Teacher's Day '09

A day before the holidays was CBN's Teacher's Day Celebration...and once again form 3's ended up sitting right at the back. Wonderful day?

Got bored waiting! We waited for almost an hour and a half.....goodness

As usual speeches were on.....and then, the prefects' entrance was cool but I can't get to see what was happening in front. haha
Then, teachers' sing along session

After the recess bell rang, all afternoon session girls went for recess.. hehe AND ALL MORNING SESSION RUSHED IN FRONT AND TOOK THEIR PLACE!!! Bwahahahaha Sadly, they did not get their places back during the morning session recess because no one moved from their respective places hehe

The concert started at around 11.15pm... Sughay and Raihan was the emcees once again.

Shashila (I forgot how to spell your name) and Putri sang.. (Shocking news was I didn't know that Putri can sing!)

Haha the two suspicious juniors in front of me kept taking pictures. I got a chance to take a shot of you guyz LOL but too bad I forgot to turn off the flash hehe
Pei Jean and Kayli
Then, the afternoon session teachers' performance....LOL man, look at Puan Rahayu!
The sing along session...and that new male teacher in afternoon session can sing wei
haha Morning session pulak.. ENCIK AZRA WORE HIGH HEELS AND ACTED LIKE A WOMAN and ENCIK RUZAILAN sang hilariously (My class favourite teachers) Some more, they both were like fighting over the microphone LOL
Ooo, Rishantinee's beloved was dancing. haha Pritha's group danced the modern Indian performance.

Afternoon session prefects performed superbly! Congrats to you guys and we admitted that you did better compared to our batch last year hehe Morning session prefects' performance were also great as we thought. I'M STILL LAUGHING AT VIVIAN CHOONG hahahahahaha You were like a MAD WOMAN on the stage! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

Overall the day ended happily.... THE HOLIDAYS ARE HERE!!!! WOOHOOOOO


I feel so bad wei....I just told my close friend her mistakes! I'm afraid she's crying now or punching a bag which will be ME!!! Oh goodness?!

Sorry ya....but I think it was the truth! But sorry also TT Maybe I was too straight forward sorry ya...

I Hate This Part

Today, some of us went for the hike in Bukit Nanas Forest Reserve with a few teachers. It was cool lah even though I have already visited the forest for several times. We arrived back at school at 11 something and it was quite exhausting. Plus, I spilt my water before the hike.. OH, GREAT?!

Wenn Yue and I skipped recess, went straight to Bengkel after that to finish our kerja kayu. At least there's some energy left to finish up my project.

As we were busy doing, that teacher as usual will go nagging and screaming "Don't do this and that"...bla bla bla Scolding and rushing us to finish that project. So Wenn Yue, Mei Jen and me were rushing to finish up. After I finish the project, there goes the nagging again...bla bla bla. As I was looking at the time, "Oh, its 12.30pm!" (BM period)

Then, Wen Yi and I went back to class to see what was going on. And there was Puan Nurashikin. Since we entered the class late, she just denda us by giving us homework. We had to write a full formal letter to apologize. Eesh...give me a break man??!!!

She even discussed the BM paper...and guess what, I just got a free ticket of Gred B or C for BM. Can this day get any worse? I was just happily going back home since I will only face my tv and computer as I get home.

Aargh!!!!!! I feel like punching and slapping some people today. Goodness?! Tomorrow is Teacher's Day btw..and I'm not even giving any teacher gifts LOL for the 1st time in my school life and I'M GLAD!!!!

Bad mood here..... @#$%^*$@#$!*#@

Nothing good is left in this world....only some. And I'm through with it! I just want to let my anger off today in my blog. Sorry

Need to start log book today but I don't have any Microsoft Word nor Excel...since the system was down few days ago! My days are getting short TT

Happy Moments

I think I'm too hyper already...I've been enjoying the whole day without touching any reference books or textbooks! I've been eating, watching tv, sleeping and appearing online. This is what I call ENTERTAINMENT after all the stress hehe

Say bye to exams...................................................... (for now)

But I got 14 days left to settle my PERMIT LOG BOOK!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO Die right? Nevermind, jia you ba...hehe

Google Chrome

I just downloaded Google Chrome as my default browser. Wei, cool man! First time using a new browser since Mozilla FireFox and Internet Explorer 8. What I like the most is the logo...combination of so many things hehe! At first, I thought it was like normal google but then after downloading, then only I realise its a browser.. LOL
Guess what, people! Exams are finally over...I'm taking a day off before I start drowning myself in log books hehe Yay, enjoyment for a day!!! And HOLIDAYS ARE COMING!!!! Woohoo....!!!!

An Achievement Gift

OMG, my mom just gave me the opportunity to pick an achievement gift after my PMR and I'm so thankful. But I have to share with my sister who is sitting for UPSR this year also so we sat down and discussed. We came up with a final decision of getting a Play Station 2 hehe YAY!!!!

Actually my brother brought back one before but one fine night, my sister played till 2am and suddenly when the next morning I came checking, the player went kaboom!!! haha Hilarious moments...and worst thing was, the player wasn't ours. It belongs to my brother's colleague. That was f0ur years ago. hehe

I know some of you all will wonder why didn't I pick Play Station 3 or PSP instead of this? haha Play Station 3 expensive lah...have to wait till the price reduce and PSP, hmm....I'm afraid my sis and I are going to fight over it. LOL I don't want my mommy to spend RM1000 over just for my sister and I so I came up with this.

I'm gonna work hard to get this! haha
Yay, I can't wait to play after PMR! I have three months of freedom besides log books to settle... haha I'm gonna enjoy it as much as I can so there will be no regrets! hehe

American Idol '09

The New American Idol is Kris Allen? So unbelievable...he got too many fans! But I totally disagree with the results wei. I thought that Adam Lambert can win!!!! Anyway, it is a reality show which isn't always fair.
But one thing I can agree..he has the looks but too bad he's taken (married)! haha I like his 'Ain't No Sunshine' the most! His other songs made me sleep... lol


Although he is gay, he has a unique voice lah! I seriously love his 'Mad World' since the day he first sang it. Goodness?! What a fair and just world? I think he will have the same fate like David Archuleta. Eventhough a runner up, his records will sell better than Kris Allen.

I BELIEVE THAT!!!! Nevermind, lets wait for that to happen haha

Diagnostic Exams

Wah, last few days was just plain stressful and busy! The language papers were the toughest I've ever sat for. Kill me!!!! I seriously don't want to get a B for my language papers....

Today was History and Moral.....as usual, got five careless mistakes for History already. Not looking forward to find anymore haha

I better make full use of my weekends man! The subjects next week is going to be a real torture. Worse thing is I have not touch anything except Maths! TT Mathematics is on Monday, Geography and Science is on the Tuesday, Living Skills and Art Paper 1 is on the Wednesday. After all that, the word FREEDOM will appear in my life again! YAY!!!!

Not officially freedom also, got Permit log book to settle by 12th of June TT Reminding me of that

Good luck to all form 3s! I think everyone needs it haha


A Joyful Day

Its Harshiah's birthday today...HAPPY BIRTHDAY HARSHIAH!!!! And today, we went for the CBN 1s Family Day Carnival...well, as ex-cbn 1 students, we supported the carnival! haha

The funniest thing that happened today was the moments in the Haunted House. We laughed our heads off throughout the trail after Aazraa said the pom poms were hanging everywhere. We came out laughing too...I think the people who disguised as ghosts dare not scare us since we laughed like no one's business.

Then, we also decorated cup cakes...and ate our 'beautiful' decorated cup cakes. We wanted to get the XFM freebies but too bad, there were too many people and we were tempted to watch the dance competition.

There were so many groups... I think I enjoyed the music rather than the dance haha After we got bored, Harshiah, Mei Hua and I played games till the day ended. Our favourite game was the Rubber Animal Throw. haha

Hope you enjoy your birthday, Harshiah!!! Hanging out with you on your birthday is my pleasure and sorry for coming late..hehe

Seedlings For Donation

My seedlings are growing well and I just can't believe it!!! Its the 6th day only...but it seems like its the tenth day hehe Praise the LORD!!!!! Since Puan Nor Haida collected experiment one already and my dad is forcing me to throw them, I pity the plants so I plan to just bring it to school tomorrow and spare some seedlings for those who do not have or seedlings did not grow.. hehe

This can be your second and third day

This can be your fourth or fifth day

Well, this set can be your sixth day

Seventh day or eighth?

Totally can be the eighth day hehe

I'll bring these sets tomorrow k.....

A Promise

Fuzzy and Harshiah, I'm keeping my promise now...I'm blogging about what happened today hehe

As most of you know that Wednesday is what I call a DIET DAY...because Harshiah and I are always on duty to sweep the floor during recess. We will always visit the Form 3 toilet after we finish which will take about 10 minutes hehe By the time we step foot into the canteen, the bell will ring! haha

Well, Fazlina and I managed to bully Harshiah for a while today while sweeping and, guess what Harshiah did? She twirled the broom to protect herself.....Swt, Its too ridiculous, Harshiah!!! hehe

Then, another thing! Harshiah and Fazlina wanted to scare me today by hiding in one of the cubicles hehe But my secret weapon worked and it saved me...they were laughing in the cubicle, it was too obvious! haha

*Buying own spray paint for kerja kayu, Its going to be fun spraying*

My excitement will start tomorrow!!! Flying Squad will be on duty, be prepared to find more Aedes breeding grounds hehe YAY!!!!!!


*Looking blur*
*Take a hammer and knock myself*
*Fell flat on the bed*
Thinking about my 'wonderful' 15 year old life surrounded by a pile of work,exams and log books. KGT kills me, KST makes me bored, PEKA troubles me and homework ....no need to say, ITS THE WORST!!!
*jumps up and down*

Good Luck Maxine!

Dear Maxine:

I would like to wish you good luck for Bengkel Selalu Sedia (BSS) and finishing your log books before this Friday. After this, I think I won't be seeing you often. This will be my sincere wishes before you get your Queen Guide. But my friend, I have confidence in you!!!!!

I present you Aw Maxine

The last day of community service...

Maxine and her favourite examiner, Puan Lucy LOL

I missed our tako times TT Hope to see future moments of that...
I also would like to thank you for everything you have done for me. All the stuffs you've taught me. I really appreciate it you know...especially starting fires and panji-panji. You are a pro man!!!!

Look at your dumb picture...Nolah joking!


Been doing for the past five minutes...LOL I'm suffering over here. Nevermind I will try my best finishing it today. I must complete 8.2 to 8.5 by 10 pm. Lets hope so I survived and reach my goal for today! hehe

I feel a bit random today, actually all the time...Harshiah, please help me out!!!! Thank you

Permit Perkhemahan AIDS

  1. On the 1st till the 3rd of May, I went for Permit Perkhemahan with my friends hehe It was the most stressful one ever!!! You want to know why? The main reason was because the main camp commanden really made us uncomfortable for that three days...but thanks to my helpers, I survived the camp!!!

Group Name: HARAPAN

  1. Assistant Sub Camp Commanden : Syaminee Devi

  2. Quarter Master (Cook) : Nurul Hannah

  3. Assistant Quarter Master : Nur Alini

  4. First Aider : Charis Chan

  5. Assistant First Aider : Raja Nur Hanani

  6. Camper : Nurul Amaani

Iwas supposed to have 9 campers but I apologize to Pui Leng and Celestine for giving you two away to Alyea and Yinming. I hope you guyz had fun knowing new friends there hehe

1st Day

For a start, we started tightening all the strings so that the gadgets won't seem loose and unstable.

After that, we had our group briefing.... gave away the name tags and camp programs which took me 3 days to finish them.

We had a gotong -royong to pull those long lalang! We did not have a lawn mower so don't ask.. then we put up the tents and set up the gadgets at our campsite

Alyea, you look bored and tired hehe

LUNCH!!!! My favourite time to gain energy hehe

Charis found me a flysheet which was really useful. We made it as a shelter to cover our kitchen . Me likey!!!

Syaminee and I was pulling the flysheet as long and hard as we could
Hanani's and Alini's signature...

We had ice breaking and group competitions after that..this was Chris's and Wen Cai's gossip game! Jo Ey, its actually the same as the game (storyline) we played during Scrabble hehe

Then we had the hands and feet game!

Then, Chaw Hui taught them another game
After the game session, they did the larian pengakap for 2.5 km around the hall which wasn't enough

We had karipap for tea

Our story-telling session had gone too far, from AIDS to stressful life confession.. LOL

We had steamboat for dinner

My group was assigned to wash the sinks after dinner

Sweeping, mopping and pushing the water into the drain..

Around 8 something, the camp commandens organized a sing along session which didn't turned out the way we wanted it to be

I went and lent a hand to my group for the exhibition we were suppose to do on the third day

2nd Day

Morning exercises..star jump!!

Twist jump!!

We had to change into our uniform and our group roll call.. Hanani is hoisting the flag

The World Song has been sung

My beloved campsite
Group picture

All camp commandens (from left):

Su Poh, Chaw Hui, me, Xin Yi, Chris, Wen Cai, Yinming, Alyea and Carolyn

First Aid talk by Cik Syam, our First Aider....

Kah Wei and Hu Xia was called in front by Cik Syam to act out a scene of being gentle to an injured person.. LOL

Cik Syam showed us what were the things contained in the First Aid box

Injured people session..need to use scarf as bandage

Nothing to do mar...

A way of carrying a person who broke his/her leg..btw, thats Puan Zaliza haha

Puan Elsie gave a talk about AIDS...I introduced her as an invited speaker!! hehe There goes the practical for the badge hehe

Lunch..spaghetti !!!!! My favourite
Around 3.00pm, we started our wide game... Everyone in the group was involved except me (I was the one planning)

On the way searching for the first clue

Still searching....

Charis wanted to find time to do her laundress badge... See I'm so kind (perasan) haha That was the first task given while Alini and Hannah became the Dumb and Dumber searching for clues at our campsite LOL Sorry guys!!!


Second task done!!!! They were supposed to find five signatures each from different people in camp. Everyone did well!!! Where's Alini man??

TThey had to submit to Ai Peng where she will torture them with tonnes of questions. but I think instead Ai Peng was tortured by the answers given by Alini... I was laughing out loud when I saw that! Ai Peng, you lost man!!! LOL
They were assigned to find Alyea then they had to make a tripod..So easy!!! Who don't know, come and get a smack from me.

Fourth task where they had to call someone and answer the question given correctly.They thought the one speaking on the phone was Maxine but it was actually Ai Peng

LOL...Art and Craft session!!! I think they almost killed me for testing their patience in this. I told them to carve not dig. Maxine and Shereen joined us as well..

The cooks were cooking for dinner..Fried rice!!! Delicious man!!!

We encountered problems with the flag..Shereen came helping and the right way of tying the strings were actually not that hard but why did I make it so complicated?
Then, we had our campfire! It was a lame one at first where we used torchlights as a campfire because the main camp commanden want to ensure our safety.. Haiz no fun lah, no real fire?! Each camp commanden was supposed to become a five-minute emcee

Masa billi

Everyone had fun during the macarena dance

Me, Carolyn, Alyea, Wen Cai and Chris was demonstrating the macarena dance LOL

I took charge of the chair game which was really exciting! Something to make them sweat hehe

Then, we had the statue game by Carolyn..hehe Funlah But the song always stop when I made a funny pose! Blame the Busy Bees!!!!!!!

Hanani and Alini went hyper already!!! Hehe Thanks to Maxine for the hot and catchy songs hahaha LOL
After campfire, all camp commandens had our second COH (Court of Honour) where we voiced out problems from our members.
My sleepy look...half dead one?!

Around 12 something, I tried finishing my potato motives for my aft and craft badge. Everyone in my group went fast asleep. Haiz, then got news by the Camp Commanden that all sub camp commandens have to sleep in tents for the night. OMG you know, how hot was it, wearing black some more?!!!
3rd Day

V shape formation
French toast for breakfast..Yummy!!!!

I can see that everyone is satisfied with the breakfast
Then, we walked to KL Sentral for a half an hour community service. We were supposed to spread the message written in the bookmarks to people around so they can pass it on to their friends and families about the awareness of AIDS.

Amaani, Alini, me, Syaminee, Hanani, Hannah and Where is Charis?
We saw this two brothers fighting over to sit that jeep LOL so cute man!!!
Not long after that, we were given the opportunity to shop around for anything in 10 minutes! I saw most people aimed for the McDonalds ice cream first hehe

On the way back
We came back...and start preparing our lunch which was instant noodles and potato
Alini, chopping the garlic

Hannah wrapping the potato with banana leaves
Everyone was having a nice time..watching our fire.. putting the noodles in and adding the ingredients plus flavouring.

I love starting the fire now...It worked with a little miracle form God LOL Thanks to God for the strong wind and sunny day.

I did not start it alone lah..Obviously with some help. Maxine wanted to flashback her old days!

I love this picture...So cool, with my hand sticking out to add wood and the fire look so real!! Wah, I really love building fire now, gain interest all of a sudden hehe

Cooking the noodles
We were the first group to finish cooking and eating...Puan Zaliza joined us too

After cooking, wash up time...

Then, we had to put down our tents...They had an idea of using the flysheet when the wind blew! Look at this crazy people, thinking that the flysheet can be a large parachute LOL

Showing Alini the way to clean the pacak

Syaminee untying the pot holder

Everyone cleaning up and tying the mopsticks into bundles
After cleaning and completing, we were called into the hall for the closing ceremony

Puan Azizah and Cik Masturi showing us the right way to recieve a gift or award.

Chaw Hui

Su Poh


Wen Cai

Xin Yi
Awards was given out. To keep it brief, my group won the most sporting group, special awards for community service and runner up for camp commanden award. Yinming won the camp commanden award and Alyea was second runner up, she also got the best exhibition for AIDS. Congrats to you people!!!!!
The best news was I PASSED MY PERMIT!!!!!! And I thought that I was going to fail...Yay, a big thank you speech for these people:
  1. My parents for their continuous support in everything
  2. Puan Azizah and Cik Masturi for guiding us through the camp
  3. My examiner, Puan Lorraine and not forgetting Puan Tee and Puan Lucy.
  4. Puan Toh for her support and encouragement
  5. Sub camp commandens who helped me...such as Wen Cai for the flag and Alyea for everything.
  6. Maxine for the knowledge, help and support
  7. Xin Mei too for news
  8. Shereen for coming
  9. Ai Peng for helping and providing me with ideas for wide game
  10. And last but not least, my patrol members!!! Thank you so much for attending my camp and helping me throughout the camp...Leaving things for you people to do such as cooking really don't get me worried.

I'm thankful to God especially for blessing me with good health and courage throughout the camp... THANK YOU!!!! But sorry Kaylee, I missed my first bible class with you TT hehe