Patriotism Day

First time in four years, I attended the annual Patriotism Day putting on a traditional costume. Well, the reason I played truant for the last few years was because I only had one baju kurung which I wear almost every formal event since Standard Six. But this year, I managed to borrow a Punjabi suit from Kanimoly. So kind of her?! :D

Kanimoly and Wenn Yue

Harshiah, Wenn Yue and I planned to help Kanimoly for the small VIP feast so we stayed back in the KH room to assist the teachers and served the VIPs even though we weren't Clean-co members! :D

Harshiah, Kanimoly and Wenn Yue

Before the VIP arrived, we ran to the hall to listen to the results for the Most Patriotic Class Award and Best Banner. Guess what, both 1st placing goes to my class (4U)! Wooohooo... everyone got so trilled and delighted! Even teachers were happy for us including Ms. Winnie. hahaha
Above the teacher's table, Isabel created a flag with all our hands traced from coloured papers. MASTERPIECE
Our poster section. Sorry someone removed 3 of our posters. But oh well...

Our windows were also decorated like festive seasons!

At the back of our class

The best effort from 13kg of rice brought and designed by Kanimoly. The 'Kolam' was THE BEST MASTERPIECE
4U who came today and the Kolam :D

Despite all the things that has happened for the past few weeks, our class got back together and renewed our class reputation. It is really true that the peribahasa 'Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga' Oh well, hopefully everything is forgotten and forgiven. I still love my class so much :D

2nd Monthly Test Results

Gosh, finally after how many weeks....all 12 subjects' marks are out! Well, I can say that I didn't even care to take this exam seriously. haha So results are mediocre compared to mid term. The marks zoom down.




2nd TEST


Bahasa Malaysia

75% A-

76% A-



83% A

80% A


Modern Mathematics

86% A

74% A-


Pendidikan Moral

92% A+

86% A



83% A

78% A-


Additional Mathematics

65% B+

75% A-



70% A-

73% A-



63% B-

76% A-



54% C-

33% G


Prinsip Perakaunan

54% C-

94% A+


Pendidikan Siivik


86% A-


Pendidikan Jasmani


66% B

The current results have deteriorated a lot! D: Haiz, I need to study extra harder for the next exam since activities have stopped for this year. No more Girl Guiding, Robotics and more! So have to turn on my gear to achieve my goal! :D Oh lord, please bless me with wisdom and endurance. O.o

Annual Spring Cleaning

Finally, the day which I have been waiting for had finally come! *SPRING CLEANING!* Want to know why I love this day? Its the day where all classmates have fun together and escape from the realm of stress for once. LOL Eventhough only 15 of us came but we had the time of our lives as we enjoyed making our class as fragrant as lavender :D
Firstly, we identified our chairs and returned chairs which doesn't belong in our class back to other classes

After getting back our chairs, we went table-returning and table-searching. Each one of us went around the school searching for 4U tables and in a few minutes time, all 32 tables are renewed again although it was exhausting! :D

The only chores we forgot were dusting the fans and fluorescent lamps. haha We got too excited to start mopping. -_- Glad to say, the lab assistants and cleaners were so kind to lend us their mops and offered us detergents too. I LOVE MY SCHOOL STAFFS! :D

Kanimoly and I filling up the pail full of detergent

All of us posing for the camera -_-

Chores were done by 11.45am and as we were waiting for the floor to dry so that we could arrange the tables before heading back home, we started cam-whoring. Everyone was taking PHOTOS, PHOTOS AND MORE PHOTOS.

Exhausted Wenn Yue and Hyperactive me!! :D

LOL The Gangster shot of 4U

The random one
Perfect jumping shot!

4U is the class for you <3

That is why 4U is the best class for two consecutive months! :D PERASAN BUT TRUE. Our class spirit goes over the top went it comes to events like this.

Smoky Me

The juniors carried out their outdoor cooking test today and guess what, Maxine and I busy bodily supervised them and got ourselves covered in soot! -_- It has been a very long time since I last stepped into the hq and experience Girl Guiding tests again~ Wow, it felt great wanting to get involved again by helping the juniors.

At least, with Maxine and my supervision... the juniors passed with a condition which is to finish their log book by 28-29 of August. Phew, I thought they weren't able to finish in time as the weather was so uncertain and honestly, you girls are still not pro in taking care of the fire and easily give up! Haiz, hope that you can learn from your mistakes as you will need it for your Permit.

So for that, I would like to congratulate all the juniors for willing to endure the lecture of Pn. Lucy and able to handle the stress during those 4 hours.
  1. Charis Chan
  2. Kor Kah Wei
  3. Looi Pui Leng
  4. Loh Hiu Yann
  5. Celestine Foo