HELP CAT Blood Donation Drive

        Hey peeps :D Today was the most awesome day of the week 'cause I felt like I've contributed to the society. Haha Well, I went through my first experience as a blood donor today and survived it without a sweat or a shriek. Man, I'm so proud of myself! xD I was kind of anxious at first but thank God, everything went perfectly well.

Gillian takes a short rest after the whole procedure while my blood gets 'drained' . Hahaha
James and Zu En showing their manliness. :P
Yong Jie is finally A MAN! :P
        The most memorable moment was taking part in this drive with my bunch of crazy college buddies. Although a couple of them didn't get pass the screening counters for clinical and medical factors such as being underweight, lack of iron, blood insufficiency etc, they showed their support by keeping us company till the end, so all of us missed half of our FFA class this afternoon with a SOLID REASON/'EXCUSE'. xD

Proud blood donors of the ACCA Dept.
From left : Allen, James, Me, Zu En and Yong Jie.
There are actually two more female donors who aren't in the picture, Gillian and Vinnie :D
OUTCOME : Guess whose blood is in this bag?! :D
        Seriously I wouldn't mind donating my blood again for the whole experience was just pure FUN! :D For those who aren't afraid of blood or needles or maybe would just like give back to the community, you can definitely do that by paying the nearest APPROVED blood donation centre a visit or by taking part in a blood donation drive. BE A HERO, SAVE A LIFE! xD

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