2012 Wrap-Up Part 2

        Let's finish up the second half of year 2012. As you all already know, I resumed to my studies right after my last employment at Recruit Express. I chose the CAT (Certified Accounting Technician) course as my Pre-U programme even though I got a place in Johore for matriculation in accounting. The reason I did that was because I would like to pursue towards ACCA through a faster route. Yes, I totally agree with you on the expensive cost of college but no worries, I took my college scholarship and managed to cover the remaining administration fees using my salary. Technically, I am proud to say that I financed 80% of my college fees. My parents are currently supporting me in my examination fees (thus, the 20%) and of course my living expenses (transport, food and shelter) HAHA

Hence, 4th July marked the start of my college life at HELP CAT. My intake has about 18 students in total but we combine with April intake students at times for several classes. The administrators and people there are friendly and just awesome people to hang out with xD They remember you BY NAME. I don't think other colleges even do that now O.o If you think your college actually does the same, just cbox me and I will give you a piece of my mind. HAHA just kidding! xD

Now, let me present to you, my college mates...

I love to tease them :D (in a good way) Haha I present to you the pink ambassadors in support of the Breast Awareness campaign (From left : Pik Chieng, Xin Yan, Yin Thung and Kit Yee)

A day at the KLCC park with Melissa, Pik Chieng, Joyce and Kit Yee

The July intake students of CAT consisting of from left : 
1st row - Syafiq, Feroz, Yong Jie, Terry, Zu En, Ezzat
2nd row : Sook Ting, Kit Yee, me, Yin Thung, Xin Yan, Joyce
3rd row - Chiew Jhin, Vinnie, Li Kiah, Chiew Min, Priyanka, Pik Chieng

      In spite of all the craziness at college with my new group of friends, I have not forgotten about my ex-schoolmates.

 LIAMST The Musical (Love Is A Many Splendoured Things) where Isabel starred in it. I am glad that I went for it *thumbs up* (15th July)

The Choong sisters and I were enjoying our coffee break at McCafe (22nd August) It was the first time I discovered McCafe! hahaha

After the movie Step 4 : Revolution, with Nina Lim at Pavilion KL (24th Auguest)

      Yu Wein just so happened to upload an album of Class 2011 which motivated me to organise a reunion for 5U 2011. Coincidentally, 5B was also having their reunion on the same day at the same venue which we picked so we decided to have a joint reunion of 5B/5U 2011. Fortunately, 17 of us came from 5U's side whereas 7 came from 5B's side. The number of people that turned up did not really matter. What mattered most was the fun we had that day! :D

5U 2011

5B/5U 2011 Joint Reunion (25th August)

      It was rather funny though because we seemed like a group of tourists in Mid Valley. There were about 25 of us in the group and we were all headed to the Galactic Laser for laser-tagging. Unfortunately, due to unforseen circumstances at the eleventh hour, our game was delayed to 5.30 pm instead of 4.30pm. We were split into two groups ): The first batch needed to leave early so they played the 4.30pm game whereas the rest of us waited for the 2nd game at 5.30pm. Despite all that, we managed to have an awesome time together! I had no choice to cancel the bowling lanes which I booked for the occasion. No worries, it was all good because everyone was dead tired from the two games which we had played. We did not have anymore energy left for bowling so we dismissed ourselves around 7.00pm after the laser-tag game.

Moments before our game... (25th August)
       Time flew by and September was the month for me to study as mock examinations and progress tests were around the corner.

        October came along and my schedule got more occupied than I expected. We had to rush our Malaysian Studies assignment and also sat for the examination which required us to write essays. -_-  My college lecturers took Malaysian Studies very seriously. Fortunately, I passed my Malaysian Studies with an A.

Our group presentation (24th October)
T.A.R. group with the administrators of the ACCA Dept. We were the most unique group because we put on traditional costumes as our formal wear. *winks* (24th October)
      More mock exams were nearing in October. Since Halloween was near as well, I wanted to cross something out of my to-do list which was to watch a horror movie in the cinema with some friends. I never had the guts to do it! At first, I invited only two of my other friends but then, I decided to extend the invitation to others as well. The next thing I knew was 18 of them tagged along. Wow, my first horror movie in the cinema with 18 others?! Haha I love my life xD

Among those who came were Melissa, Gillian, Chiew Min, Chiew Jhin, Vinnie, Li Kiah, Yin Thung, Kit Yee, Priyanka, Xin Yan, Sook Ting, Terry, Yong Jie, Zu En, Feroz, Ezzat, Pik Chieng and Allen

A toilet break after that Haha I think everyone needed company after Sinister :D What a way to celebrate Halloween! (30th October)

      As the month of November ushered in, I went through the most hectic week ever since college started. It started off with two early mock examinations which I had to prepare in just three days. I had to sit for my exam earlier compared to others because I was chosen to represent my college at ACCA Malaysia's first student conference which happened to clash with my exams. It was weird though. I had the shortest time to study but the results were the best in comparison to previous mock exam results. Praise the Lord! xD

       After sitting for my mock examinations, I headed to Equatorial Hotel in Bangi along with a few others who represented the ACCA Dept from HELP CAT.

A photo with people from ACCA Malaysia (8-9 November)
      I was truly grateful to be given the opportunity to attend this conference as it was a pleasant way to meet more people. I had a great time there! Not forgetting, we were all taught to EAT FIRE. I think the climax of the event was the fire-eating session. The video has been uploaded on Facebook for those who are interested to watch :D

Moments after the fire-eating session *thumbs up* A phenomenal experiece! xD

A group photo of HELP CAT and HELP University College Ambassadors (8-9 November)
ACCA Malaysia's first student conference (8-9 November)
Then, on the Sunday in the same week, I participated in an activity organised by the Excursion Club and braced myself for Skytrex Adventures at Taman Pertanian, Shah Alam. It was an awesome experience and a great way to get to know the other Excursion Club members. I would encourage those who love adventures and physically demanding activities to go for this! xD I am sure you will enjoy it :)

Our group was the first to successfully complete the Extreme Challenge (From left : James, Dave, Joyce, Me and Melissa)
Excursion Club members (11 November)
Another meet-up with the Choong sisters and Maxine in KLCC (15th November)
       Soon after that, my actual examinations came and it was another few weeks of intensive revision. Thankfully, I managed to pass all four UK papers which were basic Management Accounting, MA 1 (84%), intermediate Management Accounting, MA 2 (84%), intermediate Financial Accounting FA 2 (96%) and Accountant in Business, FAB (72%). That was the end of my first semester! :D

        My semester break has not exactly been a break for me xD I got a job offer at Maxis where I worked as an iPhone 5 Roamer for three days, from 14th to 16th December for the launching of iPhone 5 in Malaysia. It was held at Capital Square this time instead of Maxis Tower. It was a good exposure for me though! I loathed it at first because we had to serve flooding customers who waited since 6.00am and 'to top it all of', we were not given proper instructions of how to key-in customers' details into the iPads. Gosh, chaotic moments!

        Fortunately, the next two days got better. Hallelujah for my group (E7) as we had the most awesome job ever! We were assigned to the Unbrick Counter where we learned to set-up the iPhone 5s and had first hand experience in handling those iPhones. It was awesome and not as tiring as the job which required us to key-in customers' datas into iPads. E7 was indeed the luckiest group alive! xD hahaha

iPhone 5 Roamers (14th-16th December) This was some from the morning shift. In fact, there were actually 160 roamers in total! :D
      A great experience to meet new people :D I was so stoked when we were given two free Maxis shirts, a nice green lanyard and free meals everyday! Working with Maxis was totally worth it despite the craziness on the first day. Haha

      On December 17th which was a day after my contract ended with Maxis, I started another job with Suria KLCC Centre Management as my employer. I have been working as a temporary administration staff under the Leasing Dept and also assisting the Fit-Out Dept. My contract only lasts for a fortnight and my last day will be on January 2nd which is in two days and on the 3rd, I will be back in college :D Woohooo!

      Before this year ends, I still managed to hang out with a few of my closest friends despite working like a donkey every weekday.

My best friend, Harshiah and her mom came to visit me after work. We had a great time spilling out our deepest and darkest secrets (18th December)

Another meet-up with the Choong sisters and Maxine at Dome Cafe in KLCC as a pre-Christmas celebration! XD (23rd December)

      Just to share with you guys, I spent Christmas morning with my friends at church and then in the afternoon, I celebrated with my family. We watched 'The Hobbit' and treated it as our Christmas movie for the year which was three hours long O.o Annual family rituals! :-P

Yay, my second half of 2012 is officially done! I can't believe that I actually managed to update this blog. Haha Just so you know, New Year is finally here :D Let's usher in 2013 with open arms and open minds xD

2012 Wrap-Up Part 1

      2012 was my first year as a school leaver. It was rather weird at the beginning because I used to wake up every morning thinking that I would be late for school but then reality struck me, and changed things overnight. As I woke up that morning of New Year's, I realised that I was about to face life beyond school from then onwards. Good for you to know, Mei Wern! :-D *pats on the back*

       Well, I regard it as the year where mixed emotions, happenings and changes came hand in hand, and which I have learned to adapt over time. Just to let you know, I love to keep myself busy xD I tend to get restless from sitting at home for more than three days. HAHA

       I decided to get myself a job to earn an extra income while waiting for the release of my SPM results somewhere in March. My first job was at Papa John's Pizza in Berjaya Times Square. It was fun at first because I was taught not only how to serve customers but was also given cashiering tasks. My job scope was enlarged throughout my term there as I had four roles which are as a server, an expeditor, a hostess and a cashier. Frankly speaking, working there for only about three months before I resigned, my patience had increased by 50%. Just so you know, I am well-known for my impatience before this HAHA

I am truly thankful for having such great friends who visited me. (From the left : Kit May, Alini, Aida, Nahra, Me, Nadhra, Rishantinee and Raveenaa)

Joined my ex-classmates for dinner at Wong Kok Char Chan Teng in Pavilion KL (From left : Clare, Harshiah, Adrina, Wen Qing, me and Isabel)

(Pedo-ing with the 1 Malaysia bear) haha Truly satisfying! xD

 The Choong sisters visited me as well somewhere in February. They were one of my customers that day! xD

        Working at Papa John's was filled with ups and downs. It was exciting at first as I got to learn various skills and met many awesome people! I had two awesome Korean interns as my colleagues for almost a month. They were one of my best friends at that time before they returned to their homeland. I was sad to see them leave ):

Moving on with life....

       I left my job on March 20th (the day before the release of my SPM results) for I accepted a better offer from one of my customers whom I served. My future employer was the Assistant General Manager of Capricciossa in Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. He gave me higher remuneration and also less working hours plus a better working environment which caught my attention.

      On March 21st, the SPM results were finally released! :D Praise the Lord for I have obtained 10A's (8A+,2A). Just so you know, Physics and Biology were my A's. I was so stoked and truly satisfied with my results because I was not expecting them to turn out that good! xD Hallelujah! Praise the Lord forever and ever :D

      After having 10 days of rest, I finally started working at Capricciossa Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. Yes, I strongly agree that the working environment was much better compared to my previous job. I met even more interesting people! Guess what, I was working with FOREIGNERS except for my superiors who were all locals! Cool huh? Maybe for some of you, you would probably think it's unsafe, dangerous and risky. Hey, just so you know, this group of foreigners were well-mannered and awesome people to hang out with! My colleagues consisted of people from Bangladesh, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria and the Philippines. I also made friends with foreigners who worked at neighbouring kiosks. They gave me free food everyday with price ranged between RM6 to RM25. How awesome was that?!

      Somewhere in April, I was shortlisted for the Petronas Edu-Camp which was held at Petronas University of Technology in Tronoh, Perak. I took a few days off work to try my luck. I thought it was going to be stressful as everyone there were rivals who aimed at one common objective which was to become a Petronas scholarship holder. On the first day itself, I made more new friends from all over Peninsular of Malaysia. I enjoyed the camp apart from cracking my head for those IQ tests and stressful interviews.

New friends! :D From left : Eevy, Chin Fen, Charlotte, Yin Mui, Yi Lin, Grace, Me and Anne

      Unfortunately, I did not get chosen which kind of upset me at first! But hey, there is more to life than to be upset over something you could not get :) No worries, I believe God has other plans installed ahead for me so my duty is to just go with the flow! xD

  I was invited for another meet-up with my former schoolmates but unfortunately, I was working on that day. Luckily, I managed to drop-by and had a 10-minute chat with them. (From the left : Me, Wenn Yue, Kanimoly, Najwa, Fahyyadhahtul, Aida and Rishantinee)

      However, my time at Capricciosa was short as I only worked there for about a month and a half before I started working at Recruit Express Sdn Bhd. It all started from a stressful week at the restaurant as customers constantly flood the restaurant during peak hours. That was when my boss started going cuckoo for no reason and got on my last nerve. I prayed and prayed for a better solution or maybe just opt to quit and resume to my studies. Fortunately, on the same day, my customer whom I served ended up offering me a job in the office as a recruitment consultant at the Standard Chartered Tower which was located opposite Pavilion KL xD The same thing happened to me for the second time! God answered my prayers twice! First, at Papa John's and then, Capricciosa where I got pulled by customers to join their companies O.o From then on, I decided that it was time for me to go and to explore new things.

      My working experience in the food and beverage line had come to an end after I resigned on May 13. My third employer happened to be the Country Manager of Recruit Express Sdn Bhd. Till now, I am truly thankful to God for meeting her. She has given me the opportunity to grow and to learn new things because of her confidence in me! :D I was so stoked as I was just an ordinary 18-year old who had no experience working in an office environment and spent most of her time talking and meeting new people!

      My term at Recruit Express was the most overwhelming experience and it was the best job I could ever ask for! Usually, qualified university graduates in Business Administration, Psychology and Mass Communication get hired for this job because the selection process is strict and thorough. Fortunately, mine was just a 15-minute interview with my boss and I got the job! My contract was only for 1.5 months before my college term started. The third time was the charm and it was even more official compared to previous employments as I was required to sign a contract of employment which I did not receive before this although I was working on a full-time basis in both restaurants.

My awesome colleagues who taught me so much in such a short time. The girls! (From left : Amelia, Me, Hafizah, Claire, Joanne, Diane, and Seong Ling)

 The guys with the birthday girls! Fredrick and Webber :D Wayne and Victor went for break ):

      I worked for seven weeks and assisted 20 people in getting their jobs! :D The feeling of helping others when I was just doing my job actually had quite an impact on me. The sentimental value of this designation truly inspired me to return again whenever I have long semester breaks. Gladly, I managed to achieve my target for the month before I left. For me, it was a lifetime achievement after my Queen Guide Award. Some secured their career by getting permanent jobs through me as an administration executive, a concierge cum receptionist and a marketing executive whereas mostly others got temporary positions at various clients' companies. What a great feeling to help others?! xD

      I left the Recruit Express team on June 30th. I was touched because they organised a farewell party for me and Diane gave me a Spongebob as a farewell gift :D (Aww, I love you guys!) I was sad to leave for they were like my brothers and sisters, and my bosses were like my moms. We were like Ohana (means family)  From then on, I was determined to return whenever I have long semester breaks to assist them in any way.

On the same day after work, I managed to drag Wenn Yue and Wen Qing out. We watched Abraham Lincoln: The Vampire Hunter in the afternoon and had dinner in Pavilion. But Wen Qing had to leave early ): After dinner, Wenn Yue and I went to Star Archery in Berjaya Times Square for our first attempt in archery.

Archery was fun! My ex-colleague was an employee there and he was so kind to give us 18 extra arrows which can cost up to RM32 for FREE! :D So lucky to have friends around! hehe

There you go, fellow readers! The first half of 2012 wrap-up is done :D I will post up the second half soon.

Bye-bye for now xD

New Year's Eve

Hey, everyone! xD I guess I'm back with a full years update which is yet to be posted. My apologies for abandoning you guys. Fingers crossed and let's hope that I have time to update my obviously abandoned blog.

A quick update for you guys..

          Well, I just started college about six months ago and I'm currently pursuing my foundation in Accountancy at HELP College of Arts & Technology (HELP CAT). The reason why I was away for so long despite having a six-month gap before college was because I had various jobs to keep myself busy. I had worked at three different places with different designations and job scopes. I really wish I could explain what the Lord has done for me over the year but seriously, I need a separate post for this. Sorry guys, I can't put everything in one post for I have too many things to post about since I have been missing for an entire year. Till then, I would like to wish each and every single one of you a Happy New Year! :D