Education Fair

        I had an awesome day at Mid Valley Megamall today so I decided to blog about it. xD Well, I was given the opportunity to be a part of the HELP University College exhibition team at the Education Fair held at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre. It was indeed an invaluable experience! :D

CAT/ACCA Counselors :D
        I just found out that in events like this, water became a necessity because we were required to entertain walk-in parents/school leavers non-stop from 11 am to 6 pm. Thank God we had lunch break in between. Haha If we didn't I would probably suffer from severe dehydration and energy insufficiency. Haha But Mr. Lee actually lasted the entire day without taking his lunch O.O Gosh, I salute his persistence and enthusiasm! :D

        There will be another session tomorrow at the same venue from 11 am to 6 pm. School leavers who would like to know more about ACCA at HELP CAT, do pay us a visit at the HELP booth. I won't be there tomorrow but we have other student counselors who would be more than glad to help you out. :D 

CBN Carnival 2013

        The long awaited carnival had finally come after six long years. :D My favourite school event was held last Saturday and it was the most awesome carnival that had ever been organised! I was thrilled to be a part of it as I finally had a reason to visit my beloved school and to embrace the changes that has happened since I left. Plus, it was also like a mass reunion for teachers and former seniors, and I could give a new name to it 'The Hug-A-Lot Day'.

Welcome to CBN Carnival 2013 :D
        I was being over-excited as always  so I decided to bring my college mates along to experience the fun of my former school's quinquennial carnival. Yeah, it was supposed to be held last year but due to unavoidable factors it was brought forward to this year.

        I would say that this was another college trip. xD We gathered at the Masjid Jamek LRT station before 'hiking' up the pineapple hill. Haha

Waiting for James to arrive 'cause he was late :D

        We reached school at about 11 am before meeting up with Melissa and Gillian in the school canteen. Omg, the carnival was so crowded with people and stepping onto school grounds immediately triggered bittersweet CBN memories. I missed hearing night-market noises made by everyday-CBNers back in those days and just the thought of it drew a huge smile on my face. O.o But words couldn't describe how stoke I was to see my friends, former teachers, staff and juniors that day! xD

My college buddies :D Moments before entering the haunted house

        We headed to the haunted house first because I figured it would be a better idea to scare ourselves first before putting food into our stomachs rather than vice-versa. Haha We were kind of nervous at first because none of the girls were comfortable with the idea of entering the haunted house except for the guys of course! xD Oh well, it was worth a try so all 11 of us entered the haunted house with two guys in front and two guys at the back while the girls were sandwiched in between. IT WAS PITCH-BLACK IN THERE! We couldn't see a thing O.O

        Guess what, this was my first official experience / first brave attempt of entering a haunted house. I entered a haunted house once back in primary school days but I guess that didn't count. D: I actually screamed at the top of my lungs in there when a 'ghost' grabbed me from the side. :O And when I screamed, everyone else in front screamed! Haha Hilarious moments :P Yeah, we were exposed to shocking encounters with several zombies, mad women and scary things in there. Plus, the creepy sound effects contributed to the volume of the SCARE-O-METER. I freaked out as every corner we turned there was something/someone waiting to scare the hell out of us :O Despite that, it was an awesome experience for I enjoyed every single bit of it :D

Two thumbs up for the awesome experience! xD
From left : Yong Jie, Allen, Joyce, James, Mei Wern, Melissa, Gillian, Sook Ting, Kit Yee, Pik Chieng and Terry

        The day was getting hotter so I decided to cool off at one of the classrooms upstairs. I dragged my college mates along to play Twister with me. Haha I seriously miss having Twister moments with my friends! xD

Sook Ting, Allen and Yong Jie were forced to play Twister with me ;P
        Later, some of us went to grab some food while others saunter around the stalls. After a while, they wanted to give Bungee-Run a try since it was their first time discovering it. All the guys, Joyce and Sook Ting went bungee-running and it was such an interesting race to watch! Haha  

Sook Ting vs Joyce
Terry vs Yong Jie
          After the Bungee Run, some decided to call it a day while others including me stayed to play the Scary Maze. :D The 'Scary Maze' was equally as scary as the haunted house. Gosh, and poor Allen... He got pushed to the front and this time, he actually screamed aloud. :P He lighted our path with his phone 'cause the whole path was PITCH-BLACK as well. Though he was being a kill-joy the light did help to shine the way out. It was indeed the stuffiest place to be in at that hour. o.o

We survived the Scary Maze.
Gillian, James, Melissa, Xin Yan, Allen and I
        My remaining college buddies went back after the maze, at about 3 pm and I was left all alone. Haha Just joking! xD

       I went around to meet-up and reunite with my former teachers, classmates, juniors, seniors and staff. It was such a blessing to see all of them at the same place! Man, I seriously missed each and every one of them  :D

Datin Aslindawati, my favourite BM teacher. Words cannot describe how much I miss being in your BM classes!
My senior, Hui Pin
My seniors, Charissa and Ann Shobna. I''ve known  them since primary school days :D
My senior, Jo Ey
Kit May, my fellow 5U classmate
My former 5U classmates : Hidayah, Yu Wein and Xin Yan
Pn. Haida, one of my favourite teachers along with her kids and  Pn. Chua
        I accompanied Catherine while waiting for my sister until it was 4.30 pm before she headed home as well. My sister took quite some time to clean up her class stall with her fellow classmates. When she was finally done, it was about 5 pm and we were all practically drained because my whole family spent the entire day at the carnival.

       Before we left, I took a short stroll along the school compound and just embraced the moment. Just to let you know, I wasn't really prepared to graduate after SPM for my heart and soul remained in there. It took me some time before reality struck in. Nevertheless, I knew that somewhere in my heart, I felt truly blessed to be a CBNer. :D

11 schooling years at CBN had shaped me into who I am today. :D
Thank you, CBN! xD You'll always be in my heart for I believe that..


A Visit To Recruit Express

       I went to visit my former colleagues at Recruit Express today. It was also to celebrate Fredrick's and Nisha Diane's LAST DAY. xD I rushed to the office right after class to buy them their favourite snacks for the occasion. Haha We enjoyed our one-hour after lunch moments taking loads of photos, making jokes and laughing hysterically, screaming at the top of our lungs and circulating farewell cards to the office before the boss returned from her lunch break. This is a clear representation of the saying 'the mice will play while the cat's away'. Bwahahaha

From left : Hafizah, Diane, Coco, Fredrick, Erica and Mei Wern
From left : Erica, Ryan, Victor, Fredrick and Mei Wern
Team General 3 (May-June 2012) : Fredrick, Mei Wern, Hafizah and Nisha Diane
By March end, I will no longer see them at the office for they've a stronger calling out there.
        I'm going to miss them so freaking much after this though. :-( They've always been my friends, mentors and coaches since my first day of employment, and now they'll be leaving the company. Although I'm no longer attached to the company I believe they could go far in life with their interpersonal skills, diligence and vibrant personalities. xD 

Farewell my friends! :May the future ahead holds greater opportunities and prosperity for all of you. God bless you guys and stay happy! xD

HELP CAT Blood Donation Drive

        Hey peeps :D Today was the most awesome day of the week 'cause I felt like I've contributed to the society. Haha Well, I went through my first experience as a blood donor today and survived it without a sweat or a shriek. Man, I'm so proud of myself! xD I was kind of anxious at first but thank God, everything went perfectly well.

Gillian takes a short rest after the whole procedure while my blood gets 'drained' . Hahaha
James and Zu En showing their manliness. :P
Yong Jie is finally A MAN! :P
        The most memorable moment was taking part in this drive with my bunch of crazy college buddies. Although a couple of them didn't get pass the screening counters for clinical and medical factors such as being underweight, lack of iron, blood insufficiency etc, they showed their support by keeping us company till the end, so all of us missed half of our FFA class this afternoon with a SOLID REASON/'EXCUSE'. xD

Proud blood donors of the ACCA Dept.
From left : Allen, James, Me, Zu En and Yong Jie.
There are actually two more female donors who aren't in the picture, Gillian and Vinnie :D
OUTCOME : Guess whose blood is in this bag?! :D
        Seriously I wouldn't mind donating my blood again for the whole experience was just pure FUN! :D For those who aren't afraid of blood or needles or maybe would just like give back to the community, you can definitely do that by paying the nearest APPROVED blood donation centre a visit or by taking part in a blood donation drive. BE A HERO, SAVE A LIFE! xD

Next On My Wish List

        Peeps, something just came out on my wish list recently. You know what, I'm going to work my butt off  next semester break so that I could afford to buy myself this gadget. It's time for me to change my portable music device into something more current, chic and has a lot more storage capacity compared to my current 2GB MP3 player xD

I want a blue iPod Touch 5! :D
        I don't want the latest iPhone 5 but I would like to have an iPod Touch 5 in my grasp. I don't think that collecting money to purchase it would be a problem but I seriously wish I could get this right here right now.
Seriously I would definitely go for the blue one! It looks so pretty in blue O.O
       Aaarghhhh, I can't wait to get my hands on one of these! Okay, I'm going to look forward to my next employment 'cause it would bring me a step closer to owning an iPod Touch 5. xD

21 Get To Know Me Questions Tag

1. Are you named after anyone? 

    No, just Mei Wern. The originality o.O

2. When was the last time you cried?
    Watching Les Miserables

3. Do you have kids?

4. If you were another person, would you be a friend of yourself?
    Owh, yes.

5. Do you use sarcasm a lot?
    Hahaha Yes, almost all the time since sarcasm was introduced to me back in Form 3.

6. Will you ever bungee-jump?
    Nope, I have a fear of falling from great heights D:

7. What’s your favorite cereal?
    I don't have one 'cause I like any kind as long as there are no raisins in them.

8. What’s the first thing you notice about people?
    Their smile

9. What is your eye colour?

10. Scary movie or happy endings?
     Happy endings :D

11. Favorite smells?

12. Summer or winter?
     Spring? I would love to live in a not-so-cold and not-too-hot weather so spring should be just nice.

13. Computer or television?
     Computer I guess.

14. What’s the furthest you've ever been from home?

15. Do you have any special talents?
     The ability to make others happy when they're down and to make friends easily :D

17. What are your hobbies?
     Listening to music, swimming, blogging, hanging out with friends and watching movies on DVD

18. Do you have any pets?
     Nope D:

19. Favorite movie?
     So far? Uhm..the Harry Potter series :D

20. Do you have any siblings?
     Yes, Marcus and Eddie are my older brothers and my younger sister, Rachel.

21. What do you want to be when you grow up?
     An accountant I guess. I may change my profession in the future but I'll see about that.

Clare's & Syaminee's Farewell Meet-Up

        Well, two of my former classmates will be leaving Malaysia to study abroad so I organised a farewell meet-up for the occasion. Clare will be making her way to New Zealand on the 18th of February whereas Syaminee will be going to India on the 15th of March.

        This time our second reunion / meet-up took place at Berjaya Times Square where we had so much fun catching up with one another whilst making a whole of noise everywhere we went. Haha We had to fill our tummies first before our bowling game later in the evening so we let Syaminee and Clare to decide on where to have our lunch. After a long stare at the nearest directory, we finally made a unanimous decision and chose to eat at Nando's. 

Lunching at Nando's with this crazy and noisy bunch
From left : Wenn Yue, Me, Hanani, Erniza, Harshiah, Syaminee, Clare, Wen Qing and Yu  Wein
        Our lunch or should I say FEAST went on well and was pretty embarrassing actually. Haha We were literally the NOISIEST BUNCH who occupied the long table for more than two hours. This is what happens  whenever a class reunion or meet-up takes place.

        Oh not to forget, the climax of the day was when Raveenaa showed her face. xD It was hilarious! When she arrived, she literally screamed in excitement and all nine of us shouted "Woah!" at the same time. The whole situation was followed by a dead silence that overcame the restaurant as everyone was staring at us. Yes, THE EMBARRASSMENT! But I can say, we seriously miss the noise we were all able to make in school since college life now requires us to behave appropriately and which includes keeping our noise level down. Haha

        After lunch we made our way to the bowling alley while Raveenaa and Hanani sneaked out from the group to buy farewell gifts for our two main stars of the day. After we registered ourselves and booked our lanes, we surprised them with those gifts which Raveenaa and Hanani got for them.

See what they got for Syaminee and Clare. Pretty and memorable bracelets :D
        Sadly, Raveenaa had to leave early so we took a group photo before she left.

Wenn Yue, Clare, Erniza, Yu Wein, Harshiah, Hanani, Wen Qing, Raveenaa and Me
        Then, we took our bowling shoes from the counter and bowled till 4.00 pm. I'll just post the photos up and let them do the talking.

Team One consists of Erniza, Mei Wern, Clare and Hanani
Team Two consists of Harshiah, Yu Wein, Syaminee, Wen Qing and Wenn Yue
Hanani and Yu Wein
Wen Qing, Harshiah and Hanani actually put on CBN socks for the game. These peeps are legit CBNers! xD
        We said our goodbyes and took some photos before leaving Times Square so that we could cherish every moment of today's meet-up.

Syaminee and I under the cherry blossom tree xD
         After we bid farewell to everyone, Harshiah and I went shopping for my phone case as I needed one. We finally found a perfect one after about half an hour 'cause I was being too picky. Haha This was my belated birthday present from her! OMG, I have the most awesome best friend in the entire world! xD

See what she got me  or should I say what I chose xD
        Then, we walked to Pavilion Kuala Lumpur to meet up with her mom for dinner. We had a hearty meal at Morganfields and shared epic moments of food sharing and catching up with one another. xD

Food sharing moments or should I say food fighting moments with my best friend :D
        We ate and ate and ate until we couldn't eat anymore so we decided to go shopping for Harshiah's stuffs. :D At least the walking helped my digestion a little. After an hour or so, we said our goodbyes as it was getting a little late and I was afraid I would miss my train back home.

        Overall, today was indeed a day to remember :D Now, I understand why my teacher used to say that secondary school friends would usually remain as your friends for life. Well as long as I'm around, there will be more meet-ups and reunions. :D

Happy Valentine's Day

      Wishing all couples out there, a Happy Valentine's Day! Haha I'm not celebrating this day but I would like to share my vicarious joy with all you wonderful people out there who have found your other half. Take this day to appreciate your significant other. :D

       I am single, happy and ain't desperate. Haha I'll wait for my true love to sweep me off my feet one day. For those who are still waiting for the love of your life to appear, fret not for he/she will appear at the most unexpected time in your life. Have faith in Him. :D

LOVE LIFE AND MOST IMPORTANTLY, LOVE YOURSELF! Here I go again with my YOLO attitude. Hahaha

My 19th Birthday

      Although this year's celebration wasn't much as I was spending half of my day in Malacca and the other half travelling home to KL, I was truly touched by friends who sent me lovely midnight birthday wishes, birthday calls and text messages. xD

      This year, I celebrated my birthday with my beloved family.They treated me to a birthday meal at Nando's in Mahkota Parade, Malacca. It was fun to actually spend time with my family. :D Then we went for a movie and I was given the advantage to pick my birthday movie. Haha I chose 'Les Mis√©rables' and I was glad that I made the right choice! xD

Best musical ever! I loved it and I wouldn't mind watching it again. Haha Two words , SPECTACULAR AND PHENOMENAL xD
      I think I just had a girl crush on Anne Hathaway who played the character, 'Fantine'. OMG, she acted so well! O.O Hugh Jackman who played Jean Valjean was DABOMB as well! Haha I actually cried at several parts of the movie. *Two thumbs up*

      As I was looking at the clock, knowing that February 12 was coming to an end, I sat in front of my laptop and started to ponder. It struck me that I just officially turned 19 and this marks the beginning of my last teenage year. D: OMG, I'm growing up so fast! Hahaha

      By the way, my best friend posted on my Facebook wall a few minutes ago. Man, I'm seriously lucky to have her as my best friend! xD

      Yes, that marked the end of my birthday but it has also given me hope that this life which God has given me holds a greater meaning and purpose. Thank you for your never-failing blessing, Father God :D I am truly blessed for having such good friends and a supportive family as my support system.

Chinese New Year 2013

      Hey guys, I'm back with more updates! :D I just came back from Malacca and I'm overwhelmed with frustration. D: Sad to say, I think this year's celebration was the most disappointing one yet.

      It all started when we were on our way to Malacca. Not only we started our journey late, we also had to face a massive traffic jam from Seremban to Senawang. Unfortunately, after passing through the jam my dad's car broke down  in the middle highway. OMG, the frustration! -_-" We almost received help from a 'kind man' who turned out to be a fraudster. Thankfully, we managed to call the PLUS line for help and they offered their FREE tow service to tow our car to the nearest toll.

      The whole situation took up about five hours and got me really restless and hungry. It destroyed my CNY mood! We had no choice but to contact our relatives to pick us up. We reached home around 5.00 pm. OMG, see.... we started our journey at 11.30 am and reached at 5?! Haha Plus, we had no car to travel around Malacca Town for the next two days. What a 'wonderful' day to start off CNY?! -_-"

      Then, the second day came. As usual, we had a reunion dinner and went visiting each of our relatives' houses. The only things I loved were the food and drinks. Apart from that, I think I enjoyed receiving ang pows, admiring their house decorations and not forgetting, playing with their dog, Summer. xD If I'm not mistaken she's about five to six years old, even the dog is aging. -_-"

      I didn't mingle around with my relatives much because language and awkwardness were often communication barriers. Despite all that, I was happy to visit my grandma who was always caring and loving. Hehe

These are my cousins. Three of them are missing from the picture though!
Second row : Stella, Anna, Sabrina, Cheng, Rachel
First row : Annicia, Maggie, Aaron and Me
      Today is the third day and yes, wondering why I'm back so early? I'm back to celebrate my birthday! I seriously cannot let my one special day to be as boring as hell and plus, my dad didn't want to stay there for too long so we decided to leave early. :D

      Sorry guys, CNY has not been my favourite festival! :D But oh well, since I'm Chinese might as well appreciate the culture and enjoy the holidays. Haha

Happy Chinese New Year

      To those who are celebrating Chinese New Year, I would like to wish each and everyone of you a blessed New Year! :D 

May the Year of the Snake brings you luck, prosperity and success. LOL I sound so Chinese all of a sudden! xD
      By the way, a good friend of mine sent me this adorable CNY video through Whats App. Allow me to spread some CNY joy :D Hehe Here you go...

       Just so you know, I'll be returning to Malacca for three days to celebrate with my relatives. xD Which also means that I won't be having any Internet connection over the next few days. T___T Oh, brother! I'm praying for a more enjoyable CNY celebration this year though! Hopefully everything would turn out well. o.O Good thing I'm bringing along my laptop, external drive, MP3 player, Audit notes and a set of movies. These are for just-in-case situations where I could get too restless and bored.

Oh and not forgetting, I would also like to thank all you lovely people for sending your lovely CNY wishes/messages via SMS, Whats App, Viber, Line, Facebook, Twitter and WeChat :D THANK YOU!

More blog updates coming your way as soon as I return from Malacca. :D

A Gathering with the Senior Citizens

      I finally had the time and commitment to attend my first Girl Guide event for the year. After doing some reflection, I realised it has been quite a while since I last blogged about girl guide events. OMG, that proves how long I've been missing in action?!

       Okay, let's get back to our main topic here. Today's event was held at Vistana Hotel and was attended by groups of senior citizens from various societies like Methodist Church, Cancerlink Foundation, MAB (Malaysian Association For the Blind), YMCA etc.

      I was given my responsibility as soon as I stepped into the ballroom. =_= I know right, typical Puan Toh! Instead of receiving those usual morning or welcome greetings, what I got from the first person I met up with was "Mei Wern, your job is to be my photographer today. Okay, make sure you take every single performance and each table with Dato' Yeoh and......." *Sorry, I didn't capture the rest of her instructions 'cause I was distracted by others*

Yeah, I am indeed the long lost dinosaur xD
Le photographer of the day. Haha Credits to Pui  Leng
      Nevertheless, I managed to carry out my spontaneous duties without a sweat (although I was technically running up and down like a mad woman, trying to get photos while having my lunch). A Girl Guides is always prepared for whatever tasks/duties she's given. *Always be prepared* LOL By the way, the task I was given was a piece of cake. Haha =_="

     I enjoyed all the performances especially the band, D' Amigos. The lead singer amazed us with her fine voice and multilingual singing talent. If I'm not mistaken, she sang songs in Malay, Chinese, Korean, Spanish and English. OMG, she seriously deserved a standing ovation. *thumbs up*

Girl Guides with the band members of D' Amigos :D
      Overall, the event was a success despite the one-hour delay. Everything else went pretty well and the food was truly satisfying. xD I think what I enjoyed most besides the performances was having the chance to meet up with my old Guiding buddies, teachers and my juniors. It was nice to be a part of Guiding again. :D 

      Okay readers, I don't plan to type out a newsletter-long post so that's all from me tonight and I'll let the photos below do the talking. ENJOY :D

The usherers waiting for the arrival of guests
The honourable emcees
D' Amigos doing what they do best!
Brownies from SK Convent Sentul 1
Fan Dance presented by the Tai Chi society
Brilliant harmonica players
Dato' Yeoh and Pn. Toh with a table of senior citizens
Tai Chi performance
Gangnam dance by the youngsters, excluding me. Haha
Dato' Yeoh giving her speech with Loshseni, Najwa and Pui Leng shadowing her.
Pn. Toh with Michaelle's grandmother/ Pn. Elsie's mother
The Guiding teachers
Mirror photo 
I present to you the different generation of Queen Guides
(From left : Pei Hui, Pui Leng, Najwa, Me, Mun Tung, Shereen)
Group photo of all Girl Guides, Guide teachers and moms who attended
From left : Me, Celestine, Pui Leng, Najwa, Pei Hui, Heng Yee, Jea Yee
      That's it for today peeps! Till next time, ciao and good night! xD