Last Day of The Month

      Hello everyone. xD I have no idea what to blog about today but I'll blog anyway for the sake of 31st January. Lately, I've been watching lots of television shows and thus, neglecting my revision. Yeah, exams are right after Chinese New Year. =_= But oh well, I can't help myself from my TV addiction or should I say it's just a habit of mine that can't be broken. Haha In other words, I can't live without my television!

One of my all-time favourites, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS!
     Thinking about this now, I'm just going to download the whole series into my desktop and watch them anytime I wish 'cause I can't stand the suspense any longer. Plus, I totally ship Toby and Spencer! xD 

Another one of my all-time favourites, The Vampire Diaries. xD
      For now, I'm not as into it as I'm into PLL but it is still one of my favourites. I seriously love Nina Dobrev! She is such a good actress xD And not forgetting, Ian Somerhalder too! 

Jane by Design
       Although this series might seem a little cliche and is similar to 'Hannah Montana', I just love watching TV series that involves a character trying to juggle two lives and achieving the best of both worlds. Haha But I seriously cannot believed they cancelled this series! D:

      I don't think I said this before but I CAN SERIOUSLY SPEND AN ENTIRE DAY WATCHING SITCOMS xD The jokes in this sitcom are mostly dirty and hilarious! Haha I seriously love Han, the boss of the diner though! He is so adorable. xD

Beauty Knows No Pain
       I watch this during dinner everyday and you know what, I've been a TVB drama fan ever since I was born. Hahaha

Queen And I
      I am a huge K-Drama fan! I ship this couple too. So adorable together! xD

       I watch this series every Wednesday! I find this funny at times and kind of ridiculous but who cares anyway, I love it! I love how wild Chloe drives pitiful June crazy all the time. xD

      I know sometimes the season can get a little boring, but I will never miss American Idol series regardless.

     These are my weekly TV shows! See, I told you so. XD I watch a lot of TV and I think it's impossible for me to cut down. Haha Typical me! :D

Sisters Day Out

      Hey guys, I'm back with more updates on my life. xD Guess what, I just recovered from my horrible cough which lasted for THREE WEEKS. My doctor discovered that I had throat allergies on my fourth visit last Tuesday. After knowing that I had finished 4 bottles of cough syrup within a fortnight with no signs of recovery, she finally did an extremely thorough check-up. Haha The fourth prescription actually worked its magic and I AM HEALED! Praise the Lord! xD

      I spent 3/4 of my day after class with my dear Suann today. Haha I brought her to her first visit to Pepper Lunch. Well, thankfully SHE LOVED IT!!! After that, we watched 'Hansel & Gretel : Witch Hunters' along with Gillian and Melissa. You know what, I spent almost the whole day WATCHING HER EAT. haha Yeah, she even had Snowflake while watching the movie. Seriously, her 'tank' had space for Snowflake even after having such HEAVY lunch. O.O

*TWO THUMBS UP* Awesomeness!
      Man, then it rained cats and dogs again! -_- Yeap, we were soaking wet this time. No, I think I was more drenched than her. Haha She went shopping for her stuffs again while drying ourselves on the way. Then, we decided to head to Sushi Zenmai AGAIN to have tea. She had herself some sushi as snacks. o.O Gosh, she can really EAT! HAHA We talked so much the whole day until we ran out topics to talk about.

     But after tea, we had dinner at BBQ Plaza and continued our never-ending chat. Haha Man, we could really talk for hours! It went on until 9.30pm before we realised it was getting a little late, so we quickly made our way home. xD

      Truly, a TGIF! Never thought that I would have the chance to share so much about my life and also know yours as well. I am indeed thankful for having you as my sister, Suann. You better be touched when you read this. Haha Hopefully, we get to meet up again! No worries, maybe somewhere in March. xD

25 Random Questions Tag

      Hey everybody! I'm feeling a little bored today although there's a list of things for me to do :-/ Nevermind...while I sit here and procrastinate, let's answer some questions to ease the boredom. Hehe 

Question 1: Do you have any pets ? 
Apparently no D: I used to own tortoises and fishes but we had to release them into the nearest pond for them to grow because the aquarium was getting too small over time :D

Question 2: Name three things that are physically close to you:
My laptop, a cushion and a blanket.
Question 3: What's the weather like right now ?
It's a cold night. The temperature is at its optimum level and it's also the best condition for me to sleep in later.

Question 4: Do you drive ? If so, have you crashed?
Sadly, no. But no worries, I'm hoping to get my driving license by March this year. Needless to say, I have not crashed/gotten involved in an accident before. Don't jinx it though! Getting a driving license doesn't mean it's a free ticket for reckless driving ._. DRIVE SAFE! xD

Question 5: What time did you wake up this morning ? 
I woke up at 7.50 am this morning because I had to go to college for training.

Question 6: When was the last time you showered ?
I showered about three hours ago, after watching the news.

Question 7: What was the last movie that you saw ?
The last movie I watched on DVD was 'Total Recall'.

Question 8: What does you last text message say?
This was from Nina Lim on What's App, "......"

Question 9: What is your ringtone ?
Currently, it is 'Glad You Came' by The Wanted. I know it's outdated so I'm planning to change it soon. xD

Question 10: Have you ever been to a different country?
I've only been to Singapore when I was 3. Sad life right? How I wish I could travel the world?! If only I had the money....

Question 11: Do you like sushi? 
Yeah, not a big sushi fan though but I do appreciate its existence :P

Question 12: Where do you buy your groceries?
I usually do my grocery shopping with my family at Carrefour, Cheras. Occasionally, we'd also shop at Tesco Ampang.

Question 13: Have you ever taken any medication to help you fall asleep faster?
HAHA I ranted about this yesterday remember? Yes, I have been relying on my medication to help me sleep over this few weeks 'cause I suffer from short term insomnia/ nocturnal syndrome AND...don't make me repeat, please read my previous post. =_=

Question 14: How many siblings do you have ?
Most of you are unaware that I actually have four siblings. Yes, I may seem like the oldest but in actual fact, I AM NOT. I have two older step brothers and a younger sister. In other words, I'm No. 3 xD Both my step brothers' age gap and mine are 13 and 10 years respectively. Cool huh? Haha I love my family :D

Question 15: Do you have a desktop computer or a laptop?
I have both, but I can only use my laptop for now because my sister has dominated the desktop like it belongs to her.

Question 16: How old will you be turning on your next birthday?
I'll be turning 19 soon. Time flies man! This year, my birthday happens to fall on the 3rd day of Chinese New Year :D In other words, extra ang pows for me! Awesomeness xD

Question 17: Do you wear contacts or glasses ?
Neither. Hope it stays that way :D

Question 18: Do you colour your hair ?
Nope! All N-A-T-U-R-A-L. I have natural black hair with brown highlights, which are pretty obvious under the sun.

Question 19: Tell me something you are planing to do today:
I'd probably go to bed in two hours time as it is getting pretty late and I've to wake up early for church tomorrow :D

Question 20: When was the last time you cried?
Cried? Uh.., I can't remember though D: Wait a minute, I think it was last month, when I watched 'Hachiko' with my mom. Yes, that movie moved us to tears especially the last 30 minutes of it. T__T

Question 21: What is your perfect pizza topping?
Forever a Hawaiian-toppings fan! I just love the combination of both chicken and pineapples, and OF COURSE THE CHEESE xD

Question 22: Which do you prefer, hamburger or cheeseburger ?
CHEESEBURGER!!! O.O Make it double or triple.... hehehe

Question 23: Have you ever had an all-nighter ?
OF COURSE! I seriously had countless of sleepless nights during camps and in school. Surviving 48 to 72 hours WITHOUT sleep was TORTURE! Let me reminisce for a moment.
     This happened during my secondary school years where my books mysteriously disappeared several weeks before book-checking. Till now, I would just assume that they were stolen or misplaced somewhere. That was the reason I had to stay up the entire night to recopy my homework. It was an annual thing! I stayed up five times in my five years of secondary school life just to recopy homework =_= Sad life right?

       For those who follow me, I used to go for camps on a regular basis. The word 'CAMP' is my definition of sleep deprivation in my dictionary. Haha I missed those moments though. :-/

Question 24: What is your eye colour ?
They're brown :D

Question 25: Can you taste the difference between Pepsi and Coke?
I guess :D I can't describe it for you but I can surely taste the difference.

That was fun to ease my boredom! I should do this more often. xD Till next time, CIAO :D
OH, before I forget, I TAG YOU! Yes, you... my fellow readers :D

Random Rants

      Oh my gosh.... -_-"  I just can't believe I'm still not well yet after almost a fortnight on medication. Is it the weather or am I not taking them accordingly? If this prolongs, how on earth am I suppose to focus in class in weeks to come?! I've spent almost everyday of this week dozing off in class. Don't blame me, blame those drugs -_- I seriously couldn't help myself from falling asleep while the lecturer was putting his/her heart and soul into the lecture. Aargh... oh Lord, please get me out of this! :-/

      By the way, I visited my family doctor TWICE last week! LOL She was shocked to see me 'cause the last time I visited her was almost a year ago. Yeah, I don't fall sick that easily. Haha But right here, right now, I am as sick as a dog :-/ This sucks man!

FLU :-/

      Okay Mei Wern, you need to pull yourself together. Chinese New Year is around the corner and it is time for you to go for a SWIM! LOL That was pure random. -_-  Just so you know, I consider February as the month of heat and drought. Seriously every year, the hot weather reaches its climax in February. I just need to plunge myself into a nearby pool. xD 

      Plus, I'm not looking forward to anything other than my holidays D: I don't know, I'm feeling a little down these days. I feel as though as the world is against me right now. Is it because of the medicine? OR mood swings? Someone save me please! o_o

 Totally feeling like this right now

Boredom in Class

     Hey peeps! I'm back in college for my second semester. I'm taking Foundation in Audit, FAU and Foundation in Malaysian Taxation, FTX as my optional papers along with my two compulsory papers which are Advanced Financial Accounting, FFA and Advanced Management Accounting, FMA. I have new lecturers this semester who teach FAU and FFA. Ms Ong who taught me MA1 and MA2 last semester, is also teaching FMA and FTX this year. Thank God for her 'cause I'm really used to her teaching methods. :D

      Oh, not to forget, my FFA lecturer and I literally look alike. I, myself noticed the resemblance since day one of class. Maybe she is my long-lost relative or something. HAHA... I know right, WEIRD.What an odd world?! She speaks American and has really good handwriting o.O However, all the topics she is currently covering are repeated from last semester so it gets kind of boring in class.

The guys had nothing better to do so they recorded this during class... -_-"

I know right, one word 'Donkey' =_= This was just a test-run. They recorded another video during the lecture while she was teaching. That was beyond limits! Sorry guys, I won't be uploading that one. Hehe

Vivian's 23rd Birthday!

      Hey, everyone! I'm back with more updates :D I just returned from Vivian's birthday party which was celebrated at her aunt's house. Thanks for the invitation, Choong sisters! I enjoyed your hospitality and was glad to be there to share your joy along with your immediate family members and friends :D

Family and friends
      I came early and hung around for a couple of hours before the guests arrived.  I drained most of my energy in the afternoon by being my typical and hyper self :-/ I shoudn't have done that though?! When evening fell, guest arrived and as usual, there was a mini catching-up between friends and get-to-know sessions.

The guests has arrived!

      After that, we had an absolutely delicious buffet meal prepared by Vivian's mom and aunts. Then, we had an awesome time playing X-Box 360 Just Dance 4 which required every single person in the house to participate. LOL Like I said before, my energy was drained by the end of the day so I was pretty much a walking zombie after the party.  MY APOLOGIES :-/

Nevertheless, thanks for everything and I would also like to express my gratitude to Vivian's aunt for fetching my dead-looking self home today. Thank you! xD

A Day To Remember

      I finally had the time to meet up with my dearest junior today despite my 'punctuality' xD I still cannot believe that we actually hung out today. It was surreal for me though because it has been almost a year since I last saw her. Haha I'm such an awful sister! My apologies again :-/ 

      Sorry, there are no photos for this meet-up so I will just write about it. Well, we met up at Sushi Zenmai in Fahrenheit. I was unaware of the plan that day as I thought we were just having lunch. Well, it turned out to be a six-hour long meet-up and it was still not enough! After lunch, we went walking around the complex and shopped for her stuffs :P We spent most of the day chatting and had loads of catching-up sessions. Then, we had desserts in Times Square. We wanted to go for a movie at first but we were too broke to afford two movie tickets. I know right, how sad?! 

      Nevertheless, we had fun today despite me being a killjoy at times. Haha We did not head back home as it was raining cats and dogs so she decided to visit my college instead while waiting for the rain to stop. I brought her around and we chatted with a few of my college friends till the rain stopped. When dusk fell, we walked to the station and said our goodbyes. 

P.S : 
No worries, we'll be meeting up again! It is a promise despite my tight schedule and my never-ending excuses. :P I won't be making empty promises this time. Oh and enjoy your trip to Singapore too. Thanks for everything again, Suann! :D

Happy New Year

I would like to wish each and everyone of you a Happy New Year! May 2013 be a great year for you :D God bless. I'm going back to college in two days! I'm excited for my second semester and looking forward to meeting new friends this year ;D

Let's usher in 2013 with open hearts too! xD