like Chu Kang and Calvin Klein came! hehe At last we found the answer after 45 minutes in that place.
Then, we went for that creamy dreamy question..but not easy k, searching for cafes which mostly was creamy and dreamy especially that Lavazza Cafe.
Then, we walked to Times Square as our last location. We did not went shopping (how I wish was that) but instead we went SHOP HUNTING?! lol The answers were all around Times Square and we had no choice but to look at the long winded directory.

We went to the 4th floor and settled down there. Exhausted k... Look at Dian and Denielle.

Very cuteleh, Dian?!?!!! lol They were filling up the answers and so were we.

As we went down using the escalator, we saw this mascot with the big head! haha
Then, we took 15 remaining minutes to walk around the Sungei Wang to get some answers for certain questions which were not answered. Then finally, we decided to go back to MCKL by taking the monorail from Bukit Bintang.

The monorail station where we saw a few participants at the opposite side looking as blur as they could. But actually pity them for not knowing where were they heading to which was going to be TITIWANGSA! We were in the train that time and Dian was imaging them ending up in Titiwangsa station.....So mean?!

We reached the finish line at around 12.50 pm which was 10 minutes before the hunt ended.
Then, we sat in the cafeteria where we were given chicken rice sponsored by The Chicken Rice Shop. We took our own sweet time eating and I was so glad, I had the boneless chickens hehe

At around 1.30pm we were forced to sit under the HOT SUN?! The umbrella festival started hehe look... It felt like we were sitting on a stove and turning into a roasted chicken. Worst thing was, the speeches was long and got game session, followed by a few people from the MAB singing UMBRELLA?!
The 8th placing up to the 1st were all WMS students?! No fair...But congratz to Nadine she won the lucky draw and got herself a HUGE HAMPER!!! Maybe, next year can try again?! hehe I find it fun running around KL.

Can't wait

Yay!!!! Tomorrow I can't wait for the treasure hunt!!! I hope it will be fun waking up early again TT
At least homework mostly done! But the amount of kerja khusus seem to increase TT
Nevermind, at least having fun tomorrow.


Dear readers,
today I'm feeling very emo so just try not to read this post!

This is something I kept to myself over the past few months. I just can't keep it to myself anymore so I want to express it here. Hehe

Two stories involving two people I knew and I will just name them No. 1 and No. 2.


I knew No 1 since form 1. Btw, shes a year older than me. I always thought she was helpful and a really nice person. She supports me a lot in everything and if she asks for a favor, its like a must for me to help her (I don't want her to get disappointed and stuff) hehe After my probational term as a prefect that year, she treated me as a close junior and we ended that year happily. During the holidays, we kept in touch once in a while. I missed her during the holidays till the holidays ended, everything changed.

I started the year quite well and I very enthusiastic some more. I went and search for her the first day forgetting that she already went to morning session. hehe The first few months, we were still quite close but only till March, when we got busier with our own stuffs. Then, we went from greeting to nothing. So I ended the year happily with my juniors but I did not bother what happened to her. My last year in afternoon session was so nice.

I was expecting better things to happen this year but instead it got worst. I always remember her birthday but this time, I wished her three days late TT So disappointing! Then, we also had misunderstandings last month till she avoided me. It took me quite long to realise it and when I did, I give loads of explanation but I think that did not work.

Till now, every time I walk passed her..only the Hello or Hi word and then, walk away. Once in a while, guilt ran over me (wondering what wrong did I do) How I wish I could read her mind. I don't know what is going to happen next man. Haiz



I knew No. 2 last year and shes a year younger than me. She's a really nice girl,from a Chinese school but speaks English very well. We were not that close like no. 1 but more to good friends. But we often sms each other last year and I told all my problems to her. She was like my listener hehe. We got close around after the second semester...I admitted that she was closer to me rather than No. 1 and I know her better than No. 1. We ended the year well. One of the reasons I don't want to leave afternoon session was because of her. hehe We still keep in touch during the holidays.

I thought this year would not be a good year since I won't be able to see her anymore and I started my year BUSY. Everytime after the school bell rang, I will visit her but only sometimes, I will just walk passed her. ONE PROBLEM WAS I SEEM LIKE A TOTAL STRANGER YOU KNOW?! Talking to her seems to be talking to the wall and no greeting at all. What happened?? ( the same question in my mind) Last year, normal only but this year seems to be like two aliens from two different planets. I dare not say its ignoring or avoiding lah! Because I'm sure she will SAY SHE IS NOT IGNORING ME.

Sorry to say, to me...these two stories trouble me all the time. hehe So weird right? Everyone will be saying its a small matter but it seems like a big one LOL Just give me the sweat hehe


Today is 24th March
Its a Tuesday
Its already 10.48 pm
So its the time for bed
I got nothing to do....

2nd Last day of Community Service

OMG I WAS LATE THIS MORNING!!!! I had 5 hours of sleep only (suffering wei) Btw, I was suppose to wake up at 7.00am to meet Maxine in the Pandan Jaya LRT station at 8.00am but I woke up at 7.52am when she was ready to go out already LOL However, we managed to arrive at the hq around 8 something.

We cleaned up the JPC room as soon as we reached there
Clearing the last drawer hehe with lots of swans and cranes in there

Charis and Pui Leng folding the sheets

Cleaning up the glass rack


What are they doing anyway???

Max seemed to paste herself on the wall too often LOL

After community service, we were planing to go to the KL Monorail Mini Carnival in Tun Sambanthan station.

Nothing to take shots lor

Haiz, these three PUTERI LILINs (Pui Leng, Charis and Celestine) used an umbrella when it was not that sunny...Aiyo, I wonder how are they going to last during Permit Perkhemahan LOL

LOOK>>>>>> O.O
Hehe the balloon tall leh

The first booth we went was like a mini zoo and so as the second one. I thought I was in a REAL MINI ZOO at first!!! hehe We saw many rabbits which looked like Snuffles and Velvet.. So cute and well fed.

First animal that caught my eyes was the CUTE TORTOISE OMG so cute!!!

Then, I saw a hedgehog man?! Shereen, your favourite animal hehe. Too bad you were not there TT We found a real one but not that soft toy..SO SAD?!

Peahens!!! They can spread their feathers but not as pretty as the peacock.. I thought they were pigeons at first, Don't you think??

Max got excited when she saw this yellow snake. It felt like plastic leh LOL

Look at her....... hehe LOL

Hehe characters from Star Wars. I can still remember Charis tried to call the man in white-plastic-robot costume. LOL She patted the plastic at his back (obviously he did not feel) We laughed because he did not turn till we called him. hehe

Pui Leng the rabbit, Mei Wern the parrot, Charis the turtle, and I think Celestine was an iguana

We saw Dato' Syeikh Muzaphar (I think I spelled wrongly) from a distance. He came today but anyway, not his fan! But one thing funny was, we watched a Teh Tarik Contest on stage which used the Macarena song as their theme song LOL We wished Puan Toh and Vivian was there to witness.

The man was holding a HUMONGOUS IGUANA.. LOOK
Look at the iguana, its skin felt different than the snake. Its rather hard and not plastic.
Charis was dragged to participate in a mini game. hehe Her iguana style

Her Birdie style

Her snake style LOL. She got 2nd runner up and she earned herself a KODOMO Toothpaste

This was another type of hedgehog which was white. The other one was black.

Oh, so cute?! The Siamese cat was playing with Maxine.

Pui Leng got her face painted hehe Nice....

Then, we went to the hand tattoo station and each of us got hand-tattooed.

Hehe I chose a Dalmatian dog as my tattoo.. Its still on my hand now!!

Maxine volunteered to hold the snake OMG scary wei, a python!!! Its heavy according to her.

She held the yellow one too.

I held the yellow python and I'm proud to face my fears LOL Its belly was rubbing on my shoulder and its like a moving plastic.

She held the lizard too. This time its not that large iguana, its the small one!
We went to Times Square after the visit to have our lunch in McDonald's. We combined 5 packs of our fries in a tray. See, sharing is caring LOL

Celestine got dared to eat two packets of pepper directly into her mouth. Ewww
Maxine was telling hilarious stories about her Malay teacher
The juniors were good listeners LOL
Then, we went to the 6th floor to the Arcade Center and played there. Pui Leng bought 10 tokens and mostly spent on the dancing game. hehe

I wonder what does this game do?
Before we left..hehe a last shot