Yeah, it has been quite a while since I last updated. Well, I'm back from fasting already... lol I'm glad that I stayed away from the computer for a month. My results was much better than the previous exams. (Very satisfying actually!)

Now, I'm facing another exam aka revision (Gerak Gempur 1) Oh gosh, when will this finally end?
I think the word 'freedom' will be clear after PMR (29 more days)! TT

Oh ya, before I forget! Good luck to all UPSR candidates in Malaysia (from Alini too)... haha Chillax for today and suffer tomorrow! Bwahahaha Sorry, just kidding!

Rachel, good luck for UPSR and just do your best tomorrow. Don't get nervous and hakuna matata! hehe Make sure you don't disturb me after this because PMR is also around the corner. haha