PMR Results

My results? Well, I SCORED 7A's!!!!! Gosh, the best Christmas gift this year... GREAT RESULTS and PS2! I would like to congratulate all my friends who also scored straight A's for PMR! Congratulations and celebrations!!!!!

Fazlina, Hanani, Harshiah, Mei Wern, Mei Jen and Syaminee

A jumping shot by all the straight A's students excluding the photographer (Catherine)

For some people, sorry for lying about my results (5A's 1B 1C)... hehe I was testing my skills in lying! LOL And I would like to THANK GOD for all the calmness he blessed me when I was receiving my results and my teachers and my parents and all my friends..... AND NOT FORGETTING, my tortoise! hehe

Well, can't be too happy about it because its not the end of the world yet... SPM is in two more years . Give us a break man!!!

BUT FOR NOW, HAVE A..........

Jesus is coming!!!! Woohoo........ Praise Him for blessing me throughout this whole year! THANK YOU LORD!!!!

Second Day of Community Service

Another day of exhaustion for everyone. Today, we started spraying! haha And many of them turned up today which made me so happy and thankful to God. But before we start spraying, we had no choice to cover the wall with newspapers.

Hanani and Alini

Everyone was pasting newspapers. I felt very bad because I kept asking the secretary of the office for so many scissors and tapes. haha

Catherine and Nicole

A nice wall with newspapers according to the shapes of the drawings. I tell you, my mum is really a perfectionist. She covered the astronaut exactly like the drawing man! LOL

Hannah and Amaani started spraying

Alini enjoying herself

The whole floor went BLUE! Cleaning up.... and the whole place was full of CFC! haha

We finished spraying and this was the results.

Thanks to those who came! I really appreciate it... hehe Although I wanted to start painting, everyone was tired by the end of the day so I will just forget about my dreams and hope as dreams are meant to be shattered. hehe Tomorrow will be group 2's turn! Be punctual ya...and please bring your items.

A Short Rest

I got no transport to go for the conference today. So sad! At least, I can stay at home after a long busy week... but instead, I spent the whole day blogging. hehe

Slept till 12 today... Don't blame me for being a pig! Everyday throughout this week, I had to wake up as early as 7 am.

I'm still wondering how am I going to finish my holiday homework in time when I haven't start anything yet! Haiz, got a few more weeks before school reopens. I DON'T WANT HOLIDAYS TO END SO FAST! I spent too much time being busy man... no time to enjoy my holidays. TT

PMR results coming out on the 24th!!!! NOOOOOO

Tree Planting

18th December 2009

Today, we planted trees in USJ 2/2L. Before we start, we were divided into pairs. I was paired up with a guy named Timothy who was two years older than I am. Then,a representative from MPSJ demonstrated first and he mentioned that girls cannot plant the trees. But YB Hannah let us try.

Briefing by YB Hannah Yeo.. and Malaysia Kini press was there. More publicity! hehe

MPSJ planted the first tree which was quite huge as a demonstration. He did it in less than 15 minutes man!

Timothy did all the work...HE GOT ALL THE STRENGTH TO DO IT. hehe I backed him up when he got tired. A nice guy btw...

Other groups were all busy planting their trees too.
After placing the tree in, Tim carried the fertilizer and started pouring them in.

My job was to make sure the fertilizer and mud was well mixed. Nicely using the cangkul to even the ground around the tree.

Other groups finish... Sze Kay helped other groups. Ugh, this guy disgusts me. He kept telling everyone he's from VI. Whats the big deal about VI anyway?

Kaylee and her tree

My tree

After everyone planted their trees, the representative from MPSJ praised us for doing such a good job in a short time (From 9.15am to 10.15am) YB Hannah Yeo asked us to come again if we are interested to do any environmental activities for USJ in the future. hehe I DON'T MIND AT ALL!

As we were walking down the slope to pick up rubbish around, somebody left their work undone so Su Wen, Chloe, Kaylee and I finished up that particular tree. Therefore, we planted a tree and a half! haha

All the nicely planted trees on the slope... Kind of dangerous but fun!

After the tree planting activity, we went back to church for debriefing. Around 12pm, Chloe, Kaylee and I went to Su Wen's house to take a bathe and got some rest before workshops at 3. I'm so extremely happy now because I realised that I can use this activity for my Environmentalist badge.

Yeah, I believe we can do greater things for God! Bless others and you will be blessed.... We gave USJ more oxygen by planting 35 more trees today. YAY!!!


17th December 2009

I woke up late today and I missed the bus to Subang Jaya so my dad had to fetch me to USJ 3. Today's conference, Poverty / Environment Group was going to carry out a gotong-royong in Subang Jaya neighborhood. We were divided into random groups and were given maps to our respective streets. I was in Alex's group with Chloe..

As we were walking....
We had to remove all the posters on the street lamps.
We covered 4 streets and got tired so we stopped for a while
Chloe and I were walking towards the BERHENTI signboard which had posters on it. The boys were having trouble removing them. LOL

What we did today came out in the papers the following day (NST). LOL YB Hannah Yeo was there and she told us the purpose of this activity and yesterday's voters registration. Wow, P/E group got more publicity compared to other groups man!

The IMPACT Workshop was on after our lunch...
Its spelled YAHWEH! hehe

We had a great time cleaning up the Subang Jaya neighbourhood. Although the sun came out too early, we still enjoyed ourselves picking up rubbish under the sun once in a while. hehe

Singaporean Girl Guides Gathering

16th December 2009

I didn't go for the conference today because I had to attend the Singaporean Girl Guides gathering in the National hq so I missed the Voters Registration in Subang Jaya Parade and ditched Kaylee with Edwin. hehe

The arrival of the Singaporean Girl Guides
Mei Hua, Hanani, Alini, Shereen, Alyea and me
Datin Zalila, the Chief Commisioner of Girl Guides Association of Malaysia, was giving a speech
KL Guides with Singaporean Guides
Camera girls on duty
Emcees of the day, Shereen Choong and Alyea Abdul Aziz

The ice breaking session where by each of the Singaporean Guides had to put down their signatures on the given paper

Singaporeans vs. Malaysians LOL Just joking..
(Chicken dance session) Shereen, you really looked like a chicken!!! haha MAXINE TOO!!!! Pay back time... hehe
Everyone during chicken dance session
Happy Family game.... father carrying grandmother.
Family members sitting on each other... haha
Maxine and Shereen led the Macarena dance... camera girls took chairs while running at each angle to take pictures. LOL
A group picture... Whylah that little girl came running?! haha

The day ended with memories to cherish... and MORE REPORTS TO WRITE~ haha

Childrens' Wish Society

15th December 2009

On the second day of the conference, the poverty and environment group went to Mid Valley and collaborated with Childrens' Wish Society. We were supposed to help Alicia Loh, a thirteen year old girl, suffering from Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type Two which is an incurable disease. Her only wish was to be a published author.

We represented all YCians to see her wish being granted and to help promote her book entitled 'The Last Chapter' in the MPH bookstore. That event appeared in the NST papers... I THINK HER WISH HAS COME TRUE since the news is now widely spread throughout Malaysia.

My first time sitting in a school bus...

The book launch started..... YB Hannah Yeo, CEO of MPH and the CWS people were all there. Plus, 70 of us there...

Her parents gave a word or two made Kaylee and I cried. It was a bittersweet moment...

Alicia Loh gave a short speech.

The money from the sale of her books will all go to her but she was so kind to give part of the money to CWS because she wanted to see other childrens' wishes fulfilled just like her.

She signed our books and gave wishes like 'Happy Holidays', 'Best wishes', and many more.

All six of us took a picture with her.... Kaylee, me, Stephanie, Chloe, Gabrielle and Su Wen

After the book launch, we went around MPH to promote her book. Coincidentally, I bumped into Shankan who I last met during World AIDS Day. What a small world?! LOL Kaylee and I managed to promote three books... YAY!!!

On the way back to our bus

I have read her book and it was good! She's only thirteen and she's terminally ill but that didn't stop her from dreaming. Now, her wish has been granted and you can be a part of it by supporting her. 'The Last Chapter' is now available in all MPH bookstores so HURRY GO GRAB ONE!!!!