Sports Day...

I will just keep it brief since I didn't get to bring my camera today so no pictures but I expect the Choong sisters, Catherine and those-I-know-who brought-camera to have those pictures LOL

Pauline is the winner this year, congratz to them. Aidan got second (Nevermind, we have next year to catch up) hehe Adele is behind us followed by Xavier although they got many athletes.

It seemed like a torture this year because we were under the sun the whole time...and I rather go for my sister's Sports Day. Their activities are like so much nicer and they got free food there compared to ours which we were suppose to buy them.

My parents got FREE 1901 hotdogs which cost RM4.50 each TT I was like WHAT?! My sis got free goodie bags too.. Eh, I felt like not fair leh! My batch which was last three years got NOTHING during our Sports Day except the prizes we earned ourselves! But my sis batch got most of the expensive goodies eventhough they did not win or participate in anything.

Anyway, my sis is coming to secondary next year so I won't be envying her anymore hehe I'M SO EVIL!!!

Flying Squad

Today was our 2ND rounding around the school to find Aedes mosquitoes. We started at the Form 3 block and IT WAS THE HOT SPOT for the mosquitoes to breed. We went to the back of the form 3 block and found many adult mosquitoes. As the result, we were bitten on our legs, my ear and felt itchy throughout the check. Then, we went to the water tank at the end of the college field to search for more. When we opened the cover, GUESS WHAT I SAW : Something gross that looks like a spider's I almost freaked out! Even though I touched the monkey poop but I wasn't that shocked compared to the nest I saw.

In the end, Harshiah and Syaminee found a half plastic bottle with five larvas and a pupa in that bottle so we were amazed when we saw those because ff the Jabatan people come and do their rounding in CBN, they can fine our school as much as RM500. We are so proud saving our school from paying such a large amount of money (for us lah) We also got the CATCHING MOSQUITOES RITUAL where we beat and caught them to show teacher as our evidence LOL

The next time we carry out our rounding again, we are going to prepare mosquito repellent, gloves, plastic bags and rags for our safety. I got interested today so I want to discover more about Aedes especially the mosquitoes.

This is the life cycle of the Aedes mosquito, we found the larva, pupa and many adult mosquitoes which we are not sure they were Aedes or normal ones.

We found the mosquitoes which look something like these ones so it was really scary hehe

I will write more about mosquitoes next time. If not you will surely think I'm obsess about this creatures. Not?! I found a few articles too but too lazy to copy and paste it here. hehe Nevermind, just go read it at google or something.

What a 'wonderful' day I had today?! After the rounding, I went and check whether my friend brought back my bottle and food back to the class. When I checked the canteen table, I saw my bottle lying on the table without my food so the people around there said it was stolen by the MONKEYS?! NOT AGAIN?!?!?! Worst thing was I had not taken my breakfast. I was thinking its ok if the monkey just took the food but with the tupperware along TT Got lectured by my dad MALANG?!?!

Although I studied on the Pineapple Hill for almost eight long years with the monkeys but they are seriously getting on my nerves. STOP STEALING MY FOOD ALTHOUGH YOU LOOK CUTE BECAUSE I WILL NOT GIVE IN?! They looked so innocent but in the inside, SO WILD?!

Sports Day tomorrow..Yay, GO AIDAN?!?! (So random again)

The last day in afternoon session...

I got very bored today so I was reflecting the last day in afternoon session. I still missed my afternoon session life because the homework we got were not as much like now and the life was so joyful. So I'm like day dreaming now! I want to go back to my form 2 life when it was stress free some time but busy at the same time.

I felt so bad...I BROKE THE RULES ON THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOL! I felt so proud actually but we got lectured by Miss W0on for not taking action. (Eh, I didn't bring that ok? It was my friend's but I just borrowed and play) hehe but still, we stepped down 3 days ago.

This were the picture of the JUNIOR PREFECTORIAL BOARD OF 2008-2009 ( Ex and present prefects) hehe

Ya...we got excited a bit though!!! I missed my juniorslah

We are still good friends till now....last minute before we head for HOME!!!!

I missed my afternoon session life..even Puan Lalitha and my former class teacher, Puan Nur Diana! Although I enjoyed carrying out my duties last year but stepping down since that day is less stressful already. I missed my favourite junior..Suann, I almost suffered the last day beacuse I thought that we will never ever meet till the following year but leh now, I meet her almost thrice a week after school. How silly am I? But all I want to do now...LOG BOOKS, KERJA KHUSUS and PMR!!!! That is the vital thing for now... hehe all of a sudden back to business (Too random at times)


The most relaxed weekend.....I love Fridays and Saturdays! I slept till 2.30 pm today. It seems like I didn't sleep for months already. No wonder I'm turning to a panda bear now hehe I'm really lazy this weekend, I plan not to come for community service and World Thinking Day! All I want to do is Don't wake me up?! Aiyo, I forgot to do the biography Puan Sumathi asked...die, better do now!!! Thats all for today..TOODLES!

So cute!!!! It seems like my panda soft toy hehe

Intervensi 1 over

Hey, readers! I think it has been quite a while since I last updated. Sorry.. Intervensi 1 just finished and I'm proud to get through it. haha

I can tell you, this time Geography, History and Living Skills were not easy. I think this time Geography was the toughest and brain cracking one. Hehe...I have NO CONFIDENCE AT ALL that this time I can get straight A's! It's not the 7 important subjects, its the 11 subjects that got me worried but now, I don't even care because I'M FINALLY FREE AFTER 2 WEEKS OF TENSION and NOT COMING ONLINE! But its not really freedom though because mum is rushing me on log books since March don't have Intervensi nor Montly test so MAKING FULL USE OF TIME.

This weekend, I think I won't be able to go for any community service or The Thinking Day (where you sit down and ponder) haha joking. I want to finally sit at home without worrying on homeworks and exams. I got a weekend to continue doing log books.

Aiyo, tomorrow got Taklimat Kursus Sejarah Tempatan. Why?! After all the exam, got THIS?!?!

Happy 15th Birthday!!!

Today was one of the most memorable day ever in my life. Although the day in school was normal and usual but I still appreciate those of my friends who remembered my birthday! hehe Thank you... Today was also a busy day for me because I ended up going home at 10.30 pm.
My wonderful day started after school...hehe Here it goes! We were suppose to go to the hq by 2.30pm for a gathering to meet the China tourist but we were late because we waited for the Choong sisters. (Shereen finished her fifth round and won while Vivian was busy handling the papers) After they completed, we finally got to leave at 2.25pm. My dad fetched us and he was saying that the car had weighed 300 over kilograms today. LOL Try counting : My dad, Alini, me, my sister, Shereen, Vivian, and Rohadharshine ( wait and don't forget plus the bags in the boot) We arrived late but at least we were able to reach before 2.45pm.

After we changed into our uniforms except Vivian and Alini, we went and stopped by the meeting room to enjoy the air conditioned-room to cool down. Ya, look at the two exhausted Choong sisters (Shereen was relieved her fifth round was over but next round will be tomorrow while Vivian tired as usual, that BUSY WOMAN, never seen her not busy before in school)

After enjoying the cool sensation, back to the heat vibes outside. We went out and looked at what was going on. Then, I saw the dance so I just took a few pictures. The Chinese tourist had performed many traditional performances. Its funlah!

Everyone look at the colours..they are similar to the clothes on the ceiling and they camouflaged

This one, they seemed like they did a poetry recital in Mandarin. Don't really understand though because the Mandarin was too deep ( Say hello to the BANANA here) hehe

This instrument was seriously interesting because you use it by plucking you fingers

I seriously thought that the lady dancing was one of the Japanese Girl Scouts Supervisor but she wasn't, she danced very well with the sound of a gourd attached to 3 bamboo sticks??? Still not sure... hehe

Loshini danced a traditional Indian dance to show one of our Malaysian culture to the Chinese tourists.

Then, they invited all of us to join them and danced together.

After all the fun, they took their lunch. Not long after that, we all went out to the field and took a group photo

The banner was in Mandarin so I don't understand! But when we took photos, they don't say cheese like what we did but intead they said tomato in mandarin so we just followed..LOL

After the program, we were asked by Puan Toh to be prepared for our perlantikan Pandu Puteri Renjer. Hehe After how long?! Actually it was Puan Toh's birthday present for me, I got lantik as Renjer YAY?!

We were doing our Persetiaan Pandu Puteri

Yay, I got my Renjer Badge..and I can officially wear it!!!

I was so happy after that. Today, got many wishes and birthday songs made my homework day felt like I had no homework at all and I just enjoyed by special day with my Guiding friends. Around 5.30pm, we took them to KL Sentral for a visit but we only managed to bring them in and out after 20 minutes (Swt rite) It was actually the time because we reached there around 6pm and they were suppose to leave at 6.30pm so we only had 20 minutes to bring them one round!!! LOL

I was supposed to go back after that but Maxine asked me to stay for a while. Mana tahu she brought cake for me to celebrate, how nice is she man?! Thanks ya Max!!! Ya, then goes the song again for 3 times...and I was forced to cut the cake using the wrong side of the knife and get the candle of the cake using my mouth..Wow, wonderful birthday challenges?! hehe

I was supposed to make a wish but I made them silently before I blew the candle but Alini suggested that everyone to give me a wish. Some odd ones end up like a curse (Nolah joking) Shereen wished I grew shorter and Maxine wished I grew fatter so in conclusion, I WILL END UP A DUMPLING FOR GOODNESS SAKE?! Worst was the majority wants me to find a good husband and get married faster!!! Wei,hello you realise I'm only officially fifteen not fifty-one so don't make me seem SO OLD?! haha Thanks anyway..for everything!!! Thanks to Alini (my best friend), Ai Peng and Xin Mei who wished me too and gave me one of the majority wish too...LOL

After that, I rushed back home to celebrate with my family. I arrived at 8 pm, bathed and straight away rushed off to Look Out Point. We went there and celebrate!

This was my dinner, Special Steak with ham and cheese..haha seems delicious huh?? Ya, It did filled my stomach well.

Mom and sis was enjoying their meal too.

Dad was totally hungry so he went for the Sizzling Steak.

Kursus Ketua Kumpulan & Kelas Kedua Camp

On the 7th and 8th of February, I went to camping as an AJK to help the juniors together with Maxine, Shereen, Vivian, Balqish, Jun Lin, Ai Ping and a few others. The camp was fun but odd because the hall was rented for an Indian grand wedding at the same time. We had to leave the hall at 12 pm together with the luggage, we can't use the hall till 11 pm. So the preparation plus the wedding itself took quite a long time.
It was really stuffy in the hq since the bags were dumped into a small room, along the corridor and the kitchen area. The temperature increased when the people kept cramming to either sit, stand or walk in the hq, I was basically suffocating in there. Worst was after or during their bathing time, OMG you should hold your breath till you reach the JPC room because THE CORRIDOR WAS STINKY AS THE SHOES WERE LYING EVERYWHERE.

This was our first kitchen shift. Shereen was cutting the chicken balls for lunch while Vivian was searching for plates I think. I was boiling the water to make a hot tea. Actually, Yinming and me used 3 cans of creamer to make 4 kettles of tea. (SO DIABETIC) But it tasted nice though. I felt bad at the same time since we were only suppose to put 6 table spoons but GOT NO TASTE AT ALL.

Kimberly was frying the karipap aka kuih kerajaan for morning tea.
We were called to go to the hall for a while to take a group picture. We took pictures ASAP because Vivian was worrying about the karipaps!
Xin Mei was giving them a briefing or something. (not sure of what she did) the way, this is Puan Junie Simon. She is one of the high ranking people in Girl Guides

Then around 2 pm, we were getting ready at our stations for the activities. I was in charged of the tanda-tanda mengesan. I bullied most of them haha...You see I got bored repeating the same thing till I took a picture of the Panji-panji.

Around 7 pm, we started Maxine's community service. We were busy chatting because Mun Yee and her friend stopped by. We called the juniors to come since Maxine needed them in her pictures. I really pity them because they missed their KIMS game.

But one thing good was they got to eat in the JPC room although we were not suppose to. At least they don't have trouble searching for a place to eat when ITS SO HOT AND STUFFY OUTSIDE.

After the community service, Maxine went and did her Penceramah Badge and introduced Dr. Lee Kai Leng.

This is Dr. Lee Kai Leng. I tell you she is seriously an ALL ROUNDER. She teaches ballet, 2nd leftenan of the reserved army, was a swimmer in national level, was an athlete, was a gymnast too, and going for Masters in Law. Wah, you see memang all rounder kan? She also gives motivational talks to people.

That is Puan Lucy and her granddaughter, Chantel (Don't know how to spell)

On the 2nd day, we had a hike around Brickfields. It was the slowest hike I've ever went because its an obsevation hike so they have to write down whatever they see during the hike.

They were really slow. Chantel and me were suppose to be at the back, making sure no one goes missing but we were bored of walking so slow.

You see how bored I got till I got time to take photos and relax. We were quite left behind then when we started walking again to catch up, they were not even 5 metres away. Imagine how slow they were?!

Chantel and me ( I seriously can't spell her name.)

Ya, this is her. She is 7 years old this year.

After the hike, we rested for a while. Then Maxine, Shereen and me went back to the JPC room to rest. But all of us ended up sleeping because we were too exhausted..and slept on tiles. Then, I heard Vivian, Ai Ping and Xin Mei coming in. Then, when I realise..they also joined us but Ai Ping went to the kitchen I think. Xin Mei and Vivian occupied the bed. Aftter an hour or two, Ai Ping came in and saw 5 DEAD BODIES lying in the room (2 on the bed while 3 were on the floor). haha Imagine how tired we were?!
We were suppose to go out and eat cendol after the closing ceremony but then, everyone seemed lazy and I was forced to treat them so we didn't go. If not, I will be broke by now. Instead, we had PAU BUFFET in the meeting room. LOL It was the left over paus last morning tea. I went back after helping Maxine to clean the JPC room.

Jamuan Day!!!

Today, we had our class party after Geography....I was so extremely happy because I get to miss my Sejarah. I didn't read anything for chapter 2 and teacher was about to give us a quiz! Phew..that was close. Around 9.30 am, we started preparing our classroom for the party.

Hazlynn and her gang drew some nice words on our whiteboard and writing birthday wishes to Afiqah. Happy birthday, Afiqah!!!
These people seriously got nothing to do..haha. Sue Jiun and Ashileen with the pinafore while Harshiah possing, Fazlina and Aliya ( still don't know what are they doing)
This picture memang EMO leh?! They were like pasting themself on the wall....haha
This was a candid picture taken by Amirah!!! It was quite funny because she accidentally pressed the shutter button so we realised a flash and ...... ta da
Our class photo...hehe Self timer actually
We started eating when the teachers arrived. That is Puan Nur Asyikin, our class teacher. Everyone was hungry so they grab the spaghetti first LOL
Joanne Ang, our class monitor, seemed like a waitress serving all teachers. This is the first batch of teachers who came in
Everyone was eating straight after the teachers took the food....
This was the second batch of teachers who came in which were Puan Sumathi, Puan Anusha, Encik Azra and Encik Rohizan.
Nadine, Nicole, me and Mei Hua

Praveena, Harshiah, Rishantinee, Raja Nur Hanani just slot in, and me (my photography skills are improving) *Perasan*

Miss Woon, Puan Nancy and Miss Ooi were the third batch of teachers that stopped by

Miss Woon
Puan Nancy and Joanne

This was the fourth batch of teachers who came in

Me, Vivian C., Alini and Shereen C.

I stopped by at 3W and there they were Isabel (Kisa), Aina (Vanilla), Denielle, Denise, Sara Tan, and Catherine

Hui Pin and me


Then I went to the Padang Merdeka to watch the Lion Dance

The Lion Dance was one of the best I've ever seeen in my life. I enjoyed it well!!!

Then after watching the Lion Dance, I went for choral speaking practice...TT Tiring man