Happy Birthday Kit May!

Wish you all the best this year and may your wishes come true! Good luck Kit May and Happy birthday...congratulations, you are a year older! hehe Sorry cannot accompany you to Plaza Rakyat station anymore, hope you enjoy the rest of your tuition session!

Don't be too upset with your marks. Work harder for Diagnostic hehe HAPPY BIRTHDAY AGAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

From :
Mei Wern


I totally forgotten to update my blog!!! I was busy for the past few days completing my log books....Day and night doing non-stop till my mum was dragged into it LOL Guess what, I OFFICIALLY QUIT TUITION from this day onwards. I have my own funny reasons anyway. ITS FREEDOM!!!!! No more staying back till 5.30pm and no more sleeping in classes till my friends have to wake me up all the time.

AND THE BEST PART, not afraid of paying RM100 anymore..... I escaped!! I hope they won't go calling me from the housephone hehe


I kept apologizing for the whole day!!! Sorry lor...see again hehe Doesn't make sense. Few days of staying up this late....hehe got me nuts.






My mum thought I've gone crazy already because of the pressure I'm going through. OMG, I hate my form 3 life man!!!!! Excluding the fun I had outside school...but still, so many things to do SO LITTLE TIME. Haiz, I guess its life....like what Miss Sara said which I can still remember till now, YOUR LIFE SUCKS SO JUST LIVE WITH IT lol


Readers, I just want to announce something important! Guess what, I GOT A B FOR KEMAHIRAN HIDUP!!!! You must be wondering why am I so happy for the B I got, hehe Actually to tell the truth, I did not study Form 1, Form 2 PK and Form 3. I just read the Bengkel part for Form 2... I was celebrating the whole day Hahaha

Nevermind ba, Intervensi only mar.... Try again for diagnostic, that 1 more important! Advice for some people who is still so dissapointed for their paper! hehe

Tagged by Pei Jean

Name- Ng Mei Wern
Sister- 1
Shoe Size- 4-5
Where do u live-Pandan Indah, Kuala Lumpur.
Favourite drinks- Carrot milk, ice blended drinks and milkshake
Favourite breakfast- French toast with honey and fresh fruit juice
Have you been on the plane- Ya...once
Swam in the ocean- Not ocean, sea got lah!!! hehe the shallow part
Broken someone's heart- Yup
Fallen asleep in school- Too many times since I came into morning session
Fell of your chair-Yesh
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call- Yup
Saved e-mails- Alot
What is your room like- Full of log books and reference books
What is the last thing you ate-Yam cake I think

Chicken pox- Yeah! Two weeks before UPSR
Stitches- NOOOOO
Broken nose -Nope
Do you believe in love at first sight-I guess so
Who was the last person you danced with- Uh...don't remember
Last person who made you smile-All those who talked to me today

Talked to someone you like- Yup
Kissed anyone- Nope
Get sick- Nope
Talked to an ex- Nope
Missing someone- Yesh
Best feeling in the world- Not at all!!! Got two more days of Intervensi..Gahhhhhhhh
Do you sleep with stuffed animals- My panda bear
What's under your bed- Another bed
What is the time now- 3.10 pm

Are there a person on your mind right now- Yeah
Do you want children- See first...
Do you smile often- Ya..duh
What colour shirt are you wearing- Dark blue
When did you cry last- Last month
Are you a friendly person- Yup!!!
Where is the person you have feelings for right now- In school I guess
Do you eat healthy- Quite balance I guess..only on Wednesdays which is a Diet Day hehe Right Harshiah??
Do you still have pictures with you and your ex- What kind of question is this?
Have you ever cried because of something someone said to you- Ya, definitely
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to- Nowhere, just on my radio full blast and mushrooming myself till I feel better
Are you loud or quiet most of the time- Loud and noisy
Are you confident- Depends on the situation

- Waffles with chocolate, honey and butter
- Roasted marshmallows
- Ice gem biscuits
- Ice cream

- Shereen Choong
- Lum Kit May
- Ng Wen Cai
- Michelle Hoh
- Scotch Agents

Planetarium Negara

Wah, I didn't update for almost a week already!!! LOL Today, the Maths & Science Society members visited Planetarium Negara as one of our activities for this year. At least I get to escape from getting picked into the Spell-It-Right competition. I heard its difficult... We left school at 9.30 am and went there by bus.

On the way up..UP UP UP!!!
Mei Hua next to a fountain which looked like a satellite dish

Shereen, me, Mei Hua

Shereen and the earth...(SAVE THE EARTH)

Holding balls in a vacuum using gloves....LOL

OMG....The upper sixes were such meanies!!! I was the 1st victim then followed by Shereen...She also had the same reaction! I was forced to sit on the spaceship toilet bowl which freaked me out man?! I thought that thing was going to suck me in when they flush LOL

Puan Chan was feeling normal...she did not give any reaction LOL

Sugee (don't know to spell) and Raihan just fit themselves into the bed in the ship which was placed vertically.

Shereen joined them and look, they have shampoos, conditioners and more toiletries there LOL

Shereen's heart reading was high...I thought that she was going to have high blood pressure especially when her 'best friend' was mentioned. Even Vivian had a high reading when we mentioned pressure from teachers, exam and the events coming up! Padan muka for me also, I was laughing and laughing..but when it was my turn, I had the reading which was consistently from 125 to 157 TT Shereenlah, remind me of Intervensi next week, permit and LOG BOOKS?!!

I seriously did not know what was this...I heard it was about Physics LOL

A space shuttle??

The lights in a space ship

Don't know what was this either...had a big mouth though which can fit Mei Hua and me in it LOL

Something like a control room....

Yay, a rocket that doesn't move!!!! haha

Diane, Yoke Yeng, Mellissa and Wenn Yue seem bored there

An astronautI don't know what is this called..but it is a machine which spin you around and around! Reminds me of Right Round by Flo-rida. Anyway, Pui Yee went for it hehe

Information about it....did not care to read! Was busy looking around...

Another astronaut costume
A hall way full of astrology and planets and stuff....

Then, we went to the theatre to watch a show which I think it was the When Night Fall or Night Sky...
Puan Chan and Puan Chua...our society advisors

Vivian C. was busy taking pictures the whole time

Before the movie or should I say, the show....waiting

The President with her camera again...

When the show started, we were quite excited at first! It was about Perseus and Andromeda...something like Hercules. It was the story about constellations....Medusa was in it too LOL
After the show, we went out and it was so hot!!! The two rocks with looks like fishballs to me..maybe I was hungry hehe
We walked around and looked at the plants while waiting for the bus. We wanted to go to the National Museum since we still had time but too bad..haiz, I wished we had?!

An Nie was amazed looking at something....LOL joking!

The day was good...look at the clear sky

On the way down...some seniors actually went into the fountain place, but good news, there was no water! I wished the water suddenly flow down and flood the whole fountain place..and watch the seniors slide down hehe

On the way down, down, down...

In the bus..got nothing to do mar

Our bus

On the way back to school...Haiz, should stop by somewhere mar...
We got back at 12.15pm....I went back to class for the remaining 15 minutes of time before school dismisses. And Puan Nur Ashikin just gave me Tatabahasa work. At least I finished it before school dismissed LOL We were also suppose to write a report about the trip to Planetarium! Nothing to write LOL

Sleepy Sunday

No problem! I will bring the stuffs...I have to try to remember that there's an experiment tomorrowlah! Some more use my own creativity...Very wonderful! (Volcano experiment tomorrow)

I watched this show few weeks ago and I find it interesting! hehe City Of Ember... rather odd at first but fascinates me as the adventure starts hehe Exam is around the corner, I still have the time to watch movies Haiz...

Renjer Meeting

Wah, today I had the MOST BORING MEETING ever?! Do you know why its SO boring? Its because I CAN'T HEAR A SINGLE THING FROM THE BACK. That is the problem when they did not use the mic.I almost fell asleep. Plus Shereen and me were the only ones representing our school since Rohadharshine was absent. Everyone there were presidents, vice presidents and secretaries of their school. Swt right? Shereen and I was only a normal member LOL

Puan Masturi was briefing us or shall I say, had a LONG speech about activities this year.

Puan Junie Simon had a really soft voice...so I did not know what she was talking about!

Then, we had perlantikan AJK for 2009. Xin Mei became the President and Alyea was the Secretary representing Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur for Renjer meetings.

Shereen was in the list too as one of the AJKs LOL Thanks to Xin Mei and me hehe Don't blame me ya...hehe
Ended the day with a pile of work from Puan Toh and eight badges signed.. YAY!!!!!

3 days off

Yay, tomorrow is a Good Friday...and Easter Day!!!! I want to watch the stage play, PAROIMIA. Follow Sze Kay ba! I want to take bible classes but I'm so lazy to wake up early. Nevermind sacrifice a bit to aim for baptism classes this year. hehe

Things I plan to do tomorrow:

  1. Sleep till 11 am
  2. Complete BM homework and print KGT
  3. Draw Jalan Tun Perak map
  4. Attend Pandu Puteri Renjer meeting in hq with Shereen
  5. Not touching log books..just do plannings for permit
  6. Start Science revision.....YAY, I'm finally touching books!!!
  7. Take a 2 hour nap
  8. Blogging if free lah

Today's Easter celebration was great eventhough I missed the last hour of it. The songs for worship session was unfamiliar for me. Never heard of them before but I tried singing along hehe During the ice breaking session, we were suppose to arrange ourselves in an alphabetical order and I was sandwiched between two guys since the one in front was M and I'm N followed by the guy behind O. lol

Best part before I left for tuition was the mime presentation. OMG so nice leh?! The message was very clear. The white guy represented Jesus/God while the girl is the human....and the five people of bad influences represented the devil's works in many ways to prevent God from reaching to us. hehe I love their piece, so inspiring?! One thing funny was many people thought that the play was about a couple being in love. LOL But I missed the message by Pastor Gurmit Singh TT Haiz...why oh why, I went for tuition?!

Enjoyed the day well hehe....Flying Squad did another rounding but we did not find anything.

Language Week

Surprisingly, we had no homework today?! hehe We spent half a day in school sitting in the hall supporting friends and juniors for Oratorical Contest. There were poetry recitation, inter class choral speaking, Form 3 elocution, duet acting and upper secondary elocution. As for Form 3s, we were spectators for the 1st three contests.

I thought we would not have the chance to watch the choral speaking which I wanted to watch so badly. hehe Anyway, teacher was kind to let the Form 3s watch this time plus this year, choral speaking held early in the morning compared to last year, we had ours late in the morning.

The wait was killing us as we get restless from time to time till it reached 8.55am. The day started with poetry recitation which only took 15 minutes for all participants to recite their poem.


First class to perform was 2B... hehe my dearest junior, Suann was the conductress and the text writer!!! hehe I laughed my head off man!!! The text was interesting and funny at the same time.

I'm so proud of Suann..hehe You did well in training them and I think you gained your patience. I'm so happy for you man?! Don't think your conducting skills stink k, its OK...most important, you cooperated with your classmates well. I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU...CONGRATS TO 2B!!!

Then, 2W was up after 2B... They were quite ok but sorry to say, I don't really get the text! TT But anyway, it was not badlah.

2N's was interesting too. The sentence I DON'T REMEMBER is stuck in my head now hehe

2A was last to perform but they sure saved the best for the last man?! It was superb and they had good pronunciation with clear voices. But why did they sang so much? haiz... Our juniors done well like what we expected from them hehe Obviously they will win?!

The winners: (The same thing I had in mind!!)

  1. 2A
  2. 2B
  3. 2N

To cut it short, then we moved on to Form 3 elocution...I knew Harshiah and Kit May was going to be the top two. hehe

The winners:

  1. Harshiah a/p Prem Kumar (Sugar the Silent Killer)
  2. Lum Kit May (Shops and Shopping)
  3. Dharshini a/p Navaratnam (Something about human cloning)

I enjoyed today rather than last Monday!!! During the pidato, the third person almost made me sleep. Took how long till it was over and I bet everyone suffered in the hall hehe

Tagged by Suann Again!!!!

I refused to do this tag...but since I don't want to sleep yet so I just do thislah ok? Can't believe I slept 13 hours today, no wonder I don't feel sleepy! There goes my log book time TT

1).Besides your lips , where is the favourite spot to get kissed ?
- Cheeks...Sweatlah, what kind of question is that?!

2). How did you feel when you woke up this morning ?
- Satisfied, I finally got my 9 hour sleep after 12 days of waking up as early as 5.45am.

3). Who was the last person / people you took a photo with ?-
-Maxine, Shereen, Dian, Denielle, Mei Hua, Joaanne, Catherine...I think got some more (MCKL Treasure Hunt and Fisherton)

4). Would you consider yourself spoiled ?

5). Will you ever donate blood ?
- YESH!!!!!

6). Have you ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex ?
- In fact yes.. (kindie moments) hehe

7) Do you want someone to be dead ?
- Nah...

8. What does your last text message say ?
- Very lazy to check phone (Stop asking questions related to handphones! My h/p is a metre away)

9. What are you thinking right now ?
- Need to get up early for church and PAROIMIA!!!

1o. Do you want someone to be with you right now ?
- yes !!!

11. What was the time you went to bed last night ?
-2.00 am

12. Where did you buy the tee you are wearing now ?
- a Don't remember

13. Is someone on your mind right now ?
- Yesh!!

14. Who was the last person(s) who text you ?
- Rohadharshine

TEN Lucky Person to do this quiz...
I will tag those who have not been tagged by me... So those who had, JUST SHOUT HALLELUJAH!!!!

  1. Celestine Foo
  2. Fazlina
  3. Michelle Chin
  4. Alyea
  5. Joey Foo
  6. Carven
  7. Mellissa Ng
  8. Intan
  9. Denielle Leong
  10. Vanilla
Who is no.2 having a relationship with ?
- Uh..no i guess

16. Is no.3 a male or a female ?
- Femalelah obviously...

17. If no.7 and no.1 get together , would it be a good?
- Nah...one serious, one quiet hehe But they share a similarity which is quiet in the inside, wild in the outside

18. What is no.1 studying about ?
- form 2 syllabus

19. When was the last time you chatted with them ?
- Today, yesterday, last week and last camp!!!

20.Is no.4 single ?
-Yesh, I think!

21. Say something about no.2 .
- Fuzzy, fuzzy furball!!!! hehe cute/adorable, in love with Dafi, diligent, brilliant, happy almost all the time, such a good friend!!!

22. What do you think about no.3 & no.6 being together ?
- No problem!!! They are friends anyway LOL

23. Describe no.9 .
- A person which is wacko sometimes, can speak well, funny, class monitor of 3W, duck (hehe joking)

24. What will you do if no.6 n no.7 fight ?
- Nah..the two chess players I once knew, they are in good terms! hehe

25. Do you like 8 ?
- Yesh!!! Sorry for always calling you Izzati instead of Intan LOL

A big discovery

Today, all three teams of the Flying Squad combined to carry out a major rounding during recess. DBKL came to our school last week and found two larvas, each cost RM100. Eesh...I think the school blamed us for not doing our job well but actually, group 1 did not patrol last week (I wished we did)?!

We sure checked SPECIFICALLY today, we even risked our lives going to places we never been before. As we were checking, Harshiah and Syaminee shouted..then I turned around and saw a yellow paper bag with a puddle of water on it. I went to have a closer look, I saw around 50 larvas in that small puddle. We saved the school from paying RM5000 to the DBKL k. EVERYONE WAS SO HAPPY?!!!!

Then, I helped Harshiah to carry that paper bag to the canteen. On the way, we spilled some water and I think we lost 20 larvas for that (VERY SORRY!!!) Thank God Joanne brought a polystyrene box so we transferred the remaining 30 over larvas into it.

We got excited so we consulted Puan Nancy and showed her. She was delighted when she saw that but at the same time, she was wondering where did we found them. We led the way to that hot spot...then, she said it was the canteen's people fault. She went and see the auntie and lectured her, then the auntie lectured the Bangla guy LOL

They were talking in Cantonese so Harshiah, Syaminee and Puan Anusha did not know what was going on. To make things easier, I translated for them hehe Actually that hot spot is a recycling area and the ALAM FLORA supposed to collect them every week according to that Bangla guy but they turned up monthly. OBVIOUSLY THE MOSQUITOES GOT ENOUGH TIME TO BREED WHILE WAITING FOR THE ALAM FLORA TO COLLECT THE RUBBISH!!! hehe

Thanks to all Flying Squad members!!! We made a big discovery and to celebrate that, we are planing to design a shirt. So please think of a design and pass to Puan Anusha!!!!

11th Restless day

PTI just over and I had such a 'wonderful time'....Looking at my results TT Got B and C...Haiz, 2nd Intervensi coming too. (Die?!)

O.o before I forget, HAPPY BELATED APRIL FOOL's DAY!!!!! hehe I got pranked by Syaminee only since yesterday I did not trust anyone LOL
Anyone, going for Thinking Day??? Well, I don't feel like going actually... I regretted taking that form..if anyone wants to go,please inform me! ( I donate the form to you hehe)
I can describe this week with one sentence Don't know, don't care...
I had lost my confidence in almost all things happening around me. Too many uncertainties?!?!