First Month of School

Sorry for not updating this blog for quite some time now. Didn't manage to find time to blog as my homework was pilling up and exams were on.

News about me so far :


Well, I got into 4U as my class for the remaining 2 years in CBN and I'm REALLY REALLY REALLY SATISFIED with my class! Six other 3 Ayers landed in the same class as me (Harshiah, Hanani, Syaminee, Wen Yi, Khairun Nisa and Hannah) My class teacher for year 2010 is...... MISS AISYAH (Everything about her is nice!)

Subject teachers ~
  1. BM : Datin Aslindawati
  2. BI : Pn. Kam
  3. Mod. Maths : Ms. Aisyah
  4. History : Pn. Nurul Ashikin
  5. Moral : Pn. Noraini
  6. Add. Maths : Pn. Paridah
  7. Biology : Pn. Nor Haida
  8. Chemistry : Ms. Winnie
  9. Physics : Mr. Hoo
  10. Accounts : Pn. Hidayah
  11. Civics : Cik Nur Laila
  12. PJK : Pn. Varni
I'm actually satisfied with EVERYTHING about my class this year which brings to an AWESOME START for 2010! And I realized that 4U is pure PSYCHOTIC this year since all members of the class have different personalities which are TOO UNIQUE to describe! hahaha

Today was the last day for my monthly test but guess what, Pn Paridah gave us back our Add. Maths paper. Shockingly, I got an A+!!!! hahaha Well, its only a monthly test but its my first time sitting for Add. Maths, can't blame me for being jumpy the whole day! But she was teasing me the whole time for my silly mistake! haha My ONLY mistake was leaving my answer as x= 0/2 which was actually UNDEFINE (0).


Secondly, I got a call from Pn. Toh yesterday. And the one thing I regretted was to answer that phone call because she gave news that I have to hand in my log book by next Tuesday and if I don't, I WILL NOT GET MY BADGE!!! Aargh.... why do they have to torture me?

  1. Hari Membina Azam this Friday. Can't wait!
  2. Pn Lalitha's retirement. TT (I'm gonna miss you!!!!)

These are the updates for this month! Till next time... thank you for reading. :)

Comunity Service Project

Guess what everyone! My community project is done... LOL Shhh...please don't tell any teachers about this for those who are reading this post. It's supposed to be officially finish by 13th of March so I kind of cheated. But oh well, no harm finishing them two months earlier right?

2nd Floor

Master piece

Master piece (2)
The boxes are not complete yet because I have not prepared the stencils for the similes

1st Floor

Under the sea...

Tropical forest??? Jungle ??? LOL Just joking!

Main entrance

So glossy! LOL Look at my cute tortoise. hehe (I'm so proud of it actually!)

Firstly, I would really want to thank my parents... Both my mum and dad helped me in all sorts of ways ESPECIALLY THE PAINTING! Then, my members who had also been SUCH A GREAT HELP!!!

I think I would like to give special compliments to Catherine, Kah Wei and Nicole for attending my meetings the most among all of my 16 members. Thank you! Sorry for not being punctual for a few times...

I want to apologize to Kah Wei and Catherine too for extending your time from 2pm to 4-6pm a couple of times already! REALLY SORRY... anyway, you got free food! haha At least my parents fed you.. hehe Btw, u got talents to become a real artist man!

Happy New Year!

Its finally 2010 and I'm aging another year...(16) TT A few more days before school reopen. I SERIOUSLY WANT EXTENSION FOR THE SCHOOL HOLIDAYS! I think the holidays weren't as free and easy as I thought.. haiz.

Hopefully this year will be a good and fruitful year for me. Lord, please help me enjoy this year better than 2009.