Form 1 Orientation Day

       The morning session and the afternoon session prefectorial board worked together to welcome our fellow First Formers today. I was in charged of 1N and was assisted by another junior of mine. Looking at the Form 1s today reminded me of myself four years ago where I was young and naive :D

Morning Session and Afternoon Session Prefects
Harshiah and Dian
Dear juniors,
Welcome to CBN where monkeys roam free, seniors bully juniors and stress level heighten up by 100 percent. Haha Just joking. That is so not true :D As a senior, I would like to welcome you with open arms and an open heart  to my beloved school. Enjoy your first year and may the Lord be with you XD

Memorable Last Day

15th November 2010

O.o This year's last day in school was pure awesome! It was a memorable one as we hung out with classmates. The PEDO 1 M'sia gang consist of Dian, Harshiah and me actually displayed our name tags and got caught by teacher wearing them. O.o scary wei.. but teacher didn't mind at all! haha We were being mischievous on the last day XD

During recess, all of us were busy cam whoring since we were given an hour of break time. So the PEDO gang made full use of the time taking....

Not so formal shot for a start

Jumping shot! :D

Yeah, we were laughing so hard and there goes the candid shot. People nearby our table thought we went cuckoo! haha

Short, average, tallest

Harshiah with her DSLR...

Still going hyper for that one hour...

After having fun at the canteen, we waited for Ms Winnie outside the teacher's lunch area so that we can give her A GIANT CARD FROM 4U as a sign of appreciation to her. MOST IMPORTANTLY, WE DID NOT CRY! Was about to but we didn't :D We shook hands with us as she received the card. I can tell that she was touched and that got my eyes heavy. (BUT DIDN'T CRY!) XD

After recess, Catherine and I continued circling around the school to collect donation for my dear classmate, Sara who lost her dad. O.O I was stunned when I found out from the announcement which was made that morning. A million condolences I would like to bid to her family and a moment of silence for her dad. I pray that she will stay strong and Heavenly Father, Son of God with the Holy Spirit up above will always be watching over her in life :D

After the collection, both Cat and I went to the conference room to count. And guess what, we collected RM700 for Sara! We were so glad on her behalf and it felt great as we did something for her :D Cbners were not as generous as I thought, especially my batch =_= Oh well, its the thought that counted so I would like to thank everyone who actually donated and for those who didn't, its alright...... :D

When I got back to class, Harshiah forced me to take more photos with her using her DSLR =_= And there goes all the odd looking photos

She's feeding me with her lens cover =_="

Another funny one! haha

Catherine and I back in class, in one piece after running up and down, around the school in heels for several hours :D

The last final photo... 4B and 4U
In this photo : Wenn Yue, Yu Wein, Intan, Diane, Adibah, Erniza, Adrina, Kanimoly, Praveena and me

Overall, its the day that I will cherish my whole life. And it was the official last day for Ms. Winnie in CBN. She will be back after 3 years but we will not be in school anymore D: Hopefully she will return and teach. Even though I wasn't used to her teaching methods at first, I was motivated by her to work extra harder and avoid putting a mindset that A- is good enough. SO THANK YOU, TEACHER and I WILL MISS YOU!

Annual Campfire Night '10

O.o This year, we organized the annual Girl Guide Campfire again! This time, the organizer is Maxine and me.... co-organizer and temporary emcee :D The event didn't turn out as the way we had it planned but at the end of the day, it was still worth it! We had to share the HQ with a wedding event this time and to make things 'better', the sky cried as we were having fun at the field (RAIN T____T)
12th November 2010
Most of us stayed overnight on Friday to prepare for the big event :D But we had the worst sight of the dumping area. We had to cleaned up the most awful sight I have ever seen! O.o Oh well, we treated that one-hour community service as our kerja amal for Moral. hahaha Hitting two birds with one stone, awesome!
Cleaning up the drains, pavement and corridor

Chaw Hui, Ayesha, Carolyn and Puteri Najwa

I pity everyone including myself due to the horrible smell we had to endure that time..

Guess what people, the best thing ever! MAGGOTS ON THE RUBBISH BAG?! hahaha

See.. our efforts actually cleaned the whole area XD
After everything, we rested for a while and Pn. Toh brought us to Mid Valley :D Dinner was all on her at McDonald's! After we ate, we went grocery shopping at Carrefour and WE BOUGHT LOTS OF THINGS.
Ayesha.... Maxine and Carolyn pushing the trolley :D

This is the 'best' photo ever! Look at Maxine HAHAHAHA
As we were on the way back to the headquarters, I got a call from Alyea. She was waiting outside the gate for us. Unfortunately, we were stucked in a jam for quite some time and the next thing I know when we arrived was, we saw Alyea over the gate. Even Selina and her friend climbed over... omg, pity them wei! haha
13th November 2010
Then, the day came! Towards the afternoon, all Food-committee members were busy cooking in the kitchen where as the others had to help with the Upacara Terbang Naik. When evening fell, all participants started coming. Campfire's introduction with the fire and fireworks were awesome eventhough we were sharing the joy with an Indian wedding in the hall XD
Chai Sin and me :D
AJKs of the Campfire :D
Game session in the dark HAHAHA Frankly speaking, it wasn't that dark. Lousy camera effects.. -_-

4U Class Party

11th November 2010
O.o My class party was finally back for the fourth time in CBN. As usual for four consecutive years, my class had the most awesome and celebrated party! 1A, 2A, 3A and now 4U and hopefully next year, 5U will have another party too (fingers crossed). I think this year I ate like no one's business. Gain more weight T____T
Syaminee, class monitor baked a cake specially for the occasion
Hanani entertained us with her choreography for premiere campfire performance
Look... although it did not see much, it was actually more than enough. We had dessert by 10.30am, serving ourselves loads of ice-cream and chocolate fondue with marshmallows. They made me waste two tubs as they only finish two tubs out of the four. =_=" Oh well, earned myself an extra tub for my family haha
Syaminee and I (Current and ex-monitor) always acting random just like laboratory partners during Chemistry.

Another random act by Syaminee Devi and Mei Wern after having too much ice-cream and food in our bellies.

Pedo Kumar and Pedo Ng on the loose.... haha

Our last photo with Ms Winnie before she proceed with her PhD (Permanent Head Damage) for three years T____T
Once again, my class party was GREAT! I appreciate your efforts, teacher eventhough I was scolded 20 times during class monitor moments. She's a perfectionist and I don't blame her, in fact I thank her for drilling me to study Chemistry until I made an improvement! :D THANK YOU, TEACHER!

Everybody's Day

30th October 2010
This year for me, Everybody's Day was Somebody's Day due to many reasons. The only thing I was proud of was our back drop. All Dis-co and Plan-co members had made such a great effort with Encik Ruzailan this time and created this...
Our beautiful back drop
Morning prefectorial board did a spectacular performance too! I think it was the best! Woots for everyone :D

The CBN orchestra

All of us for the finale

Overall the event was a success eventhough there were some people who got on my nerves that morning and a hail wire situation happened during the registration that morning. Oh well, obstacles we all have to face O.o BE POSITIVE!

I wonder...

Sometimes I really do flatter myself too much -_-" I wonder why? Now, knowing that I'm not as smart and talented as I thought, its time to do some self reflexes. Form 4 had taught me too many things about how harsh reality can turn out to be. I think the obstacles I faced throughout this year were ten times worst than my previous years. Maybe its because I've turned 16 where by changes occur rapidly D:

This year, I've turned bad :

  1. More lazy (10 times compared to last year)
  2. Fatter (Increased by 3 kg)
  3. Boastful (Monologue boasting)
  4. More unorganized and less systematic
  5. Temper has risen and self control went bad

T_______T Oh my.... hopefully the coming holidays can EVOLVE MY OPTIMISM BACK! I NEED TO WAKE UP and be MORE HARDWORKING. And brain, quit reflecting back to the past, you need to move forward! Haiz...

Prefect Leadership Camp

Hello, readers! I'm finally back into blogging world. Well, I'm real lazy to update due to my blog template problem. As you can see here, my gadgets are below the posts. So sorry for the inconvenience D: No worries, I will fix it sooner or later! Now back to my topic for today..

22nd October 2010

Yesterday, all prefects were required to attend a leadership camp held in school (Both afternoon and morning prefectorial board plus the PRS) It was real fun compared to the prefect leadership camp two years ago which was pure TORTURE (speech, motivational talks and more talks) This time we had more games than ever! I was placed in Viva with Clarissa, Christina, Catherine, Aisyah, Debra, Wenn Yue, Kanimoly and Joanne.

Before the our program, we settled down first. Intan, me, Nicole and Kanimoly

Then, our game session started. All of us were required to squeeze into a big coil.... haha Still fresh in my mind, it was funny! We had to follow birthday dates from the eldest to the youngest.

All of us in the coil.. As you can see only 1/4 of me can be seen XD

I totally forgotten the guy's name. Oh well, I think its Encik Azman :D More fun than two years ago. THAT FELLA -_-

When night fell, we had a spaghetti challenge where by each group had to create a tallest and most stable tower using 10 strips of spaghetti and a roll of cellophane tape. It was real tough as uncooked spaghetti strips were breakable. Ours wasn't that bad after all.. tada :D

Then second day came which was today, we woke up as early as 6am due to NOISE. haha After breakfast, everyone started cam whoring. I only had currypuff for breakfast because I ate my own bread and snacks before that.

Pedo gang and company

The games we had this morning were mind-boggling especially the stacking up 10 paper cups into a pyramid using a rubber band which was connected with four strings. We were not allowed to have any verbal communication. Only hand movements were allowed! haha Real interesting I can say. The day ended great! Not only I made many new friends (juniors), I enjoyed myself! :D

Thank you, teachers for the camp! XD


Finally, the day which I have been waiting for has came! ITS THE STARTING OF MY BELOVED HOLIDAYS!!! :D Despite the pile of homework on my table, the bright side is, we get to escape from schooling life for A FORTNIGHT :) Something I have been longing for basically for the past two months!

Sorry, people. I know schooling life is the best! But seriously, too many things had happened over the past month and many things I need to get over with and just start over again. Plus, ever since I started my duties... I can't find time to revise. All I can ever do is just to complete my unfinished homework. hahaha

Patriotism Day

First time in four years, I attended the annual Patriotism Day putting on a traditional costume. Well, the reason I played truant for the last few years was because I only had one baju kurung which I wear almost every formal event since Standard Six. But this year, I managed to borrow a Punjabi suit from Kanimoly. So kind of her?! :D

Kanimoly and Wenn Yue

Harshiah, Wenn Yue and I planned to help Kanimoly for the small VIP feast so we stayed back in the KH room to assist the teachers and served the VIPs even though we weren't Clean-co members! :D

Harshiah, Kanimoly and Wenn Yue

Before the VIP arrived, we ran to the hall to listen to the results for the Most Patriotic Class Award and Best Banner. Guess what, both 1st placing goes to my class (4U)! Wooohooo... everyone got so trilled and delighted! Even teachers were happy for us including Ms. Winnie. hahaha
Above the teacher's table, Isabel created a flag with all our hands traced from coloured papers. MASTERPIECE
Our poster section. Sorry someone removed 3 of our posters. But oh well...

Our windows were also decorated like festive seasons!

At the back of our class

The best effort from 13kg of rice brought and designed by Kanimoly. The 'Kolam' was THE BEST MASTERPIECE
4U who came today and the Kolam :D

Despite all the things that has happened for the past few weeks, our class got back together and renewed our class reputation. It is really true that the peribahasa 'Kerana nila setitik, rosak susu sebelanga' Oh well, hopefully everything is forgotten and forgiven. I still love my class so much :D

2nd Monthly Test Results

Gosh, finally after how many weeks....all 12 subjects' marks are out! Well, I can say that I didn't even care to take this exam seriously. haha So results are mediocre compared to mid term. The marks zoom down.




2nd TEST


Bahasa Malaysia

75% A-

76% A-



83% A

80% A


Modern Mathematics

86% A

74% A-


Pendidikan Moral

92% A+

86% A



83% A

78% A-


Additional Mathematics

65% B+

75% A-



70% A-

73% A-



63% B-

76% A-



54% C-

33% G


Prinsip Perakaunan

54% C-

94% A+


Pendidikan Siivik


86% A-


Pendidikan Jasmani


66% B

The current results have deteriorated a lot! D: Haiz, I need to study extra harder for the next exam since activities have stopped for this year. No more Girl Guiding, Robotics and more! So have to turn on my gear to achieve my goal! :D Oh lord, please bless me with wisdom and endurance. O.o

Annual Spring Cleaning

Finally, the day which I have been waiting for had finally come! *SPRING CLEANING!* Want to know why I love this day? Its the day where all classmates have fun together and escape from the realm of stress for once. LOL Eventhough only 15 of us came but we had the time of our lives as we enjoyed making our class as fragrant as lavender :D
Firstly, we identified our chairs and returned chairs which doesn't belong in our class back to other classes

After getting back our chairs, we went table-returning and table-searching. Each one of us went around the school searching for 4U tables and in a few minutes time, all 32 tables are renewed again although it was exhausting! :D

The only chores we forgot were dusting the fans and fluorescent lamps. haha We got too excited to start mopping. -_- Glad to say, the lab assistants and cleaners were so kind to lend us their mops and offered us detergents too. I LOVE MY SCHOOL STAFFS! :D

Kanimoly and I filling up the pail full of detergent

All of us posing for the camera -_-

Chores were done by 11.45am and as we were waiting for the floor to dry so that we could arrange the tables before heading back home, we started cam-whoring. Everyone was taking PHOTOS, PHOTOS AND MORE PHOTOS.

Exhausted Wenn Yue and Hyperactive me!! :D

LOL The Gangster shot of 4U

The random one
Perfect jumping shot!

4U is the class for you <3

That is why 4U is the best class for two consecutive months! :D PERASAN BUT TRUE. Our class spirit goes over the top went it comes to events like this.