CBN Carnival 2013

        The long awaited carnival had finally come after six long years. :D My favourite school event was held last Saturday and it was the most awesome carnival that had ever been organised! I was thrilled to be a part of it as I finally had a reason to visit my beloved school and to embrace the changes that has happened since I left. Plus, it was also like a mass reunion for teachers and former seniors, and I could give a new name to it 'The Hug-A-Lot Day'.

Welcome to CBN Carnival 2013 :D
        I was being over-excited as always  so I decided to bring my college mates along to experience the fun of my former school's quinquennial carnival. Yeah, it was supposed to be held last year but due to unavoidable factors it was brought forward to this year.

        I would say that this was another college trip. xD We gathered at the Masjid Jamek LRT station before 'hiking' up the pineapple hill. Haha

Waiting for James to arrive 'cause he was late :D

        We reached school at about 11 am before meeting up with Melissa and Gillian in the school canteen. Omg, the carnival was so crowded with people and stepping onto school grounds immediately triggered bittersweet CBN memories. I missed hearing night-market noises made by everyday-CBNers back in those days and just the thought of it drew a huge smile on my face. O.o But words couldn't describe how stoke I was to see my friends, former teachers, staff and juniors that day! xD

My college buddies :D Moments before entering the haunted house

        We headed to the haunted house first because I figured it would be a better idea to scare ourselves first before putting food into our stomachs rather than vice-versa. Haha We were kind of nervous at first because none of the girls were comfortable with the idea of entering the haunted house except for the guys of course! xD Oh well, it was worth a try so all 11 of us entered the haunted house with two guys in front and two guys at the back while the girls were sandwiched in between. IT WAS PITCH-BLACK IN THERE! We couldn't see a thing O.O

        Guess what, this was my first official experience / first brave attempt of entering a haunted house. I entered a haunted house once back in primary school days but I guess that didn't count. D: I actually screamed at the top of my lungs in there when a 'ghost' grabbed me from the side. :O And when I screamed, everyone else in front screamed! Haha Hilarious moments :P Yeah, we were exposed to shocking encounters with several zombies, mad women and scary things in there. Plus, the creepy sound effects contributed to the volume of the SCARE-O-METER. I freaked out as every corner we turned there was something/someone waiting to scare the hell out of us :O Despite that, it was an awesome experience for I enjoyed every single bit of it :D

Two thumbs up for the awesome experience! xD
From left : Yong Jie, Allen, Joyce, James, Mei Wern, Melissa, Gillian, Sook Ting, Kit Yee, Pik Chieng and Terry

        The day was getting hotter so I decided to cool off at one of the classrooms upstairs. I dragged my college mates along to play Twister with me. Haha I seriously miss having Twister moments with my friends! xD

Sook Ting, Allen and Yong Jie were forced to play Twister with me ;P
        Later, some of us went to grab some food while others saunter around the stalls. After a while, they wanted to give Bungee-Run a try since it was their first time discovering it. All the guys, Joyce and Sook Ting went bungee-running and it was such an interesting race to watch! Haha  

Sook Ting vs Joyce
Terry vs Yong Jie
          After the Bungee Run, some decided to call it a day while others including me stayed to play the Scary Maze. :D The 'Scary Maze' was equally as scary as the haunted house. Gosh, and poor Allen... He got pushed to the front and this time, he actually screamed aloud. :P He lighted our path with his phone 'cause the whole path was PITCH-BLACK as well. Though he was being a kill-joy the light did help to shine the way out. It was indeed the stuffiest place to be in at that hour. o.o

We survived the Scary Maze.
Gillian, James, Melissa, Xin Yan, Allen and I
        My remaining college buddies went back after the maze, at about 3 pm and I was left all alone. Haha Just joking! xD

       I went around to meet-up and reunite with my former teachers, classmates, juniors, seniors and staff. It was such a blessing to see all of them at the same place! Man, I seriously missed each and every one of them  :D

Datin Aslindawati, my favourite BM teacher. Words cannot describe how much I miss being in your BM classes!
My senior, Hui Pin
My seniors, Charissa and Ann Shobna. I''ve known  them since primary school days :D
My senior, Jo Ey
Kit May, my fellow 5U classmate
My former 5U classmates : Hidayah, Yu Wein and Xin Yan
Pn. Haida, one of my favourite teachers along with her kids and  Pn. Chua
        I accompanied Catherine while waiting for my sister until it was 4.30 pm before she headed home as well. My sister took quite some time to clean up her class stall with her fellow classmates. When she was finally done, it was about 5 pm and we were all practically drained because my whole family spent the entire day at the carnival.

       Before we left, I took a short stroll along the school compound and just embraced the moment. Just to let you know, I wasn't really prepared to graduate after SPM for my heart and soul remained in there. It took me some time before reality struck in. Nevertheless, I knew that somewhere in my heart, I felt truly blessed to be a CBNer. :D

11 schooling years at CBN had shaped me into who I am today. :D
Thank you, CBN! xD You'll always be in my heart for I believe that..


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