March Holidays

Another busy day, I went to SPCA, Selangor Club and Kelas Dua Camp on the same day. LOL

Well, the day started of at 9am in the morning when Wen Qing, Claire, Yu Wein, Wenn Yue and I carried out our Moral project in SPCA, Ampang. haha It was real fun! The first thing that went across my mind was 'I'm praying that the dogs and cats there are clean!' However, everything was different when I stepped foot into that place. THEY WERE SO CUTE AND FRIENDLY! :D

Yu Wein, Wen Qing and Claire cleaning up the cat's cages.

Putting on some gloves..

O.O I love this shot... Taken by me! haha Claire, Wen Qing, Yu Wein and Wenn Yue

We finished our project at 11.00pm.. Leaving the place heavy-heartily TT. Next, headed to Harshiah's house since we finished early! We went ballistic until 12.30 pm when her dad came and fetched us to DBKL Library which was opposite of the Royal Selangor Club. 'Discussing about Career Folio', that was what we did! But I don't think so since we ENJOYED EATING MORE THAN DISCUSSING. haha

Harshiah (sorry for posting this up) and Syaminee

After Royal Selangor Club, rushed back home to pack my bags! I know it's kind of last minute.. LOL At 9.00 pm, my dad fetched me to Brickfields and excitedly, went to check out the campsite.

As soon as I reached there, I saw parents waiting outside of the hall and heard Cik Masturi's voice. I jumped into conclusion that they were being lectured and I WAS RIGHT! After settling myself, as usual... work comes in, had to boil water, eggs and clean up the place until 3.30 am. Gosh, the whole hq was crowded with AJK's so had no choice to sleep on the table.

My bed for the first night! :D Shereen was TOO HARDWORKING to do log book... The next morning, I had a REAL BACK ACHE..

Second day came, they went for a hike in the morning. Thinking that was 7 km, I got so excited to settle my Challenge Badge but too bad, it was only 1 km. So I made full use of it to do my Pencegah Kemalangan Badge!

All the campers hiking...

Then, night came... CAMPFIRE went on as usual. Couldn't remember anything special about it. But all I can recall was, EVERYTHING ENDS UP WITH A NEGATIVE FEEDBACK. Haiz.. regretted for wasting my time there.

The campers..

On the third day, the campers that didn't finish their fire building test on the second day carried out their test along the road. They really had funny ways in building them! HAHAHA Then, the closing ceremony where everyone got their Pra-Persetiaan settled in a LARGE GROUP!

This group used more newspapers than wood... (DIDN'T WORK)

Was helping Pn. Toh to give out the badges...

Our reward was a box of Ferraro Roche that costs RM42.90 and door gifts. Worth it actually but I hate to admit the fact that, the camp was A DISASTER!

Memories of Sports Day

SPORTS DAY THIS YEAR WAS AWESOME! Besides the cloudy day, everything was actually WET... haha

Before it rained, everyone was basically dry

haha During the march past, See... Told you! Everyone is drenched

So colourful

Last Day of Com. Service

Finally the closing ceremony for my three months community service project was held today. Despite the program ended an hour earlier, everything went on well. I would really like to thank those who came and supported me.

  1. Yip Mei Hua
  2. Raja Nur Hanani
  3. Dharshini
  4. Nurul Hannah
  5. Looi Pui Leng
  6. Kor Kah Wei
  7. Loh Hiu Yann
  8. Celestine Foo
  9. Charis Chan
Not forgetting Puan Munijah: The Headmistress of Wisma Harapan, Mrs Junie Simon as the Head Commissioner of WPKL and Datin Syarifah as one of the patrons who came as a guest of honor, and not forgetting the two staffs who stayed back to watch us. hehe

Certificate presentation to the members of this project.

The examiners giving comments about the project and our masterpieces

A short visit around the school

Puan Junie painted the word 'GIRL'

Datin Syarifah painted the word 'GUIDE' while Puan Munijah painted the year '2010'

Group shot
After that, we invited them to the cafeteria for our jamuan. LOL It was a chaotic situation as everyone was finding for ice. I ran out to find ice but no sign of it so I bought cold water instead!

The best news of the day:
Community service is finally done :D

Total Grief

O.O I just realized that yesterday was the worst day of this year! I ACTUALLY CRIED IN FRONT OF A TEACHER... haiz, after chemistry some more. I think showing that I'm strong and able to take harsh scoldings didn't work this time as I burst out in tears as soon as she left the class.

Unfortunately, after all that... when I was able to calm down, she reappeared in front me and this time, I WASN'T LUCKY AT ALL! She saw me from afar and called me... Negative thoughts were running across my mind but I stayed strong as I went to see her. Hahaha Then, the hilarious part came along as I thought she was going to lecture me. But instead, she advised me what to do next time and avoid doing everything on my own. *Looking at her face* Tears shed as she went on.... OMG wei, it was just automatic! Why?! And my Add. Maths teacher who passed by showed her concern.

People : A reminder~ Please do not say "It's ok" when I'm in this kind of situation. It will make tears pour like rain even more.

Why why why??? I blame myself though as I checked everything from windows, rubbish bin, white board BUT I FORGOTTEN ABOUT UNDER THE DESKS! That was my mistake, and teacher spotted that... haiz, How can I be so careless to miss a spot?!

Sometimes I really wonder :

Am I good enough to be the class monitor of 4U?
(I'm totally fine with the pressure and stuff.... but seriously getting scolded for 10 times from the same teacher is really discouraging. And this 10th time happened to be the WORST as it affected me emotionally. You may not know how many more times I will get scolded in oder to satisfy her requirements as a class monitor. TT

Nevermind, I will just let bygones be bygones.... there's nothing much I can complain now. All I can worry now is my pile of homework and log books. I guess staying busy can help me forget about what happened yesterday.