40 Days Fast & Prayer 2009

I'm fasting from now on! Not from food but Internet....hehe YAY, Wish me luck! I will be back after 40 days which will be during the August holidays!

Praying for the nation while fasting for 40 days... I remember doing this last two years! I'm really pushing myself to fast this year. Pray that I will get through this...HALLELUJAH!!!

Its worth a try! First time fasting from Internet ( No face book, abandon my blog again and NO MSN!!!) but I can still touch the computer for projects or assignments which doesn't need the use of Internet if not I WILL FAIL MY MISSION this time!!!! LOL

Good luck bear is here to wish me luck!!!

The Results

We got our Science paper today! I was really happy for my protege, Filza. She improved tremendously! (From a D to B) OMG, I was jumping! But when I saw my own marks.....So sad, it went down by 6 marks, almost the border line of A. TT

I seriously wonder how can the mentor dropped when the protege improved?! (The effects from studying last minute!) TT

Since I was happy for her, I bought her a gift for great improvement! My next goal is to help her to get an A for Science!

Only cost RM10 from CM. So nice!!! You can see the word To: FILZA there.. hehe

We gave her words of encouragement and a chosen poem. Look at the yellow words, LOVE, MEI WERN and JOANNE. (Perasan!)
We also bought for Harshiah's behalf. Her protege, Syakira also improved 10 marks for Science! She was really happy and, Harshiah wanted to buy for her something too so Joanne and I went for the plate instead!

We really wanna thank that man who designed and decorated these gifts! So cunted wei..... They are gonna love it! haha

T.G.I Friday!

Seriously, that day really made me happy! Even though the surrounding temperature in hq was higher than other places, it was THE HAKUNA MATATA PLACE!!! Nothing for me to worry about except for the task that I'm supposed to complete.

We arranged the tables before the arrival of the WAGGGS V.I.P. We arranged three hours earlier! (Too early right?) LOL
There was a Kelas Dua Camp held in the hq which WAS REAL!!! Not FAKE!!! LOL The notice board really caught my attention... It gave me an idea to decorate my gerbang or my notice board for my BAKP! hehe
Not bad right the painting? Its hard work.... All the different symbols on the Pandu Puteri logo represented what they had learnt through out the camp. NICE!!!
Wow, this one!!! Look at how they made the altar...First time, no raise stove! LOL I wanna try that for my BAKP too. Eh, my Quarter Master, please take note!

The day ended quite well...sorry Its quite late to post about this but anyway, my enthusiasm came back all of a sudden! LOL

Abandoned Blog

Haiz..... Sorry I don't have the mood to update my blog these few days!

I will be back as soon as my enthusiasm comes back hehe..

Sorry people... but don't worry, I will be on MSN and Facebook! LOL


Guess these songs based on the lyrics :

SONG No. 1
The struggles I'm facing,
The chances I'm taking,
Sometimes it might knock me down,
Bu, No, I'm not breaking
I may not know it
But these are the moments that
I'm gonna remember Most, yeah
Just gotta keep goin'

SONG No. 2
1 2, 1 2 3 4-
Give me more lovin' that I could ever had,
Make it all better when I'm feeling sad,
Tell me that I'm special even when I know I'm not,
Make it feel good when I hurt so bad, Barely gettin' mad,
I'm so glad I found you; I love being around you

SONG No. 3
You're on the phone with your girlfriend
She's upset
She's going off about something that you said
Cos she doesn't get your humour like I do
I'm in my room
Its a typical Tuesday night
I'm listening to the kind of music she doesn't like
And she'll never know your story like I do

SONG No. 4

Tonight`s the night night
Let`s live it up
I got my money
Let`s spend it up

Go out and smash it
Like oh my god
Jump off that sofa
Let`s get get off

SONG No. 5
Go ahead just leave, can't hold you, you're free
You take all these things, if they mean so much to you
I gave you your dreams, 'cause you meant the world
So did I deserve to be left here hurt
You think I don't know you're out of control
I ended up finding all of this from my boys
Girl, you're stone cold, you say it ain't so,
You already know I'm not attached to material



  1. The Climb - Miley Cyrus
  2. 1 2 3 4 - Plain White T's
  3. You belong with me- Taylor Swift
  4. I got a feeling - Black Eyed Peas
  5. Takin' back my love- Enrique Iglesias feat. Ciera

Oh yeah!

Another exam just passed! Three more to go....till then, let me enjoy for a while first....FACE BOOK!!! lol

I'm seriously not looking forward to the results for Mathematics and Science...this time I did the worst careless mistakes I've ever done! I'm really praying hard that my Science teacher won't go mad when she checks my paper. TT OH LORD, HELP ME!!!!!

I just watched Taylor Swift's You Belong With Me music video... OMG, the guy looks like the actor in Hannah Montana The Movie! SO GOOD LOOKING plus the music video is like so COOL!!! haha

( The video is slower than the music for your information....but the Music Video still rocks man!!!!)

I love the video wei~ I watched it for more than ten times today!!! haha


Haiz, Intervensi 3 next Monday lah....on the same day as the Choral Speaking Inter State Competition some more! TT Plus, I'm stuck at home studying while others can enjoy Cheer Competition tomorrow and Sunday too TT

REGRETS, REGRETS and more of them to come....

I have no choice but to abandon this blog for a week till my Intervensi is done! Before I chao, I would like to congratulate the choir girls for getting third place in Nationals! haha I know you girls expected to be first but oh well, top three is still good news for CBN. LOL